About me

Greetings from the picturesque, art-filled town of Waterford in the lush state of Connecticut, USA! My name is Kristy Collins, and I’m an avid animal lover and art enthusiast. My bustling household includes not just my supportive husband and three imaginative kids, but also an eclectic mix of animals: two playful dogs, a family of gentle pocket pets, and, the star of the show, a charismatic bearded dragon.

Waterford is our little slice of heaven, where the charm of a small town meets the inspiring beauty of nature. When we’re not tending to our diverse array of pets, you’ll find us exploring the great outdoors. We’re particularly drawn to the nearby coastline, with its mesmerizing waves and the soothing scent of salt in the air, which often finds its way into my artwork.

Back at home, our garden is a hub of creativity and family bonding. We love hosting art-themed garden parties, where barbecues meet paintbrushes, and every gathering turns into a celebration of art and togetherness. Our life here is a delightful tapestry of artistic expression, family moments, and animal companionship.

Waterford Connecticut

Through my blog, I aim to whisk you into our colorful world, blending tales of our animal friends with artistic insights. From crafting the perfect habitat for our pets to sharing stories that warm the heart, my blog is a canvas for my dual passions. I invite you to join me as we explore the world of animals and art together, offering a unique perspective on balancing family life, pet care, and the pursuit of creativity.

Consider me not just your guide, but a companion in this journey of intertwining the love for animals with the beauty of art.

I’m excited to share this remarkable adventure with you. If you have questions, or stories, or simply wish to connect over shared interests, I’m just a message away. Life is a beautiful mosaic of experiences, and it’s even more vibrant when we share it together.

With artistic flair and a heart full of love,

Kristy Collins