Are Huskies Considered An Aggressive Breed?

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Lustrous grey (or black) coat mixed in with some white, perky ears, strong composure, and those irresistible piercing blue eyes. This is the adorable Husky breed. They are considered a quite popular family breed in the States, as they are generally very friendly, sociable as well as extremely cuddly (being so fluffy, it is hard to resist not hugging them).

Huskies and Their Origin

Huskies originated in the Chukchi Peninsular in Eastern Siberia. They are a mixed breed of a Russian Laika and a Spitz, the very furry dog breed. The Chukchi tribes used them as sled dogs to get through the somewhat impassable Siberian woods and for protection. Pretty soon Huskies became their true companions and the main means of survival. 

They were transported to Alaska in the 20th century for the same purpose they were used in Siberia: transportation in the harsh winter climate. Also, they were actively used in dog races, competing against one another. 

There is one interesting historical fact: a few Husky heroes helped save the lives of many people inhabiting the Alaskan town of Nome in 1925 when the diphtheria epidemy struck and practically wiped out the majority of the city’s population. The trained sled Husky dogs carried the essential healing serum through unbearable weather conditions (a very heavy snowstorm) to help stop the epidemic. By the time the serum was delivered, it got semi-frozen but was used almost immediately and the pandemic was stopped. 

This fact was widely covered in numerous newspapers and the two Husky canine representatives got the “hero” status: Togo and Balto.

Husky Behavior and Peculiarities of the Breed

Even though they are not very good hunters and guard dogs, they can always defend themselves or their owners in the face of great danger. Normally, if raised and trained properly, they are very good family dogs and get along with children great. They rarely bark, but some Siberian Huskies tend to howl like a wolf, if they hear a police siren, for example. 

Huskies have quite a reputation for being “escapists:” if the gate or the door is not secure enough, they can find their way out and run for freedom. In fact, this breed is so intelligent, that some of its canine members learn to open the door all by themselves by jumping on the handle. If it sounds like your mischievous pal, I recommend locking the door when you step into another room or, more importantly, go outside. 

good family dogs

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Are Siberian Huskies Dangerous?

If a Husky dog is properly raised and nourished then the answer is no, they are not dangerous or aggressive. Their size is not exactly kid-friendly (a Husky can easily injure a toddler unintentionally while they are playing by pushing him/her with a paw or its body), but Huskies are extremely outgoing, smart, and patient. All these qualities make them a popular house dog choice.

However, some biting cases have been reported which put Huskies on the ban list for several home insurance companies. They are not in the top five restricted breeds, but some states banned them together with Pit Bull Terriers, Jack Russels, and some other prone-to-aggression breeds.

You will experience what it’s like to have a vicious Husky if you mistreat and neglect your new friend, as well as if you don’t provide enough physical activity and mental stimulation. Huskies need a lot of daily exercise, so use the good weather to your advantage and take your fluffy bundle of joy for a nice lengthy walk in the neighborhood.


Huskies are wonderful canine companions who are very devoted and loyal. Please, make sure you give it enough attention and care, you will not be disappointed. Your Husky will be able to stand up for you if somebody will try to attack, but they will never attack without a reason. 

Hope that you will be able to develop a strong bond with your furry pal and enjoy your quality time together!

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