How Fast Can Huskies Run?

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Huskies are known for their ability to run over long distances across ice and snow, pulling sleds behind them. They are the ultimate endurance working dog.

But you may have found yourself wondering, how fast can huskies run?

How Fast Is A Husky?

A husky’s top speed is around 30 miles per hour. This speed is without a sled. They are not the fastest dog breed in the world, but they are certainly up there. 

Does A Husky Like Running?

Yes absolutely. These dogs were born to run. But it is not their speed that sets them apart, rather, it is their endurance. 

Teams of huskies can keep an average speed of 10 to 15 miles per hour, and cover 100 miles per day. This includes pulling a sled!

The amazing stamina of these dogs is showcased every year at the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Alaska.

If you seek a dog that would make a good jogging companion, the husky may be right for you. Indeed, this breed needs lots and lot of daily vigorous exercise.

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What Other Dog Breeds As Fast As A Husky?

Like the husky, these breeds can also reach a top speed of 30 miles per hour.

Border Collie-

This beautiful black and white dog was bred to herd sheep, and like the husky, it too can cover big distances (in this case, 30 miles) over the course of one day. This is not a dog that should be left in the backyard all day, they need to exercise vigorously daily.

German Shepherd-

The ultimate utility breed, this big dog is used by police and the military. They are prone to hip dysplasia due to them being selectively bred to have shorter hindquarters, so are not suitable as long-distance running partners.

Great Dane-

These giants can cover big ground with the huge frame, but they do wear out easily and are not built for endurance.

Jack Russell Terrier-

This feisty little terrier was bred to chase down foxes and rabbits, so they have to be swift. Jack Russells are known as the fastest of the small breeds.

Jack Russell Terrier-


A hunting dog, the poodle can run fast when it’s on the hunt for waterfowl. Standard poodles (the largest poodle size) make good running companions due to their endurance and stamina.

What Dog Breeds Are Faster Than A Husky?

32 Miles Per Hour-

Doberman Pinscher: 

The doberman is a large dog breed that excels at guarding and protection. Slightly faster than the husky, this beautiful black and tan dog was developed in Germany by a tax collector who needed protection. They can chase a person down and hold them until human backup arrives.

35 Miles Per Hour-


Also known as the Russian Wolfhound, this graceful, long-haired dog was bred to hunt game. Therefore, they can run pretty darn fast! Back in the olden days in their native Russia, the borzoi would hunt in packs of three to bring down rabbits, foxes, and even (hence the name) wolves.


This graceful, medium-sized dog was bred in the 18th century in England, by poor people who were not allowed to hunt on the lands that belonged to the lord of the estate, where they were tenants. 

Since these people were not allowed to hunt, they were not permitted to own greyhounds either. So the whippet was developed as a smaller version of the greyhound. 

This swift, sleek dog used to be called ‘snap hound’, because it was used by these poor folk to poach rabbits and other small game from the lord’s land. 

And while they cannot run as fast as a greyhound, the whippet can reach its top speed in the shortest amount of time of any dog breed.


37 Miles Per Hour-


These spotty, zany legends have lots of energy to burn, and this is not surprising given that the breed was developed in Yugoslavia to run alongside a horse-driven carriage, to accompany and protect the wealthy occupants of said carriage! 

They also had to speed ahead to ensure that the ‘coast was clear, and run back and bark if there was any danger ahead. So speed and endurance was essential to the Dalmatian’s success as a carriage dog.

40 Miles Per Hour-

Afghan Hound:

This beautiful hound with the long golden mane is an ancient breed that was used for hunting in its native Afghanistan. This sighthound is a relative of another zippy dog who also makes this list, the Saluki. The Afghan will chase just about anything, large or small, and they are good jumpers as well as fast runners.


This large, short-haired hunting dog was bred in Hungary to point and retrieve, as well as run-down and catch waterfowl and rabbits.

This dog breed makes a good running companion, as they like to stay close to their owner.

42 Miles Per Hour-


The Saluki has an illustrious history; they are the royal dogs of ancient Egypt. This is another sighthound, and as such, they can run very fast. These swift and agile athletes love the thrill of the chase!

45 Miles Per Hour-


Last but definitely not least is the graceful greyhound, who, at 45 miles per hour, is the fastest dog breed in the world.

Greyhounds are so fast that an entire industry has sprung up around them. Sadly, this industry is cruel, and when dogs outlive their usefulness as race dogs they are often put down.

Luckily, there are greyhound adoption programs that can help these beautiful dogs find a new life after racing. Despite their speed and athleticism, greyhounds love nothing more than to take a nap on the sofa!


Huskies sure are fast, clocking in at 30 miles per hour. But they are nowhere as fast as the greyhound, which at 45 miles per hour is the fastest dog breed in the world.

BUT – huskies have it stitched up when it comes to endurance – how many other dog breeds do you know of that can haul cargo-laden sleds across ice and snow, and cover 100 miles per day with a cruising speed of 10 miles per hour?

Not too many!

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