Why Does My Husky Sleep Under The Bed? 

Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by Griselda M.

Can anyone help me, why does my husky sleep under the bed and what can I do to ensure it sleeps in its own bed.

Huskies are a very intelligent breed of dog. They are quite social dogs and need company to keep them from getting bored. Huskies are very affectionate and loyal dogs. They love to play and are very active dogs.

However, if you ignore or do not give your husky enough attention they will behave badly all in the name of seeking your attention.

They will try to get your attention by whining, barking, crying, jumping on you, or just being destructive.  Huskies are smart dogs and they know how to get what they want. They will try to be as sneaky as possible to get their way.  So it is important to understand what they are doing and how to handle it.

As a matter of fact, huskies are very sensitive dogs and they do not like being ignored. If you ignore your husky, then they will try to get your attention by any means possible.

So Why Does My Husky Sleep Under The Bed?

You have probably found your dog resting or sleeping under the bed and are wondering why do my husky sleep under the bed?

Whether your dog is relaxing, sleeping, or hiding under the bed, it brings your husky some comfort that nothing else can. Your concern about why your dog is behaving this way is fine just like any other pet lover.

The reason why your dog is hiding under the bed is for comfort.  It is weird how dogs love small spaces because they feel contained and enjoy just being in that space.

This is how your husky feels when he is sleeping under the bed.   Many dog owners know that their pets are not always the most sociable of animals.

How To Help Your Husky That Is Sleeping Under The Bed?

Huskies are quite private and do not like to be around other dogs especially if they are new.  Here are several ways to help your husky come out of its hiding place.

The best way to get your husky to come out from hiding is to introduce him to his new surroundings.

Stop ignoring your furry friend. 

He has been hiding under the bed for so long and you have been ignoring him. It is time to let your husky out and have some fun together.

Get a quiet room or space for your dog.

You need to do is find a quiet room where you can talk to your dog without disturbing other people.

Don’t do sudden things that shock your husky. 

Do not make any sudden movements, such as opening the door. Keep a calm voice and try to look like you are not worried about your dog.

Take time to interact with your dog.

Once you find a comfortable place, sit down and try to make eye contact with your dog.

Be patient.

If he does not come out from hiding, just wait patiently. This is how dogs like to be in this situation and they will eventually come out.

Introduce a playmate.

You may want to think about bringing in a playmate for your husky.  This will help him to get used to other dogs and help socialize with other dogs.

Dos And Don’ts Of Your Husky

Most new pet owners keep asking why does my husky sleep under the bed, in most cases it’s because it’s afraid of trying to adjust to its new environment.  To help it adjust here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

  • Do’s:

Provide a crate for your dog and train it as early to use it. The more he uses the crate the more he will learn about it and understand its importance. Let the dog sleep in the crate at night to help him get used to it.

The crate should be big enough for the dog to stand up, lie down or sit up. It should also have an opening large enough to allow the dog to go in and out comfortably. It should be clean and dry. A crate that is too small will not allow the dog to feel comfortable. Crate training can take up to two years.

  • Don’ts:

Never leave your dog alone in a new home as it will get separation anxiety that could make it irritable.

Do not put your dog in a crate with other animals such as cats, birds, or hamsters.  Being in a new environment,  your husky will get irritated.

Always ensure the crate is clean and not smelly so that your husky enjoys sitting or lying there.

Final Comments

Now that you know why does my husky sleep under the bed, it’s easy to solve this problem and make sure your dog is confident of the surroundings.  If your dog likes to sleep under the bed, it is still a normal dog, it will be well up and about when it gets to learn its environment.

Should my Husky sleep in my room?

Frequently Asked Questions

Should my Husky sleep in my room?

This is a common practice among many pet owners. Although your husky may feel more comfortable sleeping in your room, it is not recommended for a number of reasons. The main reason why you should keep your husky out of your bedroom is to keep the air in the room clean and dry.

Do Huskies like to sleep outside?

Some dogs love to sleep outside in the yard or on their dog beds. However, if your husky has never been exposed to fresh air, this might be a good way to introduce him to the outdoors. If you choose to crate your husky at night, it is important that you provide him with plenty of toys and bedding. This will help him feel secure and content while he is sleeping. If you are planning on keeping your husky inside the house, it is best to crate him during the day.

How do Huskies stay cool at night?

Huskies are very active dogs. This means they require a lot of exercises. In order for your husky to be as active as possible, he needs to stay cool. He can’t afford to overheat himself, or he could suffer from heatstroke. When your husky gets hot, he will pant. This will make his breathing heavy and increase his heart rate. It is very important that you keep your husky’s body temperature in check or get a cooling pad.