10 Perfect Names For Female Huskies With Blue Eyes (and Their Meanings)

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Did you know that 40 percent of huskies have blue eyes? Blue eyes are more common in huskies than in any other breed. And there is nothing more striking than a husky with blue eyes, so they need an equally striking name.

Here is our list of names for huskies with blue eyes that we think are ideal, plus their meanings. Many are from nature, and a few are just for fun! Plus we have thrown in some male husky names and their meanings for good measure.

1. Skye 

Few things in nature are blue, but the sky is one of them. The Isle of Skye near Scotland is where this spelling variant comes from. It is a suitably pretty and apt name for a blue-eyed husky girl. This name makes us think of freedom, like a bird in the sky – and huskies are certainly very free-spirited dogs.


2. Indigo

Indigo is a deep shade of blue that borders on purple. It is a popular girl’s name, as is it’s a diminutive form, Indi. Indigo would make a cool name for a cool-eyed husky girl. The American actor Lou Diamond Phillips has a daughter called Indigo.

3. Azure  

Like the crystal blue seas of the tropics, the eyes of your female husky may sparkle with light and color, thus making it a pretty and feminine name for a husky with blue eyes. And if she is a spunky pup, you can always call her ‘Az’ for short!

4. Lapis 

Lapis Lazuli is a semi-precious gemstone that is deep blue and black in color. Lapis Lazuli was treasured by the ancient Egyptians, who used this stone in their jewelry and art objects. Your female husky with blue eyes will no doubt be one of your most valuable treasures, so a name like Lapis would be perfect.

5. Bluebell

The bluebell is a variety of flowers that is found from Spain all the way to England. This pretty little bulb sprouts a row of bell-shaped flowers that are a deep blue, and almost purple in hue. Bluebell would be a pretty name for a dainty little husky with blue eyes, for the flower is quite delicate.

6. Sapphire 

Sapphires are one of only four precious stones found on earth) the other three are diamond, ruby, and emerald. Sapphires are known for their brilliant blue fire, and their sparkle, and the best ones are found in Sri Lanka. So if you are after a husky name to suit a dog with deep blue eyes, you could name her Sapphire and call her ‘Sapphy’ for short.

7. Kailani 

This gorgeous name is both feminine and exotic. Kailani is Hawaiian for “sea and sky”. And since the sea and the sky are both blue, this makes Kailani the ideal name for a husky with blue eyes.

8. Neela

Neela is the Sanskrit word for ‘sapphire’, and it is another name with an exotic twist that would be lovely for a pretty blue-eyed husky treasure. The African variant of this name is ‘Nila’, which is equally feminine.


9. Cyan

The last name on our list of names for female huskies with blue eyes is another color name. Cyan is a brilliant color that lies exactly between blue and green on the color spectrum. So if your husky girl has eyes that are blue bordering on green, you could name her Cyan.

10. Dory

This last name is less exotic and more just plain cute. Dory was the name of the blue tang in Finding Nemo. Dory is a vivid blue, so we think it is a clever name for a blue-eyed female husky. You can tell her, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” when you go out for a puppy paddle!

Five Names For Male Huskies With Blue Eyes (and Their Meanings)

We have added five husky names for blue-eyed boys for good measure, just in case you have a last-minute change of heart and fall in love with a blue-eyed male husky pup! Or, if you get your little girl home and realize she is in fact a boy (this is rare, but it does happen…)

  • Blue

This is a simple husky name perfect for a male dog. Dogs with blue coats are often named ‘Blue’, so why not a dog with blue eyes? Short and simple, yet classic.

  • Frankie 

This name features on our list in honor of the late, great singer, Mr. Frank Sinatra. Frank’s nickname was ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’ because he had the bluest eyes in showbiz. The name Frankie is short for Francis, which is Latin for “free man”. And we all know that the husky is a free spirit!

  • Cobalt

Cobalt is the name of a natural chemical element found in the Earth’s crust. Artists will know this word because it is yet another shade of blue on the color spectrum, with cobalt being a very brilliant blue. A blue-eyed husky boy named this could be called Kobi or Bolt for short.


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  • Steel 

Blue steel is known for its cool toughness and let’s face it a husky with blue eyes is possibly one of the coolest dogs around. It also reminds us of the Ben Stiller character, Derek Zoolander! Does your husky boy have the same cool and steely gaze, and model good looks like Ben Stiller?

  • Jay

If you are a fan of baseball or a fan of bird-watching, the name Jay would be a cool moniker for a husky boy. The Blue Jays are a Canadian baseball team, which takes its name from the stunning bluebird that is found in North America.

We hope that you have enjoyed our list of names for a husky with blue eyes, whether you have a male or a female dog. 

Just remember that this list of husky names are just a few examples of what you can name a husky with blue eyes. The sky’s the limit! (Pun intended.)

Feel free to share this article if you know someone who is on the lookout for blue-eyes husky names, and please leave a comment below on what you think is the perfect name for a husky with blue eyes! 

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