How Fast Does Pro-Pectalin Work?

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If you have a dog that is suffering from diarrhea, you can treat them with a product called pro-pectalin. This is provided that it is non-serious diarrhea, that is due to diet change for example.

No-one wants diarrhea to last. It is not nice for you and it is certainly not nice for your dog!

So how long fast does pro-pectalin take to kick in, and stop the dreaded ‘trots’?

Pro-pectalin should stop diarrhea in dogs in 24 to 48 hours. Users who review the product on Amazon state that it worked for their pet anywhere from a few hours after administering, to 24 hours, to 48 hours.

What Is Pro-Pectalin For Dogs?

This is a type of tablet that is used to treat diarrhea in dogs. It is manufactured by Vétoquinol USA.

Sometimes dogs get diarrhea due to antibiotics, stress, or even a basic diet change. As long as it is not a serious, life-threatening form of diarrhea then pro-pectalin is fine to use in dogs with diarrhea. It works by restoring digestive function and proper pH in dogs.

It has a few key ingredients that help stop ‘the runs’, including pectin, which is a type of starch found in fruit and vegetables. Pectin absorbs water, kills bugs, and soothes the intestines. Fun fact – it is also used to make jam!

Pro-pectalin also contains a product called kaolin. Kaolin is a natural clay that helps stop diarrhea in the same way that pectin does.

Enterococcus faecium is a ‘good’ bacteria that helps to resolve diarrhea and is also an ingredient in pro-pectalin. This healthy bacteria helps to restore normal gut health.

How Fast Does Pro-Pectalin Work?

Pro-pectalin should work in 24 to 48 hours to stop diarrhea in dogs. Possibly sooner. 

If the diarrhea persists after 48 hours, then take your dog to the vet. They are at risk of dehydration and there may be something more serious going on.

How Do I Administer Pro-Pectalin?

These come in tasty liver-flavored tablets that many reviewers find their dogs are more than happy to gobble up as a treat! Each tub contains 250 tablets.

Pro-pectalin also comes in a liver-flavored gel, to make it easier to give to a puppy. You can get this in 30cc or 15cc sizes. 

What Else Do I Need To Know About Pro-Pectalin For Dogs?

This product has not been tested for safety to use in pregnant dogs.

You do not need a prescription from the vet to buy pro-Pectalin.

It is administered based on weight, so you must weigh your dog and check the label on the packaging to work out how many tablets to give them. These tablets are scored so that you can break them in half.

What Else Is In Pro-Pectalin For Dogs?

Other than the three active ingredients already discussed above, and the beef liver flavoring, these tablets contain: “Brewer’s Yeast, Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Maltodextrin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Millet Flour, Silica, Sorbitol, Stearic Acid, Sucrose Natural Sweetening System, and Whey Protein”, according to the maker’s website.

Why Do Dogs Get Diarrhea?

Dogs are omnivores. Their digestive systems have evolved so that they need to eat meat, vegetable matter, and grains.

Most dogs will have a somewhat varied diet. Sometimes we may try out a new brand of dog food on them. This may be to stop them from getting bored, or simply because you are on a budget and you buy whatever dog food happens to be on special at the shops that week. Diet change can cause diarrhea.

Sometimes we may throw our table scraps out to our dog after we have finished our own dinner, and Fido may scoff down some meat and vegetables, or pasta, or whatever comes their way. Vets do not recommend that dogs eat table scraps, but let’s face it, most of us have given our dog some scraps at one time or another. But this can lead to diarrhea too.

Perhaps your dog is one of those sneaky bin raiders, and you come home to find that they have helped themselves to chicken bones or what have you that were in your rubbish bin. Dogs are scavengers, after all. And it may result in, yes you guessed it – diarrhea.

Generally, these types of occurrences do no harm from time to time. But occasionally your dog may eat something that simply does not agree with their tummies – much like us humans. And this is when they get diarrhea.

Dogs that eat a lot of canned, wet food have sloppier stools that dogs that eat dry dog food.

When Is Diarrhea In Dogs More Serious?

If your dog has diarrhea that is accompanied by vomiting, then they may have ingested poison, or they may have a gastrointestinal obstruction (for example, they have swallowed part of a plastic toy that they have chewed on.)

Diarrhea in dogs may also be a sign of Parvovirus. This virus kills dogs, and it kills them quickly. If your dog’s diarrhea is bloody, and accompanied by pain and bloating of their abdomen, loss of appetite, lethargy, and/or fever or low body temperature, get the dog to the vet ASAP.

When Is Diarrhea in Dogs More Serious

Other Tips To Help A Dog With Diarrhea

Make sure that the dog has access to plenty of fresh, clean water. Diarrhea leads to dehydration.

The Takeaway…

Pro-pectalin is a type of medication that is used for dogs that have non-serious diarrhea (for example, a change in diet.) It takes effect in around 24 to 48 hours, sometimes sooner.

It works by adding a type of clay called kaolin and a fruit starch called pectin to your dog’s digestive system, and these absorb excess water, kill ‘bad’ bacteria, and soothe the intestines.

Pro-pectalin also helps dogs by adding much-needed ‘good’ gut flora to their digestive system, to restore the balance.

This product comes in tablet form or gel form. Both are tasty for dogs due to the beef liver flavoring.

If your dog’s diarrhea lasts for more than 24 to 48 hours and is accompanied by other symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, vomiting, bloody stools, pale gums, or lethargy, this is an emergency and you need to take them to the vet right away. They may have an obstruction in the stomach, poison in their system, or Parvovirus.

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