Best Husky Names From Movies

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If you are a fan of both movies and Siberian Huskies, then you might like to name your new Husky pup after a famous movie dog. In this list we will offer some suggestions as to what to call your new best pal, taking inspiration from dogs that have graced the silver screen. Hopefully, on this list, you will find some Husky names that you love, and one that suits your dog (whether they be a boy or a girl) perfectly.

If you need some ideas for male Husky names and meanings, check out our list here.

Ok, here we go! Here are our favorite Husky names from movies!

Husky Dog Names From Movies


Barney was the name of the dog in the 80s smash hit movie, Gremlins. He belonged to the Peltzer family, and Gizmo called him ‘Woof Woof’. This dog’s name in real life was ‘Mushroom’!


Baxter was Ron Burgundy’s clever little dog in Anchorman. He was a great listener and was Ron’s confidante in the film. Baxter was multilingual, which would suit a talkative Husky.


Cosmo was the dog in Guardians of the Galaxy. This super-smart space hound was telepathic. In real life, Cosmo’s actual name was Fred. 


Now, this movie dog is not what you’d want in a pet exactly (he goes mad after contracting rabies, poor thing!) But this dog name from the film of the same name, which was based on a novel by Stephen King, is still pretty cool all the same.


Now, here are some names for girl Huskies, after those male Husky names.

Daisy was the little pup in John Wick. She was an adorable little Beagle who was a gift to John from his dead wife, Helen. Sadly, Daisy did not make it to the end of the movie, but she did inspire John to love again.


Daphne is the name of the fancy Poodle that the family in Look Who’s Talking Now own. She and her friend, who is also a part of the family, is a dog called Rocks, and they talk to each other throughout the movie. It makes for a very pretty girl name for a dog.


Huskies are a smart dog breed, and a smart dog needs a smart name. So how about Einstein? Einstein was the dog from Back To The Future. Also known as “Einie” for short, this sheepdog belonged to Doc Brown.


Who could forget Fang from Harry Potter? Fang was Hagrid’s boarhound, who lived with him in his hut at the edge of the forest. This loyal dog was portrayed by a Neopolitan Mastiff.


Hercules is the dog who belongs to Mr. Mertle in The Sandlot. Nicknamed The Beast, this giant dog is the enemy of the kids who play baseball on the sandlot but he ends up becoming their team mascot.


Jock the Hero Dog is an animated movie about a pooch who is both lovable and brave. He and his human have adventures together growing up in South Africa.


Everyone knows Lady from the Disney classic, Lady and the Tramp. This sweet name would suit a sweet-natured and well-mannered female dog. It would also suit a dog who loves to eat spaghetti and meatballs!


Another pretty name for a Husky girl is Lolabelle. This name comes from the true documentary film, Heart of a Dog. It is about a woman who loses her husband, her mother, and her dog. Lolabelle was an artistic pup who could paint and play the piano.


Matisse is the name of the black and white collie in Down and Out in Beverly Hills. Of course, the name itself was first made famous by French Impressionist artist, Henri Matisse.


Marley the yellow lab won and broke hearts the world over in Marley and Me, starring Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson as a newlywed couple who adopt a puppy who is very naughty but grows up to be their best friend.


The Lost Boys is a cult film of the late 1980s. Who could forget the Alaskan Malamute in this film called Nanook? With his flashing blue eyes, he sensed that his owner’s brother Michael had turned into something evil, and bit him on the hand. This name is a reference to Inuit mythology in which Nanook was the master of the bears.


Perdita was the very lovely Dalmatian in the classic Disney movie 101 Dalmatians, who won the heart of fellow Dally, Pongo.


The Drop is an American crime film starring Tom Hardy as a bartender who finds an abandoned Pit Bull Terrier pup in a dustbin. His character, Bob, decides to keep the dog and raise it as his own, with the help of his neighbor. Sometime later, the dog’s first owner arrives to claim the dog. Bob refuses and keeps the pup, which he has named Rocco.


Sam is the heroine of I Am Legend. She is a German Shepherd who keeps her owner (played by Will Smith) sane in a post-apocalyptic world where he is the only person left. Tragically, Sam is infected with a virus and she dies in her owner’s arms. It is a very sad scene indeed.


This really is a great name for a Husky, male or female. This dog breed looks so much like a wolf. In Terminator 2, ‘Wolfie’ was a trick name given to John’s foster mom (who was in fact an imposter) by the Terminator, to prove to John that his foster family was dead. John Connor’s dog was actually called Max – which is also an awesome Husky name!


The final movie dog name for a Husky to make our list is Zowie. Zowie was the wolf-like dog belonging to Drew in Pet Sematary 2, who turns rogue after being shot and buried in the evil plot where he rises from the dead. 

Final Words. Husky Names

We hope that you found our list of Husky names from famous movie dogs both entertaining and helpful.

What names would you add to this list?

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