What Is A Siberian Husky Timber Wolf Mix?

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Huskies really are exceptionally beautiful-looking dogs. Once prized for their abilities to work and live in the harshest of cold conditions, today this dog breed is treasured around the world for its pointed ears and nose, startling eyes, and lush coat. Huskies are undoubtedly similar in appearance to their wild cousins, the wolf. 

So what would happen if there was such a dog as a Siberian Husky Timber Wolf mix? Is this even possible? Yes – it is.

Read on to learn all about the Siberian Husky Timber Wolf mix.

A Husky Mix 

Husky mix-breeds are gaining popularity nowadays. There are many different husky mix breeds around, such as the Husky German Shepherd mix. Any Husky mix that capitalizes on the Husky’s physical features and enhances its wolf-like appearance is sure to result in a stunning dog. Therefore combining these two breeds, for example, makes a lot of sense given that they share several physical characteristics.

A Wolf Hybrid

Now, most Husky mix-breeds are a mix of two domestic dogs. So how, you may ask, does a Husky get together with a wild animal, the wolf?

Huskies do indeed have Siberian wolf in their DNA, which dates back thousands of years. But this does not answer the question of a Husky Wolf mix today.

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The Timber Wolf

Before we can get to the Husky Timber Wolf mix, first of all, we need to discuss what is a timber wolf?

A timber wolf is also known as the gray wolf. Its scientific name is ‘canis lupus’. And these handsome creatures are indeed the ancestor of the domestic dog.

Timber wolves used to be found pretty much all over the world, in every continent except Antarctica – even in some parts of northern Africa! 

A Husky Timber Wolf Mix

Given that wolves and domestic dogs have mated for a LONG time, no doubt there have been plenty of Husky Timber Wolf mix dogs throughout history. In some cases, a female Husky on heat may have mated with a wolf and then came home to her owner, pregnant, and given birth to a litter of wolf-dogs. 

Today, there are a number of breeders breeding this type of wolf hybrid.

Husky Timber Wolf Mix Information

People who have adopted Husky Timber Wolf mixes from shelters have reported that these dogs do not do well in the heat, avoid humans, prefer the company of other dogs (the ‘pack’), and enjoy rolling in muck – sounds just like a wolf!

After about 12 months, these wolf hybrids do seem to settle into living with a human family, but they do like to be the alpha dog, they are possessive of any female dogs, and they howl rather than bark.

Wolf hybrids are not overly trainable, as they do not thrive on human praise, they continually mark their territory by urinating all over the backyard, and they dig holes. 

They avoid loud noises and will go somewhere quiet if things get loud. They can be sensitive and do not like change.

The above description is based on a hybrid that clearly throws strongly to the wolf side of its breeding. 

Some owners of the wolf hybrid say that their pet is a great family dog, affectionate, protective, and loyal. This seems to be more common with pets that have come from breeders who incorporate a smaller amount of wolf into the mix, and more Husky. The females seem to be easier to handle than the males.

Feeding The Husky Timber Wolf Mix:

In terms of feeding, people who own Husky Timber Wolf mixes say that they need to have a variety of food offered to them (which makes sense, given they would be doing the same in the wild) and that they will not eat if they have not been sufficiently exercised. They will get sick if you only give them kibble. They NEED raw meat (but not pork!)

Adopting A Husky Timber Wolf Mix

Sadly, hybrid Huskies may end up in dog shelters once their wolf nature kicks in, which occurs at the age of 18 months. Apparently, Husky Timber Wolf mix dogs are playful and affectionate as puppies, then when their hormones kick in they become skittish and wary of people. Hence why they get dumped at shelters.

You should think carefully about adopting a hybrid Husky. They are not easy to train and therefore require a skilled and experienced dog owner to help them adapt to domestic life.

 wolf hybrid

Other Things To Consider Before Owning A Husky Wolf Mix:

  • What are the laws around owning a part-wild animal in your area? Make sure you check that it is legal to own a hybrid Husky in your state and country;
  • How much land do you own? Some people state that owners need at least 1 acre per animal so that a wolf hybrid can roam and have their own territory;
  • This land needs to have excellent and secure fencing;
  • Hybrid Huskies need to exercise 3 to 4 hours PER DAY for optimal physical and mental health.

In Summary: Is The Husky Timber Wolf Mix The Right Dog For You?

Hybrid Huskies are not easy and definitely not for novice dog owners. Sure, they may look beautiful but essentially you’re dealing with a partially wild animal, and you cannot train this out of them.

Wolf hybrids need lots of room, hours of daily exercise, an owner with superb leadership skills, and a special diet that reflects what the wolf eats in the wild.

Before embarking on this journey, do your homework and check that it is legal to own a wolf hybrid in your area. 

And it would be wise to check animal shelters and rescues first before buying a hybrid from a breeder since many of these dogs get dumped after their owners realize that they do not have what it takes to care for them.

However, if you feel confident that you understand the psychology and true nature of the Husky Timber Wolf mix, you are well-equipped to care for them and can offer them the best life possible, then they will make an interesting addition to your own pack!

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