Can I Feed My Husky Raw Meat

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Can I feed my husky raw meat or should I only feed it with wet or dry dog food? Huskies are a breed of dogs that can be very difficult to feed especially when it comes to healthy eating. This breed can develop very bad health issues if they are not fed properly which can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run.

A variety of factors can lead to your dog becoming unhealthy including the simple fact that maybe it is sick and therefore does not feel like eating anything at all, or maybe it simply has developed an illness because its immune system was weakened due to how you were feeding them before.

How To Feed A Husky? – Can I Feed My Husky Raw Meat?

So what do huskies eat?  Can I feed my husky raw meat?  There are a variety of ways in which you can feed your husky, all depending on how much time and money you can invest in the process.

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You can choose to feed it with dog food that can be found at any nearby pet store. This option can be rather cheap because the brand does not really matter as long as you can find dry or wet dog food from them. The downside to this is that although one package may be cheap by itself, you can expect to pay a lot more if over time your husky becomes sick often and therefore has to visit a vet quite frequently. Another reason feeding your dog with dog food can have its cons is for example if you have children who might decide to steal the dog food and eat it themselves.

The other option you can have is buying different meats in bulk from a local or online store, taking them home, and cooking them so they can be soft enough for your husky to eat. Make sure to cook all types of meat specifically for your pet because just like humans, they can get sick by eating undercooked meat that may still have some harmful bacteria in it that can cause us harm. You can then add these meats into their diet but remember that you should not overfeed them with just any type of meat because this can lead to obesity which can lead to further health problems both short term and long term.

Can I Feed My Husky Raw Meat?

Some people feed their husky on raw meat not knowing they are just putting themselves in more problems. Yes, the husky will enjoy the raw meat but not for long.

Meat has bacteria that can adapt to the new environment that can easily reproduce which can quickly become hazardous if they are not killed before consumption.

It can lead to your husky getting salmonella poisoning which can be fatal and so is E-coli, both of which can cause vomiting and diarrhea, leading up to dehydration.

Cooking meat kills all the dangerous pathogens on it. Do not simply heat this meat but cook it completely because even though some types of bacteria can be killed by overheating, there are still many other forms that can only be removed by cooking.

Before adding any meat to your husky’s diet, it would be ideal to talk to a vet. They can tell you which type of meat can be perfectly healthy for your dog depending on its age, size, sex, and weight.

If you can get your vet’s advice on what can be a balanced diet for your husky it would help you to make the correct decisions on what can lead to some serious consequences in the future if fed incorrectly.

The Perfect Husky’s Nutrition

The perfect husky’s nutrition can only be achieved through a balanced diet of meat and vegetables. You can supplement your husky’s raw meat diet with some from the vegetable section but make sure to consult a vet before doing so because you can never know for sure if there are any vitamins missing in your dog’s food that can come from vegetables.

The Perfect Husky's Nutrition


So can I feed my husky raw meat? As we have learned, raw meat is dangerous to the health of your dog. You will need to invest in feeding your dogs properly so they can adapt to a new lifestyle that is healthy.

Make the correct decisions when it comes to feeding your pet with anything, whether it is meat or veggies, always double-check if your dog can actually digest this type of food.

Once you have done all the research needed, you can then decide if you can afford to supplement your dog’s diet with certain types of food or not.

Just remember, no matter what option you choose, always do your research and allow your vet to take a look at the type of meat you are planning on adding so they can approve it before feeding them raw meats because this can have dangerous consequences in the long term.

If your husky does have any health problems that can be caused by its diet that can affect its life expectancy, it is best to cut down the risk of these occurring by talking to your vet and sticking to a strict diet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prepare raw food for husky?

If the meat is frozen, thaw it in a sealed bag in cold water for about an hour to kill any harmful bacteria. Also, remember that all types of meat can be contaminated when at the supermarket so wash them thoroughly before cooking them or mixing them into your husky's diet. You can also add some dog-friendly veggies into the mix but be aware that they are not always good for them and can lead to stomach problems if eaten too much due to too high of fiber content. You can best check online which vegetables can benefit your pet's diet and which ones aren't recommended by vets because they can cause diarrhoea.

Does raw meat make dogs aggressive?

Some people can be concerned that feeding their dog with raw meat can lead to aggressive behavior. This can happen if they are not used to eating raw meat and simply don't like it so they can also become aggressive after the first try of their new diet because this can be seen as a change in their food habits. They will soon get used to the smell, taste and texture of raw meat but if for some reason your husky can still act aggressively when you feed them with this type of food, then there might be something more serious going on that needs professional help from a vet.

Can Huskies eat raw fish?

No, huskies can not eat raw fish. They can get sick if they do. Raw fish contains an enzyme called thiaminase which can destroy certain types of B vitamins to the point that your dog can go into a coma. If you want to be on the safe side then cook any type of seafood before feeding it to your dog so this enzyme can be destroyed by heat and won't harm your pet in any way.