How To Get A Husky To Stop Whining? – 3 Wonderful Tips Exposed!

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No matter how cute you find your husky, if you are being honest, you tend to get sick of all of the canine’s whining. All dogs bark but a husky whines more than it barks. Sometimes, the whining is entertaining as it sounds funny. But then, it can get to that part where it’s no longer entertaining. 

You are not overthinking it when you admit that your husky’s whining can be more than a tad excessive to your ears. If you were part of a social club for husky owners, you’ll know this for a fact.

You’re likely part of the many husky guardians concerned with how to get a husky to stop whining. Thankfully, that’s what this entire piece is about. The simple answer is training; yeah, lots of training. Read on to find out why a husky whines a lot and how to get a husky to stop whining.

Origin And Features Of A Husky

Often referred to as Siberian Husky because of its Siberian roots, a husky was the sleigh dog of the Chukchi people in the Russian region of Siberia. Thanks to their strength and stamina, huskies could pull sleds for many miles without having to run. 

The Husky is easily one of the most attractive and identifiable dog breeds. What’s there not to love about their fur, eyes, ears, and tail? The fur of a husky is made of a very dense, double coat. The color can range from white to black and almost anything in between. 

The density of the coat is most likely how the dog breed is very popular in the snowy and freezing Arctic region.

Origin And Features Of A Husky

You are almost certain to find white markings on the legs or the chest of a husky. When you see a well-furred or bushy tail lurking around, do not be surprised when you find a beautiful husky on the other side. The husky has a straight neck with a level topline.

A major distinguishing factor of the husky is the eyes. The eyes are usually blue or brown. And in some cases, one husky can have each eye in a different color. Isn’t that gorgeous? Especially with its very pointed, erect ears.

With a size slighter above what we can tag as tall, the Husky is a medium-sized dog. The average height is between 20 to 23.5 inches, and the weight is anything between 35 and 60 pounds.

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Reasons A Husky Whines

If you’re wondering how to get a husky to stop whining, you must have an idea as to why they’re whining. And that can be for a plethora of reasons. Let’s take a look at some reasons that can make a Husky whine a lot.

  • Need For Affection

Huskies offer amazing companionship. So, when they feel forgotten, they may whine a lot in a bid to get your attention, and by extension, your affection.

  • Hunger

Sometimes, huskies can feel some pain in the abdomen when they get hungry. And this can make them whine a lot. So incessant whining might be your husky’s way of alerting you that it’s meal time.

  • Fear

When in a situation that scares them, most dogs whine a lot. And the husky is no exception. If kept in the same situation without necessary attention given or being removed, the whining is sure to get worse.

  • Excitement

Ironically, excitement also makes the husky whine. A lot. Yeah, they whine when scared and excited. If you’re a new husky owner, this is enough to put you off. But then, they’re just excited about having you in their life. Sowie!

  • Pain

Most dogs whine a lot when they are in pain or sick. As the pain goes through its body, your husky is very likely to whine a lot. So, a visit to the vet for consultation and treatment can drastically reduce the whining.

  • Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a good enough reason for a husky to whine excessively. Dogs tend to react differently to separation. While some may stay silent and probably look sick, the husky is likely to be very vocal about having to leave a familiar place or familiar faces as they are a social dog breed.

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Getting A Husky To Stop Whining

As said initially, how to get a husky to stop whining is dependent on what is causing the whining. If it’s a particular event, such as hunger, pain, or say, the need to pee, you can fix the whining issue by simply taking care of the situation. 

Remove the husky from harm’s way, feed the hungry husky, have the vet take a look at them, or simply take them out for a pee break. But if it’s not that, then you may need to train your husky; that’s how to get a husky to stop whining.

There are various methods to go about training your husky to stop whining; let’s consider some.

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Reward Method

A husky that has almost always been whining will require a good amount of consistent training and a patient trainer. You can do this. Every day should find you making an effort to train your husky to stop its incessant whining. 

Be observant to notice when they are really quiet and reward them for it. The rewards can range from chewy treats to an invitation to play outside. When they get vocal, show your displeasure by not giving any rewards.

When the husky starts whining, you can turn away or walk away from them. You must do something that shows that you refuse to acknowledge that behavior. Even if it tries to get into your line of vision while whining, do not make any eye contact.

As long as you are consistent with the training, your husky will soon learn that whining is unacceptable behavior and will begin to make the necessary adjustments.

Recess Method

As pointed out earlier, this husky training requires consistency and patience. So, as you reward your husky for good behavior and you notice that that annoying whining continues, you may need to incorporate the recessed method.

This is more like telling your husky to take a break. Here’s how it works. Create a crate for your canine pet and put them there for recess whenever they start whining. Regardless of how agitated or cranky they get, do not let them out till they give you at least 15 seconds of silence while in that crate.

This continues their training. And the more consistent you get, the more lessons your husky will learn, and the sooner the whining will stop.

how to get husky to stop whining - Recess Method

Word Of Command Method

Since huskies are vocal, you might as well try going vocal on the training yourself. You can choose words of command like “Speak” and “Quiet”. The goal is to train your husky on the appropriate behavior you expect to follow each command. 

You can even use a whistle to mean either command. The rewards that follow each command help the husky remember what you mean. Only reward your dog when they follow the correct command with the appropriate action. 

Alternate between giving the Speak and Quiet commands, and give your pet room to practice. Choose particular rewards for each command so that your husky doesn’t get confused.

Conclusion On How To Get A Husky To Stop Whining

The methods mentioned can be combined or used separately. But whatever method you choose to use in training your husky, be consistent with the effort. Understand that it will take some time for your dog to learn the appropriate response to the commands you give. So, be patient.

Also, do not go soft and give a reward for bad behavior, as this will confuse the training and your dog will keep whining with the hope of getting rewarded. With you being consistent in your training and patient with your dog, you will begin to see favorable results.

Kindly share with us in the comment section below which of the methods on how to get a husky to stop whining works for you and your husky.


Why do Huskies throw tantrums?,

Huskies are vocal creatures, so throwing tantrums isn't too out of behavior for them. If your Husky starts throwing tantrums, you have to get to the root cause of the problem. Your husky could be seeking affection, being excited, or in fear if they start throwing tantrums.

Do Huskies cry tears?

Though they are quite expressive, their show of emotions doesn't cause a flow of tears. They do not cry like humans.

Why are Huskies so emotional?

Huskies are very vocal dogs, with the need to be quite active. If not allowed to express themselves, they will show a level of emotions.

How do I get my Husky puppy to stop crying in his crate?

It can be quite difficult for huskies to adjust to a crate. If you were looking at encouraging your husky to stop whining/crying in a crate, there are several options to check out. Such options include allowing multiple potty breaks, changing crate size to allow for a more free room, getting your pup plenty of exercise, and making your husky comfortable with a crate from a younger age.