Best Dog Harness For Husky: Incredible Facts To Know Revealed!

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Taking your husky for a nice, evening walk might just be the best way to end the day. And to enjoy your walk, your dog must be comfortable and secure. Looking for the best dog harness for a Husky should do the trick.

To help you get the best dog harness for your husky, read this article till the end. You and your furry pet are going to enjoy every walk after.

What Is A Dog Harness?

A harness is a wearable accessory that surrounds a dog’s torso. With it worn on your dog, you can easily control and guide your pet as you go on walks. If you’ve been wondering what the difference between a collar and a harness is, you’ll get your answer now.

A collar increases the pressure on your dog’s windpipe and can make him cough or choke. On the other hand, a harness evenly distributes the pressure around your dog’s chest instead of putting it on the neck alone. 

When it comes to walking your dog, getting a dog harness is a better alternative. The dog harness also comes in really handy when training your puppy. As your dog grows, you will find them well-behaved during walks even without wearing a harness. 

 Can you put a harness on a Husky?

Can You Put A Harness On A Husky?

You definitely can put a harness on a husky. Putting a harness on your husky can be quite easy. To ensure an easy process, it’s best to put the harness on your dog when they are calm. How you put a harness on a husky largely depends on the kind of harness; the more reason you should find the best dog harness for a Husky.

There are two major kinds of dog harnesses and every other kind of harness is a modification of one or both major kinds of harnesses. The two major kinds of harnesses are step-in harnesses and overhead harnesses. Which of them is the best dog harness for a Husky? I’ll be discussing that in the upcoming section.

An easy way to identify both harnesses is that the step-in harness forms a triangle when your dog wears it, while the overhead harness forms a rectangle.

Here are the steps involved when putting on these kinds of harnesses on your husky.

Step-in Harness

Just as the name implies, the step-in harness is made for your dog to step into. Here are the easy steps to get the job done:

Step 1: Get your dog to stay calm while you put the harness on.

Step 2: Lay the harness flat on the ground so you can clearly see the loops where his paws should go into.

Step 3: Place your dog in the middle of the harness. The loops should go around the paws and come up over the back.

Step 4: Bucket the ends of the harness snugly against your dog’s back and adjust so it is neither too tight nor too loose.

 No-pull Harness for your Husky

Overhead Harness

The name suggests that you put the overhead harness over your dog’s head. Simple, right? Let’s see the steps.

Step 1: If your dog is being restless, firmly tell him to sit. This will better help you to put the harness on him.

Step 2: Slip the harness over the dog’s head. Be sure that you’ve positioned the loops for the feet properly. Adjust the ring onto the dog’s back.

Step 3: Lift your dog’s paws into the loops between their legs and adjust so that the harness goes between the legs and over the dog’s back. 

Step 4: Now that your dog is wearing the harness, buckle the straps so that they fit snugly around your pet. The harness should not be too tight so that it doesn’t restrict airflow. It should also not be too loose, or else, it might begin to slip off. 

You can adjust the sizes on the straps of the harness.

How To Pick The Right Size Of Harness For Your Husky

Picking the right size of harness for your husky is really important for getting the best dog harness for Husky. The right size ensures safety and comfort as your dog moves along. 

The first thing to do when considering how to pick the right size of harness for your husky is to measure your dog. 

You should know your husky’s girth size and weight. Your dog’s girth is the size of his chest, which is the area above his front legs. This is the part that will have the harness on. Your dog’s weight will determine the type of harness to be used.

To measure your dog’s girth, get your husky to stand then wrap a tape measure around his chest and note down the measurements. Then measure the size of his neck and the length of his back. This will help you pick the best size of harness for him.

When To Use A Pull And No-pull Harness For Your Husky

If you’ve ever gone on a nice, relaxing stroll with your husky and he suddenly gets distracted by a rabbit, another dog, or something interesting and begins to pull at the leash, then it’s time to use a no-pull harness on him.

Pulling on the leash can be both frustrating for you and harmful to your dog as they could exert undue pressure on their necks, hence, the need for a no-pull harness. It has straps that are attached to your dog’s chest and front legs, and a front ring for attaching a leash.

When the dog pulls, the leash moves off to the side and pulls the dog back towards you. You can use this no-pull harness to train your dog not to pull.

Conversely, a pulling harness for your husky will encourage them to pull on it. It is designed to provide extra comfort around the neck and front limbs area, enhancing their mobility.

Huskies are naturally pulling dogs, which is why it is easy to train them for sled racing. So, if you want a dog to race with you during your daily run, the husky is a perfect dog. Pulling harnesses are used for dog sledding, kick sledding, cani-hiking and cani-crossing. 

Conclusion On Best Dog Harness For Husky

You’ll agree that the best dog harness for Husky is one that is well-sized, secure, and perfect for their daily activities. Now that you know these tips on getting the right kind of harness for your husky, what kind of harness are you going to get for your husky?

We will like to hear it in the comment section below.