How Much Does It Cost To Own A Husky?

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Owning a pet is a costly exercise. And whilst the money we spend on our beloved pets is well worth it, it is wise to have some understanding of the costs associated with owning a pet before taking the plunge.

In this article, we will outline the costs that are specifically associated with owning a Husky.

Please note that we cannot provide an actual price estimate, as this will vary depending on where you live. But at the very least we can give you the heads up on what types of things you will be putting your hand into your pocket for if you decide to buy a Husky!

The Dog Itself

The biggest cost you will have for your dog is actually buying the dog. These days, purebred pups from reputable breeders can cost up to a few thousand dollars. 

This does not include travel costs to go and visit prospective breeders and pups and to bring your new dog home, so take this into consideration too.

What To Know About Owning A Husky

Like any dog, your Husky will need money spent on them regularly. Read on to find out what ongoing and also unexpected costs Husky owners can encounter.


This one is a bit of a no-brainer. But do not underestimate the ongoing expense of having a daily feeding bill for a dog that is on the larger side. 

How much you spend on Husky food depends on a few factors.

Whether or not you choose to feed a commercial diet, home-cooked meals, or a raw food diet to your Husky is entirely up to you. Which option is the most expensive will depend on where you live and the cost of these items.

Also bear in mind that pups need less food but food that is richer in nutrients than an adult dog, whilst senior dogs do not need as many calories per day as adult dogs.

Plus you will need to get them bowls for food and water. Stainless steel is best – it can be washed easily and lasts for ages.

Husky Coat Maintenance

Grooming costs will be a continual consideration when you own a Husky. 

Even if you decide to groom your Husky at home, then there will be an initial outlay for grooming tools. You will need things like detangling shampoo and conditioner, rake brushes, and slicker brushes.

The good news is if you invest in some good quality grooming gear early on then this is generally gear that you will only need to invest in occasionally.

If you decide to take your Husky to a professional dog groomer regularly then this will push the cost of Husky maintenance up quite a bit. Shop around for the best prices, and see if the groomer will give you a discount if you become a regular customer.

How Expensive Are Huskies?

Huskies are no more expensive than any other breed of dog. All dogs will have feeding and grooming costs associated with owning them.

And like many other dog breeds, huskies will also attract some vet bills over the course of their life. They will also need some money spent on them when it comes to obedience and training, and exercise.

Husky Vet Care

Dogs need annual vet care in the form of check-ups, and vaccinations against contagious diseases such as kennel cough and parvovirus.

Added to this are any incidental vet costs that you may incur, such as if your Husky gets injured, for example.

Huskies are also prone to various hereditary ailments, mainly to do with their skin, eyes, thyroid, and hips.

So it may be in your and your dog’s best interests to secure a pet insurance policy that covers these illnesses.

Discuss these in detail with your vet or breeder before choosing the right policy for you, with the extras you may need in the future, i.e. ophthalmology.

Husky Vet Care

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Husky Obedience and Training

Another cost associated with owning a dog is the initial outlay for basic obedience training at puppy school. There may also be subsequent costs after that if your dog develops any behavioral issues.

Added to this is the expense of investing in good quality gear such as a collar, leash, halti, and harness.

Husky Fun

Husky owners should invest in some good toys for their pooch, to keep boredom at bay.

Happily, these types of toys do not cost a great deal, and if you invest in durable toys then they should last.

Brands like Kong are excellent because they are made of sturdy, durable, yet flexible plastic that is non-toxic that dogs love to chew on. Kongs have the added benefit of having hidey-hole for treats!

Huskies and Your Home

If you do not have secure doors, gates, and fences at your property, then this is an essential investment that any prospective Husky owner will need to consider.

Don’t Forget About Holidays!

If you want to go on a holiday, then you need to consider what to do with your dog.

One option is to take them with you, and book accommodation that is pet-friendly.

If this is not possible, then another option is a boarding kennel. If you are going away for more than a few days, this cost can quickly add up.

Another option is to engage the services of a pet sitter. Some will come and stay with your dog in your home, or at least visit them once a day for feeding, walking, and companionship. Others will host your dog in their own home. 

The Takeaway On Husky Ownership Costs

Like we said earlier, it is not possible to put a dollar value on how much it costs to own a Husky. 

But at least after reading this article you will now be aware of the incidental and ongoing costs of owning a dog.

You owe it to your dog to take care of them, so if you think that the expense of having a dog is too high, perhaps you can consider a smaller pet. Huskies, if well looked after, live for 12 to 14 years so it is a long-term financial commitment to own one.

But what you spend on them they will undoubtedly return to you one thousand-fold with years of fun and loving companionship!

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