Keeping A Husky Cool In Summer – Top Tips Revealed!

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Keeping a Husky cool in summer is is a big problem for many Husky owners, as these dogs tend to overheat very easily. With their dense, thick coats, they are adapted to live in extremely cold climates and often get too hot in warmer regions.

As we are all aware, overheating is very dangerous for a dog and can lead to heat stroke. Let’s find out everything you need to know about keeping a Husky cool in summer. to keep your canine best friend safe and well!

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What Temperature Is Too Hot For Huskies?

Like all dogs, Huskies cope far better with cold weather than they do with hot weather. You may notice that on a chilly day you feel you need to wrap up in several layers, but your Husky barely notices at all. But on a warm, sunny day when we want to bask in the sunshine, your Husky will seek out every spot of shade he can find!

And thanks to their supremely thick coat, Huskies are exceptionally well adapted to cope with cold weather. Designed to live in icy Siberian conditions, a Husky can stay comfortable in temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

But what about the other end of the spectrum – how hot is too hot for a Husky? Temperatures of 77 degrees Fahrenheit and above can be uncomfortably warm for a Husky, and they will prefer to stay in cool shaded areas. If the temperature reaches 86 degrees Fahrenheit or above, the risk of heat stroke and dehydration is very high.

When a dog gets too hot, it loses the ability to regulate its body temperature efficiently. It cannot lose heat rapidly enough to prevent its core body temperature from rising. This is a vicious cycle and will lead to heat stroke, which is a very dangerous condition for dogs.

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When Is It Too Hot To Walk A Husky?

If the temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit or above, it would be best to avoid walking your Husky. Any form of exercise will naturally cause an increase in the body temperature of your dog. If it is too warm, they will not be able to cool down effectively, and may develop heat stroke or dehydration.

So while 77 degrees Fahrenheit may seem like a lovely temperature for us to go for a stroll, this can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog. It would be best to wait until a cooler period of the day, such as early morning or late in the evening, to enable your dog to enjoy his walk safely.

If temperatures are consistently high, it would be preferable to allow your dog to exercise himself in a yard or enclosed space at the coolest part of the day. Dogs will naturally feel lethargic in hot weather and may be happy just to wander around rather than go for an energetic walk.

After all, no dog ever died through lack of walking, but many have become critically ill due to heat stroke!

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How To Take Care Of A Husky In Hot Weather

In hot weather, your Husky will naturally seek out cool, shaded areas away from direct sunlight. Unlike humans, dogs are not particularly keen on sunbathing, especially when it is very hot!

You may find that your dog is more lethargic in hot weather, and not particularly keen on going out for exercise. Encourage your dog to relax in the coolest areas possible, such as under the shade of a tree. If your house is cooler than the outside temperatures, you may find that your dog spends more time inside than normal.

Make sure your Husky has access to plenty of clean cold water as they can dehydrate easily in hot weather. Place water bowls at various locations around the house and yard, and encourage your dog to drink regularly.

It is also a good idea to feed your dog chilled snacks with a high water content such as dog-safe fruit and vegetables. Your dog will relish a few slices of crisp, cold cucumber or watermelon on a hot day to help boost his sugar levels and help him cool down.

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Top Tips For Keeping A Husky Cool In Summer

Keeping a Husky cool in summer can be very problematic, but luckily there are some great tools available to help you with this!

A Husky cooling mat is a useful investment, as it gives your dog the choice of somewhere cool to relax away from the heat of the day. These mats are designed to help your dog lose body heat, by either allowing air to circulate more easily or by providing a cool surface for the dog to lie on.

The good thing about a cooling mat for dogs is that the dog has the choice of when to lie on it. A cheaper alternative is to give your dog a cool damp towel or blanket to lie on.

A cooling vest for Huskies can also be useful to help dogs that struggle during the hottest part of the day. Cooling vests help to deflect heat and enable the dog to maintain a lower body temperature. However, it is vital to monitor your dog carefully to make sure that it does not get too cold when wearing a cooling vests.


So, as we have learned, keeping a Husky cool in summer is not always an easy task! With their dense, thick coats these dogs are adapted to live in colder climates, thriving in ice and snow. As a Husky owner, it is essential that you take steps to ensure your dog does not overheat during hot summer weather. Precautions include not walking your dog during the heat of the day and using cooling aids such as mats and fans.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on keeping a Husky cool in summer! Do you have problems with your dog overheating during the hot summer months? Or maybe you’ve come up with some great ways to keep your Husky cool on a sunny day? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you!