Why Does My Husky Pee So Much? Discover The 5 Most Common Alarming Reasons For Such Weird Canine Behavior

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Have you ever noticed that your cute Russian canine friend started to urinate a lot more often than usual? This fact made you super worried and you asked yourself “Why does my Husky pee so much?” This is definitely something any pet parent should take notice of as well as take action on. By action, I mean calling your vet immediately and scheduling an appointment to determine what the root of the problem is. 

On average, any Siberian pal should pee about 4-5 times a day maximum (ideally early morning, late morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, and right before bedtime). Some Huskies may pee less. It depends on many factors like hydration frequency throughout the day, activity level, diet, hereditary health issues, and age. So you and only you know what’s normal for your pup and any weird deviations from the potty routine may throw a red flag. Let’s take a look at some common reasons for frequent urination and answer the question you have in your head to explain what’s going on with your pal “Why does my Husky pee so much?”

Why Does My Husky Pee So Much? 

  • UTI

This one is one of the most common reasons your pooch started to pee often. Urinary tract infections are frequent among certain breeds like Corgis, Labs, Golden Retrievers, Bulldogs, Terriers, and our “stars of the day” Huskies. My dog Ariel is a German Shepherd/Lab mix and she used to get those pretty often during her puppy stage.

Males are not as predisposed to getting them compared to femmes for two reasons. One is that a male’s reproductive organs do not get as close to the ground as the female’s do (the latter have to squat to pee), therefore this close proximity may cause our girls to get cold “down there.” Especially during the chilly fall and winter seasons. There’s no way for any owner to teach a doggo not to urinate like the nature “designed,” so all you can do is cut potty trips short when it’s below 45 degrees outside. 

  • Nervous/Scared

Got a mutt who seems scared of his own shadow? No two dogs are the same, even if they are of the same breed. Therefore in case you have a Husky who is not confident at all and jumps up at the sound of a police siren, it may have accidents if startled by any loud noise. Also, if you reprimand your pal using a strict voice, an ashamed canine can potentially urinate out of fear. These types of behaviors can be put in the submissive urination category.

Try to use a soft voice even if you are mad at something your mischief did since you know it has a problem. Talk to a professional dog trainer on how to deal with a fearful pal, he/she will be able to guide you on how to approach the issue the right way. 

Why Does My Husky Pee So Much

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  • Marking Territory in the Presence of Other Dogs

I’ve had this same problem with my pooch Ariel: since I board dogs as a part-time gig, we often have different canine species in the house. So my girl started to pee on furniture and floors to mark her territory to let them know it was her house. This type of behavior is pretty common among the four-legged because this is what their ancestors did/still doing in the wild to establish boundaries as well as assert their territory.

One of the best suggestions to stop that is to talk to a professional trainer and/or veterinarian and get their insight on the issue. But make sure you rule out any medical concerns and spay/neuter a pooch to help with marking in the long run before you turn to animal care specialists.

  • Kidney Problems

In case your beautiful pooch has kidney failure issues, it can lead to uncontrollable wee accidents. The only way to determine if house markings are connected to kidney disease is to have your pet examined by a vet who will take urine as well as the blood sample to get to the bottom of it. In case it is in fact a kidney-related problem, an animal health professional will be able to prescribe some meds to put your pooch on immediately to help fix it. Remember, don’t delay since, unfortunately, not all kidney failure stages can be treated promptly.

  • Incontinence

This is a very common problem among all those “golden age” mutts who can’t control their bladder all that well anymore and are predisposed to having accidents in the house more and more.

It is interesting how it’s the same for people, that’s why not only do they sell the diapers in pharmacies for humans but also for our four-legged friends in pet stores. You can choose to either get washable or disposable ones. A furry bud may not like at first that you put it on him/her, but a few favorite treats will go a long way in your diaper-training endeavor.


Here we have just covered the 5 main reasons for the “Why does my Husky pee so much?” question so you can observe your Husky pal and see if his/her weeing schedule is out of the ordinary. If so, book an appointment to see your local vet immediately because you never know what the underlining condition might be for the excessive marking behavior. Especially if we talk about kidney failure stages: these have to be addressed fast to avoid complications in the future.

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How often does a Husky need to pee?

An average pooch should produce about 10-15 ml of urine per pound of body weight. A Husky usually weighs about 55-65 lbs, therefore a healthy mutt should collect up to one liter of urine per day. Since Siberians are active doggos, they will need more frequent hydration, hence will need bathroom breaks more often compared to a breed that is not as energetic. Aim for 4-5 bathroom breaks a day minimum.

Do Huskies have bladder problems?

Actually yes, Siberians are one of the few breeds who are prone to infections due to the development of an abnormal urethral opening. Usually, females are affected more than males and they get annoying urinary tract infections as well as urethra blockages because of the ectopic ureter condition.

Why is my dog urinating without knowing?

This is a condition known as incontinence. Normally, older dogs develop it since their bodies wear out, including internal organs and bladders don’t work as good as they used to. It is the same for humans, actually. That’s why pharmacies sell adult diapers to help seniors control this problem. Believe it or not, oldie pooches get to wear diapers too, either disposable or washable kind! Look for those online or at any local pet store.

How can you tell if your dog has a urinary infection?

Yes, you should be able to tell by the urination frequency: if a hound is asking to go to the bathroom more often than normal (almost every hour) or has accidents in its crate and/or house, then you know there’s a problem. It may be time to schedule an appointment with a veterinary specialist to perform the necessary tests and find out if your mutt indeed has a UTI.