The Best Way To Potty Train A Husky Puppy: Learn About 5 Smart Steps To Avoid Bad House Accidents

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If you have become a pet parent of a Siberian bundle of joy recently, you may be looking for the best way to potty train a Husky puppy. But let’s start from the beginning. As soon as you put that warm, fuzzy ball into your arms, you galloped to the nearest pet store and got all the stuff that your little fluffball will most definitely need. Included but not limited to food, water bowls, leash, collar/harness, dry kibble food, dog bed as well as some squeaky toys, of course. Now you are an excited, proud owner of a puppy who is going to bring more colors into your life, and make it more meaningful. 

Here comes the hardest part: bathroom training. Most pet owners don’t think about accidents in the house as they are too preoccupied with their pup’s cuteness. However, mishaps are going to happen almost immediately and that’s when a frustrated pet mom/dad starts thinking about the best way to potty train a Husky puppy fast to save couches, floors, and beds from being completely destroyed. 

The Best Way To Potty Train A Husky Puppy

  • Take Your Husky Pup Outside As Often As You Can

When a doggo is under 4 months old, it needs to be taken out every 30-40 minutes as its bladder hasn’t developed fully to be able to hold urine for hours. The same is true for the intestines. Therefore, a pet parent has to make it a habit to let his/her pup go potty as often as possible. If you can’t take your furball out in the daytime, you need to think about either asking a relative/friend or hiring a professional sitter to assist you in the canine baby-caring duties.  

The Best Way To Potty Train A Husky Puppy

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  • Reward, Reward, Reward

Most trainers and vets can’t stress it enough: if you want your companion to learn any type of trick, you need to use positive reinforcement. And what could be more positive than yummy, juicy snacks? Choose the highest-value (in your pal’s mind) treats and take them with you on a bathroom walk. As soon as a “trainee” does its business, reward it with some deliciousness. This is by far the best way to potty train a Husky puppy as it responds well to treats. Be consistent with the reinforcement techniques and you will see results very quickly!

  • Try to Come Up with A Potty Schedule

Aim at taking your youngster out at the same time every day. Let’s say, 8 am 1 pm, 5 pm, 11 pm (or more often if a mutt is under 6 months of age). Usually, a furry creature will need to go first thing in the morning as it hasn’t emptied its bladder in over 8 hours, a little bit after breakfast (it might need to go after it eats and hydrates), a longer walk at lunchtime and a few in the evening. The last one should be around the time you go to bed.

  • Look For The Obvious Signs

It is very easy to read the signals your friend is sending you when it has to go: going in circles while sniffing the ground, restlessness, whining, pacing back and forth by the door, and loud barking. Each doggo’s method of communication is different, therefore you have to learn your hound’s signs to find out when to let it go potty.   

  • Arrange For A Sitter In Case You Can’t Take Your Pal Out In The Day

Worst comes to worst: if you can’t keep up with the recommended puppy bathroom schedule, you need to request help from your immediate circle. If no assistance can be arranged, it might not be a bad idea to hire a dog sitter/walker to come in and check on a little bundle of joy. Consider pet-sitting platforms like Wag or Rover, as they have plenty of highly-reviewed caregivers. All you have to do is find one either close to you or the one who will be able to travel to your house. 


Hopefully, you found the information in this article helpful in your quest for the best way to potty train a Husky puppy. Remember, each pooch is individual with its own habits, mentality, and temperament, so don’t expect it to “get it” quickly if it’s kind of a slow learner usually. Patience and positive reinforcement are keys to carving witty “canine students” who know that peeing on your favorite sofa is a big no-no!

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How do I get my Husky puppy to stop peeing in the house?

When your Siberian beauty is still a baby, it is normal for a growing bladder to make mistakes. Pups, no matter the breed, can not hold the urge ”to go” for too long as they are in the process of developing. So, please, never punish your pal for going inside the house. Instead, use some positive reinforcement techniques to teach your fur baby where exactly you want it to eliminate.

You can use high-value treats and bring them with you every time you go outside with your fluffy companion. It is best to go out about an hour after it eats/drinks. Let it sniff the ground all it wants, and find that perfect spot. If it goes, reward it with a treat immediately. This strategy will help create the right kinds of associations in a pup’s mind where he/she is praised for using outside bathroom. You gonna have to take a fur baby out pretty often when it’s going through the potty training stage.

Another idea is to train a doggo to ring the bell every time it feels the urge. You can start by ringing the bell yourself and slowly (using a pup’s nose or a paw) introduce the idea of ringing it every time it has to go potty. I know one witty pug named Jack who does it effortlessly. If he can do it, so can your Husky friend.

Are Huskies easy to potty train?

I wouldn’t say they are the easiest since Siberians are known for being very stubborn as well as independent. You will need to use a lot of positive reinforcement, be firm, and be consistent with your requests. Your Husky pup has to have clear expectations and follow your lead to be a good “potty” student. Just like with any other breed, be patient, nothing is going to happen overnight. Huskies are very smart and loyal dogs who want to please their humans, therefore would want to learn fast to get rewarded every time. Use high-quality snacks for each successful potty attempt.

How long does it take to potty train a puppy?

Nobody can give you the exact numbers, it depends on many factors like the breed type, time spent in training, whether or not the positive reinforcement strategy is being implemented, a pup’s age, etc. On average, a puppy can learn to “go” in 4 to 6 months. With certain breeds it may take longer (toy dogs are usually slower learners as their bladders are much smaller and they don’t have as good of control of it as bigger breeds do)

How long can Husky puppies hold their pee for?

The formula to figure it out is quite simple: a pup can hold its urge for one hour for each month of age plus one more hour. Hence, if a pup is 3 months old, it can wait for 4 hours tops to go to the bathroom. As far as going at night: take your pal to potty just before you go to bed and then first thing in the morning. A three-month-old pal should be able to hold its bladder for the whole night.