How Long Does Husky Teething Last?

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Having a puppy at home which is going through teething is a little bit like having a teething baby in the house! It can be a trying time for both them and you.

If your Husky pup is going through their teething phase, then you may be wondering: how long does Husky teething last?

In this article, we will discuss how long Husky teething lasts, and more information about all things dogs and teeth, such as the different types of teeth that dogs have, and what products you can keep on hand to satisfy your pup’s urge to chew.

The Different Types Of Dog Teeth You Need To Be Able To Recognize

First of all, dogs have teeth at the front called incisors. Along with the canine teeth, which are the fangs. These teeth are used for biting and tearing. 

Last to come in are the dog’s premolars, which are the teeth that sit next to the canines, and they are used for crushing and grinding food, making it easier to swallow. Dogs do not have baby molars (the teeth right at the back of the mouth), unlike humans.

When Do Puppies Lose Their Baby Teeth?

Did you know that puppies are born without teeth? Yes, that’s right. 

By the time your puppy is 8 weeks of age, they will have started the teething process, where their first set of teeth, called ‘milk’ teeth, ‘baby’ teeth, or ‘deciduous’ teeth, come in. 

By the time the pup has completed this process, it will have 28 tiny teeth.

When Do Huskies Stop Teething?

Between the age of 3 and 6 months, your Husky pup will begin to lose its baby teeth. The whole process can take up to five months.

By the age of 9 months, all of their permanent, adult teeth should be through, meaning that this is when you can expect the chewing behavior to lessen.

By the time your Husky has all of its adult teeth, there will be 42 teeth in total. Now that is a lot of teeth!

More Information About Husky Teething

Signs Of Puppy Teething

Apart from chewing on everything, signs that your puppy is teething are:

  • Red and swollen gums
  • Drooling
  • Crying and whining

Obviously, you will want to help your Husky through this tricky phase, so keep reading our list of tips on how to ease your pup’s discomfort.

Ways You Can Help A Teething Puppy

  • Get your Husky some non-toxic and durable rubber teething toys. More in this in the next section.
  • Put these toys in the freezer, to offer added soothing for sore gums.
  • You can also give them a frozen, rung-out cloth to chew on (just keep an eye on them and make sure that they do not eat it!)
  • Some people recommend ice cubes to soothe sore gums, but if you do give ice chips to your pup please be aware that they may chip baby teeth.
  • Frozen strawberries or bananas, or cold carrots can help, but do not overfeed these foods due to the high fiber and sugar content.
  • Drugs for pain relief should not be needed unless prescribed by your vet.

Puppy Teething Products To Try

Here is a list of our favorite puppy teething toys, to help both you and your Husky pup through this difficult phase.

  1. Kong Rubber Puppy Teething Binky

This product is ideal for teething puppies because it is made of soft rubber. The binky shape is customized for a puppy’s gums and baby teeth. This Kong promotes the correct chewing behavior because the rubber will satisfy their urge to chew. This binky is meant to be given to pups who are aged up to 9 months. It is made in the USA, and comes in blue or pink for your baby!

This Nylabone Flexible Teething toy will keep your teething pup occupied with its flexible design that is embedded with yummy chicken flavor, and ease their teething pain all at the same time. This product is also made in the USA and also comes in pink and blue!

This super-cool freezable chew toy has a thickened ring design to make it durable, and it is made from safe, non-toxic material. It will help a teething pup satisfy its urge to chew.

Another great puppy teething chew toy from Kong, this one is made in the shape of a dog bone and comes in an assortment of cool colors. It has the added benefit of having holes to stuff treats into.

Rawhide Chews

Rawhide chews, which are made from the inner layer of horse or cow hides, are another good weapon to have in your armory for the fight against puppy teething pain. The rawhide is cleaned, cut, and sometimes pressed into different sizes and shapes, and sometimes has flavors added such as the liver.

You could try these N-Bone Puppy Teething Rings, which taste like chicken. Made in the USA, they are nutritious, tasty, and help ease teething pain.

Conclusion: How Long Does Husky Teething Last?

Husky teething lasts for a period of approximately 5 months.

Puppies have 24 milk teeth and 42 adult teeth. So that is a lot of teeth growing in and falling out in less than one year!

Puppies have their milk teeth by the age of 8 weeks old, and by the age of three months, they will start to lose these baby teeth and get their adult teeth. By the age of 9 months, your pup should be finished with teething.

You can help ease your pup’s discomfort by providing them with some safe and soothing chew toys to help them through this difficult stage. Durable and non-toxic chew toys, especially ones that can be frozen are good choices. Other good items to have on hand are rawhide chews.

Signs of teething to look out for include whining, drooling, red gums, and, of course, chewing!

Be patient, lock away your good shoes, provide an outlet, reward positive behavior and most importantly offer comfort and love during the puppy teething phase. It won’t last forever!

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