Husky Cage Size: Learn About 3 Types Of Crates To Choose The Right One For Your Cute Siberian Friend

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So you have recently adopted a beautiful Siberian puppy and now you are thinking about a Husky cage size that would be just right for your growing fuzzball. It is probably better to get a special type of kennel: the one that will be easily expandable to adjust to a fur baby’s changing size over the months. Since a Husky is considered a large breed doggo, it may be a smart idea to purchase something extra large right away since you are not sure how big your mutt is going to be. 

Yet, if you purchase the one that you can easily add panels to, you won’t have to get the biggest one right away. All you have to do is purchase extra links to accommodate your growing fluffy friend. Now, let’s take a look at several crate options so you can choose the best Husky cage size for your beloved furry creature. 

Husky Cage Size: The Most Suitable Crates For A Siberian Hound

  • Furniture Style Dog Crate

This one will be suitable for people who have some passion for fashion (or should I say home decor) and want a cage that would match the house’s interior design style to the tee. If you love wooden furniture, then this type of kennel is your call. You can choose a color based on your personal preference and the overall house color palette. Some of the basic shades are dark brown, grey, black, and burgundy. 

They look very stylish, but they are not for any pooch though. If your pal is a tough chewer or an escape artist, this cage might not do it for you. A bored Husky can easily chew through the wooden frame and wreck havoc on your place while you are away. Got a well-behaved, potty-trained pal? Then this one will be a great option to purchase. These come in a variety of sizes to fit any dog breed. Siberians can grow up to 30-35 inches tall, so you might want to purchase one that’s designed for large breed dogs, up to 45-48 inches.

  • Heavy Duty Steel Metal Crate

This option is great for all those wild creatures who have already had their fair share of runaway attempts and are not planning to stop any time soon. In this case, an owner might need something very sturdy to withstand breakaway situations. A heavy-duty metal kennel is going to do the job while looking rather stylish, blending in with your living room decor. It comes in 3 main color combos: silver, grey, and black, so it’s your choice which one to pick. 

For example, take a look at ProSelect Empire Dog Cage sold by Amazon: this one may not be the cheapest, but you get what you pay for, for sure. It can stand up to any wear and tear your pup will attempt to cause and it is not going to break or bend. You can choose one of the two options as far as its size: medium or large. The former is 33.75 inches and the latter is 41.25 inches tall. Hence all you have to do is measure your fluffy creature to make sure the kennel will be comfortable for it to move around.

  • Wire Dog Crate

This one is by far the best option for a Siberian canine as far as perfect Husky cage size, style and price are concerned. It is sturdy enough to confine the worst home furniture destroyer, but still may not be as strong as the aforementioned heavy-duty kennel. Got one who’s on its best behavior, crate-trained, and doesn’t have any separation anxiety issues? Go right ahead and get this one, you will be very satisfied! 

This metal cage is definitely one of the best budget-wise as well as travel-friendly (folds for easy storage). It comes with either one or two doors, your choice. Available sizes: 30-48 inches, therefore is suitable for any breed in the canine zodiac. This option may not be the most attractive out of the 3, but if your financial situation is hard right now, it will do the job.  


The three types of large breed kennels discussed in this article should help you pick the right Husky cage size to ensure a doggo will consider it it’s home and feel comfortable being inside. Remember, the first step in choosing an appropriate crate is to measure your pooch’s height. Always strive to go with the one that will be about 5-10 inches taller than the dog’s head. A mutt should be able to comfortably stand, sit, rotate, and lay down. Consider bringing a Husky to the pet store and “test drive” a few kennels to see which one fits the best. 

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Should Huskies sleep in crates?

If your Siberian pal is still between the ages of 2 and 5 months, it is highly recommended to crate train a pup as early as possible for it to get used to being confined and not get upset by it. A puppy should regard it as its personal sanctuary, its safe zone where it can go and relax, catching some great zzzs.

All young pups, not just Husky creatures, are non-stop chewers because of their growing teeth, therefore should be confined while their pet parents are going about their business. It is especially important to put your little mischievous pal in the cage at night for two reasons: potty training and keeping it away from destroying the house while you are asleep. Furry babies have to know that when you go to bed, it is time for them to do so also.

Can you put a Husky in a cage?

Yes, of course you can! Huskies are no different from other canines in the sense that they should go through their obedience training including potty awareness and boundaries. If you are planning to leave your Russian beauty for more than 5 hours by itself, a kennel is your only option to keep your dear mischief from peeing all over the furniture and ripping your favorite pair of fuzzy slippers.

What size crate does a 25 lb dog need?

All canines who are lighter than 30 lbs are falling into two categories: small and medium-sized dogs. The latter category will not get taller than 30 inches, therefore you should get a crate that is about 5-10 inches higher than your pooch. You should not pick a cage that is going to prevent a doggo from standing up, laying down, and rotating comfortably inside it. If you own a toy breed dog, your options are pretty much limitless as they would be fine in any type of kennel, bigger or smaller.

How long should a Husky be in a crate?

You should not leave your gentle giant pal for longer than 3-4 hours at a time. Siberians are very active, energetic dogs who cannot be confined for more than 4 hours as it may lead to crate anxiety, built-up frustration, and destructive behavior later. In case you have no choice but to keep a mutt crated longer than that time frame, you can ask a family member/friend to come and let a hound out to do its business as well as walk around to stretch its tired limbs. If nobody is available from your immediate circle to care for a pup midday, you can always turn to a professional dog walking/sitting resource like Rover or Wag where you’ll find hundreds of animal care specialists to assist you.