Are There Invisible Fences For Huskies? – 3 Best Options Revealed!

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Are There Invisible Fences For Huskies? If you’re a husky parent, you sure have your hands full with one of the most curious and energetic dog breeds in the world. To feed their curiosity, they can hardly stay still in a place and have to move around looking for something to do.

An Invisible fence works to provide your property with an invisible boundary that sends gentle shock signals to your husky’s collar as they approach the border. 

While they can’t see the fence, they can feel it when they approach one and learn to go back. That way, you’ll be keeping them safe. Read on as we consider some of the best options for you and your husky, including the popular Extreme Dog Fence.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Invisible Fences For Huskies

  • How Invisible Fences For Huskies Work

Usually, the invisible fence is paired with a collar that sends a radio signal or gentle shock to the dog whenever they go past the designated roaming area. The containment system defines the boundary lines designed by you when setting up the system.

The unit includes a transmitter and a receiver connected to your furry pet’s collar. Invisible fences feature a warning system that may be a vibration or tone that reminds the dog not to go past the predetermined point.

  • An Invisible Fence Demands Dog Training

An invisible fence is not a magic pill that a dog instinctively understands from the get-go. Your dog must be trained to know where the designated playing area is. They must also learn where the boundary is and learn to avoid going past it.

This demands patience and consistent training on your part. For one thing, you don’t want them to keep getting shocked and end up frightened and end up leaving home. Invisible fence kits usually include a training manual and a number of flags that come in handy during training.

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  • An Invisible Fences For Huskies Installation

An invisible fence needs to be installed. So, it is important to understand what an invisible fence installation entails. The form of installation depends on the type of invisible fence, and this depends on the location. Here are the two types of invisible dog fences:

  • Wired Fence

A wired fence is dug and buried into the ground around the area you want your dog to roam free. Because you are working with wire, you can easily shape the face to adapt to your property.

Wires can also be tapped into the fence. While this requires less effort, bear

in mind that they can be run over by a running lawn mower or removed by strong winds, or even animals. 

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  • Wireless Invisible Fences For Huskies

A wireless fence is not installed since no wires are involved. What is used are transmitters, which are placed on the lawn. This is another convenient method. 

However, there are some downsides, which include the transmitters not functioning in the presence of strong winds. Also, it is not easily adaptable to the desired area of the containment.

Wireless Invisible Fences For Huskies

Invisible Fences For Huskies: 3 Best Options

Extreme Dog Fence Pro

This professional-grade containment system is a perfect invisible fence for a Husky. Especially if you own a big property. If you dread a call from a neighbor because you’re scared they want to report your husky, then this invisible fence will be a solution.

This professional-grade kit includes a transmitter that features multiple frequency selections, so you can conveniently change what radio frequency the system operates on. The collar receiver on this kit is waterproof and submersible up to 10 feet.

If you’re particular about your canine pet is comfortable, as you should, then you’ll be pleased to find out that this invisible fence kit comes with long and short contact probes to provide some comfort for your dog whether they have long or short neck hair.

How quickly your husky adapts to the invisible fence will depend on how disciplined and consistent you are with training. To facilitate the training of your husky to stay safe, the makers of this Extreme Dog Fence have included 50 training flags in this kit.

While it doesn’t include a backup battery, the 6 volts battery powering the collar receiver on this system can last 4 months without you having to worry about a replacement. The entire system can be installed underground or above the ground. Whichever works for you.

The Extreme Dog Fence Pro can easily cover 10 acres. What’s more, it’s very versatile and has multiple buying options, from a 1-Dog system to a 5-Dog system.

SportDOG Brand Fence

If you’ve got a larger property and are wondering what invisible fence will work for your husky, then this in-ground fence from SportDOG Brand might just be the solution you seek. 

It is expandable to fit on 100 acres. You just need to purchase extra wire and flags and your husky will never know a boring day in your massive yard. The standard kit contains 1000 feet of wire, 1 transmitter, 100 flags, and 1 collar.

If you have more than one husky, this containment system will work just fine as it supports an unlimited number of dogs; you just need to purchase extra Add-A-Dog Collar Receivers. The collar is designed to perform in any weather, thanks to Waterproof Technology.

The waterproof collar is powered by a 9 volts battery that can last between 6 and 12 months. Be sure that your husky is at least 10 pounds before purchasing this kit as the collars are made for dogs that weigh at least 10 pounds.

With your dog’s safety being the priority, a wire break alarm is featured in the transmitter. And it also comes with a built-in Lightning Protector. What’s more, this invisible in-ground fence is super easy to install. 

You also get multiple buying options, like getting a system with an upgraded rechargeable collar to one with on-demand remote training. You get more options to choose from. Beautiful, yeah. But then, you’ve got to have a large property.

PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable Fence

There’s nothing wrong with loving your husky enough to get them an invisible fence even when you have a small yard. YardMax provides the best invisible fence for pets that live on small properties. 

This containment system features the YardMax Mode, which helps to maximize small yard areas. This mode offers your husky more playroom than traditional in-ground fences because YardMax only sends correction signals to the dog when they get to the boundary wire, rather than before.

The YardMax fence system by PetSafe contains 500 feet of wire that can be expanded to contain 10 acres of the yard when an extra wire is purchased. The containment system also includes a waterproof rechargeable collar that can be adjusted to fit pet neck sizes ranging from 6 to 28 inches. 

An unlimited number of dogs can be supported with one system, as long as extra YardMax collars are purchased for them. The system also supports dogs that weigh 5 pounds and upwards. 

Flags are also included to help you train your dog in 2 weeks using our professional training guide. Installing this underground fence is so simple you can make it your weekend project. 

It also allows a correction-free reentry, so your pet can come back home without facing correction whenever they pass the boundary. So, the correction happens at the point of exit and not entry. Now, your husky doesn’t have to be afraid of coming back home.

Conclusion On Invisible Fences For Huskies

Your husky should be kept safe and an invisible fence will help you in fulfilling that responsibility. Plus, you don’t have to change your landscape as a physical fence may bring some aesthetic changes.

There are many invisible dog fences on the market, but they all have different unique features. So, it’s best to make certain considerations before making a decision. Let us know which one catches your fancy and your experience with it in the comments below.


Will an invisible fence work for a Husky?

Invisible fences can definitely work for huskies. Huskies can be trained to stay within a fence or yard.

What fence is best for a Husky?

Extreme Dog Fence Pro, SportDOG Brand Fence, and PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable Fence area among the best invisible fences you can choose from.

How do I stop my Husky from escaping?

Fortifying your property with a fence and installing playpens/fences for dogs are ways to prevent huskies from escaping.