Remarkable Guide: How To Train A Siberian Husky To Like Cats

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You’ve just brought home your new Siberian husky puppy, and you’re excited to start training him to be the best dog he can be. But there’s one problem – he absolutely hates cats! What can you do to change his mind and make him get along with your feline friends? 

How do you go about raising a husky puppy with cats? In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to train a Siberian husky to like cats. It won’t be easy, but with patience and perseverance, you can succeed!

If you’re wondering: can Siberian huskies get along with cats? The answer is yes. Read on to learn how. But before we move into training, a little background seems necessary.

The History Of Siberian Huskies And Cats

To know how to train a Siberian husky to like cats, let’s first take a look at the history of these two breeds. The Siberian husky is a descendant of the wolf, whereas the cat is a descendant of the tiger. Wow! Looks like a power play is imminent.

It’s no wonder that these two animals have always had an uneasy relationship. Uneasy or tumultuous relationships are often referred to as a cat and dog situation. If there’s a heavy downpour, it’s most likely described as raining “cats and dogs.” 

The Chukchi people of Siberia bred Siberian huskies to pull sleds, and cats have always been seen as a threat to their livestock. Siberian huskies were bred to survive the harsh conditions in snow-filled Siberia. The harshness included food scarcity. 

 Can Siberian Huskies get along with cats?

So, the Siberian Husky’s instinct was to get food, and if a small animal was around, it made the work easier. Today, it appears the instinct has been passed down Husky generations, and a husky just wants to chase down a cat. Not for food, of course.

This will likely make you want to ask the question: can Siberian Huskies get along with cats? The answer remains yes. But, it will take a lot from you how to train a Siberian Husky to like cats. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way!

What You Will Need To Train A Siberian Husky To Like Cats


  • Patience
  • Discipline
  • Consistency 


  • A leash for the husky
  • A crate
  • A cat carrier
  • Dog treats
  • Barriers (like a baby gate or a closed door)

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Step By Step Instructions On How To Train A Siberian Husky To Like Cats

Step 1: Prepare Your Home

It is important to prepare your home before both animals meet. As much as possible, let the husky and cat have separate living areas. If you’re asking the question, “how do I stop my Husky from attacking my cat?” keeping them in separate rooms will be perfect. 

If you can’t keep them in separate rooms where a door separates them, you can recreate these using a crate for your canine pet and a cat carrier for your feline pet. It is important that they both have their spots where they are each masters of the territory.

Another way to prepare your home is to store fragile furniture and breakables away from them so there is neither destruction of these items nor injury to either pet in the event that there is a chase.

Step 2: Introduce Them To One Another

For this first meeting, it is important to have someone else with you. Chances are both animals will allow their instincts to take over and a scramble is likely to happen. So, while you manage one animal, the other person with you will tend to the second animal. 

Ensure that your husky is on a leash when they are introduced to cats. It is advisable that the leash is kept loose so there’s no stress or tension. But at the same time, stay alert and be in control of the leash.

It is crucial that the cat sees the dog on time so they are not shocked at the husky’s presence. So, place the husky in an area that allows the cat to approach them freely. 

Allow them to say hello. You can allow them to sniff one another or simply look at each other till either of them walks away. Pay attention to the encounter and if you sense that it is becoming stressful for either of them, then remove them.

Step 3: Grow Their Relationship

As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to develop a cordial relationship between your canine and feline pets. For this, you will need all the trio ingredients of patience, discipline, and consistency. Truth is, you will always need these ingredients regardless of the training step.

Don’t be in a rush to see them cuddle up to one another. For some pairs of animals, it may take a great while before it happens. For others, it never happens. But it is important to give this training your best shot. So, be patient with your pets and consistent with discipline.

Teach your husky that cats and other little animals aren’t food. You can do this by giving them commands. A firm “No” when they try to jump, or chase cats or other small animals should give them an idea that you’re not in support of this behavior.

Even if your husky merely barks at the cat, they should also get the No command. Stay consistent with your commands and both animals will know that you mean each command. 

Have them meet together daily, even if it’s five minutes each day till they’re comfortable with each other and there’s no need to keep your husky on a leash when meeting your cat.

Tips And Tricks On How To Train A Siberian Husky To Like Cats

Some huskies are born with a natural aversion to cats. That’s the simple reason some huskies do not like cats. And while this may not be the case for all huskies, it’s still important to take the time to train your dog properly—even if they seem to like cats just fine.

To make the training easier and more effective, here are some pro tips for you.

  • Start training your Siberian Husky early.

What they learn as puppies will stay with them for life. Expose them to various animals, people, and experiences at an early age. 

  • Don’t force your dog to get along with cats.

Forcing the issue may be counter-productive as your dog may end up becoming scared of cats throughout its lifetime.

  • Start slowly and gradually introduce your Siberian Husky to cats.
  • For every positive interaction, your Husky makes with a cat, reward them with a dog treat. The reward is an efficient motivation.
  • Don’t get discouraged if they don’t hit it off fast. It is important to stay calm and focused on the training.
  • Always supervise each training meeting. Even if they’re showing progress, be alert because things can go sideways for any reason.
  • Give both animals adequate attention to prevent either of them from feeling jealous. 

 raising a husky puppy with cats

How Do I Get My Cat To Be Nice To My Dog?

You’re super excited to welcome your Siberian husky into your family and think everyone shares the same sentiment. But you just found out that your cat didn’t get the memo and is bent on not welcoming your husky into their territory.

If you’re asking, “how do I get my cat to be nice to my dog?” you need to understand why your cat is behaving that way, and the situation is half salvaged. It’s likely your cat sees the dog taking all the attention. 

What you should do in this case is give to shower your cat with attention in the presence of the dog and try to play with them at the same time. This will help the cat stop viewing the dog as competition, and in time become nice to the dog.

Raising a husky puppy with cats can turn out well when the tips in this article are taken into consideration and implemented.

Conclusion On How To Train A Siberian Husky To Like Cats

Did you get everything you needed on how to train a Siberian Husky to like cats?

It can be difficult to get your Siberian husky to like cats, but with patience and the tips in this guide, it is definitely possible. Start by providing your dog and cat with a calm environment to live in. Provide barriers so they have their own private spaces. 

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Train them with commands like “No”, “Sit”, and “Down”. Be sure to offer treats when they behave well and get along. Ease tense situations by separating them or giving them toys to play with, thus distracting them from the tension.

Gradually increase the amount of time your dog spends around cats, and make sure to keep an eye on their behavior at all times. Whatever you do, remember the key ingredients in this training are patience, discipline, and consistency. And of course, treats!

Let us know your experience and what you would love to add on how to train a Siberian Husky to like cats in the comments below.