How Long Are Huskies In Heat?

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If you have decided to bring a female Husky into your family as a pet, you will need to know all about her heat cycles and how long are huskies in heat. Female dogs in heat can cause a little bit of disruption to daily life, so to be forewarned is to be forearmed, as the saying goes.

At What Age Does the Husky Heat Cycle Start?

The Husky heat cycle begins when the bitch is around 6 to 12 months of age. Do not expect things to be regular as clockwork for the first 18 to 24 months, because her hormones are still regulating.

How Often Do Huskies Go Into Heat?

Once their cycles have regulated, female Huskies go on heat roughly every 6 months. This phase of the cycle can last anywhere from 18 to 28 days.

It is important to remember that this is just a general guide, and each Husky is different.

Siberian Husky Heat Cycle: What to Expect

There are two important reasons why you should learn about your female Huksy’s heat cycle. One reason is if you plan to breed a litter from her. If this is the case, you need to ensure she is old enough, and healthy, before mating. A female Husky should be AT LEAST 2 years of age. To mate a dog any younger than this will put both her and her pups’ health in jeopardy.

The other main reason why owners of female Huskies should know about heat cycles is that if you do not wish her to fall pregnant, you need to be able to plan around this and her interactions with male dogs. It also helps to know when this is going to occur because your female Husky will behave somewhat differently than she does when she is not in heat.

Phase One Of The Husky Heat Cycle

Female Huskies going into heat will have an enlarged vulva that may appear puffy. Expect to see some drops of blood on the ground. This is normal. She will lick herself more to clean away this discharge. Do not be concerned, this is completely normal and expected. She will not experience any pain with this swelling. 

During Phase One she will be moody and in the first few days, she will not be interested in having other dogs around her. Your female Husky may be grumpy and moody.

Expect her energy levels to be higher during Phase One of her heat phase. She will have even more energy to burn off than usual!

In general, expect your female Husky to be ‘out of sorts’ during this phase. 

She may also have changes in appetite – she may be disinterested in food, or be hungrier than usual and demolish every bit of food you put in front of her!

Phase Two Of The Husky Heat Cycle

In Phase Two of the heat cycle, a female Husky will welcome other dogs. This will happen at around the 9 to 10-day mark. She will wag her tail a lot, and urinate more often, to spread her scent to male dogs in the area.

During this phase, expect your Husky to be more energized and boisterous than usual. Phase One symptoms, such as the discharge and the appetite changes, will continue into Phase Two.

Supporting The Female Husky During The Heat Cycle

Try to be patient with your Husky. And bear in mind that she is probably as frustrated and confused as you are at the changes taking place in her body. It will not last forever!

Give your dog more love, affection, and attention when she is in heat. She needs reassurance from you, as her pack leader. Lots of pats will lessen her anxiety. Talk to her too. Huskies are very verbal. She may be more talkative herself too at this time!

If possible, try to play with her and take her out for more exercise too. This will help her burn off excess energy and distract her from what is going on. Just ensure that you do not let her play with male dogs! If you have a well-fenced and large yard, this may be a safer venue for exercise.

Buy her some new toys too. This will give her something to focus her attention on. Perhaps a Kong with some tasty, nutritious tidbits stuffed inside could be your savior when your Husky is in heat.

husky with a new toy

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A Word Neutering/Spaying /Desexing Your Female Husky

If you have no intention of breeding your female Husky, then it is wise to consider having her neutered.

It is best practice to have a veterinarian neuter your female Husky BEFORE her first heat cycle. This can be done at 8 weeks of age. 

If your Husky has already had her first cycle, wait for it to finish before taking her to the vet to be desexed. She cannot have this surgery during her heat cycle.

Neutering your Husky bitch can save you both a lot of stress and hassle by eliminating the heat cycle altogether. Female dogs that have been neutered never come in heat, which can only be a good thing for you both.

Neutering is a safe and simple procedure, with a quick recovery rate. It is the responsible thing to do, and a much better alternative than ending up with a litter of unwanted puppies needing homes.

Huskies and The Heat Cycle Summary:

  • Female Huskies will begin their heat cycle anywhere from 6 months to 12 months of age;
  • Their cycles can take a few years to regulate;
  • Once regular, your Husky bitch will come in heat twice a year;
  • The heat phase lasts for 18 days to 28 days, and has two phases;
  • Signs to look out for are a swollen vulva, a bloody discharge, a larger appetite, and more frequent urination;
  • When your female Husky is in heat, she will behave differently. At first, she will shun male dogs, then she will seek them out;
  • Your Husky will need more love, attention, and reassurance from you when she is in heat. She will be feeling ‘out of sorts’!
  • Try to keep her sane with lots of exercise, play, and safe toys;
  • If you do not intend to breed your female Husky, have her neutered when she is around 8 weeks old. Your veterinarian can advise you on this procedure.

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