Why Does My Husky Puppy Cry So Much?

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Have you been wondering why does my husky puppy cry so much? Bringing a new puppy into the home is a challenge for any family, and even more so if your puppy cries all the time. Let’s take a look at why husky puppies cry and what you can do about it!

Why Do Husky Puppies Cry?

All puppies are quite vocal, and husky puppies seem to make more noise than most! When they are very small and still depend on their mother they use squeaks and whines to communicate with her. And when they leave their mothers and join their new human families, this noise-making continues!

Husky puppies cry in an attempt to communicate their needs to us. They cannot verbally tell us what they want or need, so they use the only language they know to try and tell us!

But this crying can be very sad to hear, especially if we cannot figure out the reason for it. Let’s take a look at why your new puppy might cry:


This is the primary reason why husky puppies cry. Up until you brought your puppy home, it will have spent its days and nights snuggled up and playing with its litter-mates. It is inevitable that your puppy will have to adapt to spending time alone in its new home, and may cry at first when left alone.

 how to stop a husky puppy from crying in a crate


Puppies that are frightened will cry, in an attempt to alert their parents that they need help. This can occur in new and unusual situations, such as traveling in the car.

Pain and Illness

If your puppy starts to cry a lot for no apparent reason, it could be in pain or unwell. If you notice any other symptoms of ill health alongside the crying, it is a good idea to get your puppy checked out by your veterinarian.

Boredom & Attention Seeking

Let’s face it, puppies are basically children, and, like children, they get bored! A pack of puppies will play together constantly, and when we bring a puppy into our home we can expect it to need the same level of interaction.


Puppies have very small stomachs and need to eat little and often. When you first bring your puppy home, it may need to eat four or five times a day. If it cries in between meals, try providing it with chews and toys to keep it occupied until the next mealtime.

 husky puppies whining


If your husky puppy is crying because it needs the toilet, then you should be proud that your toilet-training is already succeeding! When toilet training a puppy it is vital to be aware of the noise your new little dog makes when he needs to wee or poop, and take him outside to the toilet immediately.

Why Does My Husky Puppy Cry So Much?

Huskies are very vocal dogs, and even an adult husky will cry in an attempt to tell you that it needs something. Many husky owners will tell you that a husky puppy cries much more than many other breed of dog, particularly when they are between 4 and 6 months of age.

A small amount of crying in any puppy is inevitable, but if your puppy has all of its needs met it should not cry too often. However, remember that your puppy is going through a period of adaptation as it learns to live with its new human family, and there are going to be parts of this process that make your puppy cry.

For example, your puppy will need to learn to be left alone for the first time in its short life. At first, your puppy may be fearful and lonely, and may start to cry. But if you carry out this stage of the training process correctly, your puppy will quickly adapt and start to feel more confident when alone and able to entertain itself.

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How To Stop A Husky Puppy From Crying In A Crate

A puppy crate is supposed to be a place of comfort and safety for your puppy. If your puppy is crying in its crate, you need to try and figure out the reason why.

It is a myth that you should leave your puppy to ‘cry it out’ in its crate – this can lead to the puppy becoming more anxious and even more fearful next time it needs to go into the crate.

If you are completely sure that your puppy is not hungry, in pain, or needs the toilet, then you need to help it learn that the crate is a safe and secure place. This process is called crate training, and can take a long time to achieve. However, once your puppy is crate trained, it will willingly seek out the crate as a place of refuge.

You can help you puppy become accustomed to the crate by making it as comfortable as possible, with his favorite bed and a selection of chews and toys. Allow your puppy to go in and out of the crate at will, and give him a reward every time he snuggles down in the crate.

When the puppy seems relaxed, creep out of eyesight for a few minutes, without closing the crate door. If your puppy stays there until you return, give it another reward. You can then gradually extend the period of time your puppy is left alone in the crate, and start to shut the door for short periods.

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So, if you’re concerned as to why does my husky puppy cry so much, we hope we’ve given you some ideas to keep your husky puppy happy and contented! If your husky puppy won’t stop crying at night, you firstly need to make sure it doesn’t need something – your new puppy could be hungry, cold, or in need of the toilet. If your puppy has everything it needs, it could just be craving comfort and attention.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on why does my husky puppy cry so much! Do you have a sad husky puppy that cries no matter what you do? Or maybe you think that husky puppies whining is completely normal and you tend to find that they grow out of it? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!