When Should Puppies Start Drinking Water?

When Should Puppies Start Drinking Water

When you bring a new puppy home, it is important to know everything required to keep your new best friend happy and healthy. Water is essential to puppies, just as it is to all animals, to help with things like blood flow, breathing, and organ function. A hydrated puppy is a healthy puppy. So when … Read more

What Is The Average Female Husky Weight?

What is the Average Female Husky Weight

In this day and age of obesity in the Western world, unfortunately, this has spilled over into the world of pets. It is not uncommon to see fat dogs out walking nowadays! As a responsible pet owner, you will want to keep your Husky at the correct weight for its breed and gender. As the … Read more

How Long To Keep Cone On Dog After Neuter?

How Long To Keep Cone On Dog After Neuter

If you have made the choice to add a Husky to your household, then inevitably you will be faced with making a decision about neutering your dog. Other terms for this procedure include desexing or spaying/speying, depending on where you live. If you DO choose to have your Husky neutered, you must be informed about … Read more

How Fast Do Huskies Grow?

How Fast Do Huskies Grow

There is nothing more exciting than welcoming a bouncing ball of puppy fluff into your home. When you bring your Husky home for the first time, he or she will be around 8 weeks of age minimum. The breeder may prefer to keep the pups with their mother until 12 weeks of age. Before you … Read more

How Long Are Huskies In Heat?

How Long are Huskies in Heat

If you have decided to bring a female Husky into your family as a pet, you will need to know all about her heat cycles and how long are huskies in heat. Female dogs in heat can cause a little bit of disruption to daily life, so to be forewarned is to be forearmed, as … Read more

How Long is a Husky Pregnant?

How Long is a Husky Pregnant

You may have decided to breed a litter of Husky puppies from your female Husky. If this is her first pregnancy, and you have never bred a litter of puppies before, you will need to know all about Husky pregnancy. Indeed, this may be an unplanned pregnancy. Even so, you will want to give your … Read more

Why Are Huskies So Talkative?

Why Are Huskies So Talkative

If you have ever encountered a profusely prolix pooch, this question may well have entered your mind on several occasions, why are huskies so talkative? Siberian Huskies are the known chatterboxes of the dog world, prone to going off on long-winded rants, and if they are not quite pleased with what you’ve been tipping into … Read more

What Is A Good Dog Food For Huskies?

What Is A Good Dog Food For Huskies

As the owner or potential owner of a beautiful Husky, you will want to give them the best start in life nutrition-wise. This means providing them with the best food for their breed type and their age. For example, a senior dog does not expend as much energy as a younger dog, therefore needing less … Read more

How Cold Can Huskies Tolerate?

How Cold Can Huskies Tolerate

Huskies were bred to pull sleighs of cargo in the Arctic. The full name of the breed is “Siberian” Husky. Therefore, this tells us that the Husky breed can survive extremely cold temperatures.  But how cold can Huskies tolerate and why can Huskies survive such low temperatures? Read on to find out. How Cold Can … Read more

What Is The Average Cost Of A Husky Puppy?

What Is The Average Cost Of A Husky Puppy

So you have made your mind up, you are going to purchase a Siberian Husky puppy. Congratulations! If you have decided that the Husky is the right breed for you and your lifestyle, of course now you will want to know what budget you will need for your new best friend. What is the average … Read more