3 Top Undercoat Rakes For A Husky

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If you own a Husky, then it is imperative that you purchase the correct grooming equipment. What are the best undercoat rakes for a Husky? Keep reading our informative list to help you make the right choice.

Huskies have been bred for thousands of years to have a thick double coat, which protects them from the cold Arctic weather conditions where they originated.

The soft undercoat traps air to keep the Husky warm, and the thicker outer coat keeps the undercoat dry by keeping rain and snow at bay.

Husky Grooming Tools

One type of Husky grooming tool that you will require to keep your dog’s coat in top condition is an undercoat rake. The other tool you will need is a brush for the Husky’s guard coat (outer coat).

If you live in a cold climate, your Husky will blow its coat twice a year, in readiness for the coming season. If you live in a warmer climate, this will happen more often. When this blow-out occurs, your Husky will drop fur in large clumps.

 undercoat brush husky

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You must help this natural process by grooming your Husky once a day during shedding season. Even when your Husky is not having a major shed, you should groom your Husky once a week.

In this blog post, we will be focusing on 3 top-rated undercoat rakes suitable for Huskies.

Best Undercoat Rakes For A Husky

Read on to discover our top 3 picks for the best undercoat rakes to use on a Husky, in no particular order. They are all very reasonably priced, to suit everyone’s budget!

This product gets a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, and it also gets a mention on the HuskySquad YouTube channel (plus it features in their Amazon store). The HuskySquad thinks that this is one of the best undercoat rakes for a Husky. The HuskySquad own Huskies, so they know what they are talking about!

This is a good Husky rake because whilst it will remove the undercoat, it will not accidentally strip the guard coat. It has tapered pins, which will help prevent matting, and it is good for removing big knots of matted hair.

This Husky grooming tool has rotating pins so that they do not get snagged in the dog’s hair, and these pins have smooth ends to ensure that the raking experience is as comfortable as possible for your Husky.

This rake should be used when your Husky’s coat is dry.

One Amazon reviewer stated that this product was the best rake that they had ever used on their Husky. 

This rake is suitable for medium and large breeds.

Ordermore was founded by pet owners, so they know what dog lovers want and need from grooming products.

This rake gets 4.5 stars on Amazon from happy customers.

It features a wooden handle that provides an anti-slip grip. The teeth are made of varnished steel, and they will rust or dull, making this rake perfect for long-term use. 

This rake is a great addition to your Husky grooming tool kit because it will remove unwanted hair and work through matted knots, but it won’t damage your Husky’s skin.

This dog rake has been specially created for medium to large-sized dogs.

One happy customer said that they use it on their Husky, and it works ‘amazingly’. The same customer also said that their Husky loves being groomed with this rake!

Don’t let the name fool you, this rake is not only for Poodles, it is ideal for Huskies too. This product is another 4.5 star-rating Amazon product.

This de-matting tool has two rows of stainless steel pins that gently remove loose hairs from your Husky’s undercoat. It can remove tangled knots from the undercoat and can be used on a wet or dry dog.

The pins are specially designed to pull out loose hairs without hurting your dog.

This rake will not pull out the outer guard coat hairs either.

This rake claims to reduce shedding up to 90 percent after the first use.

It works well on many coat types, especially double coats. So this rake is a very good choice for your Husky.

Another added bonus of this rake’s design is that it allows air to reach your dog’s skin, and it stimulates the release of healthy oils.

Husky owners will find this rake pleasant to use due to the comfort-grip handle.

Happy users of this product stated on Amazon that their dog likes being groomed with this rake, that it has a sturdy design, and that it is comfortable for them to use.

To Conclude…

There are so many dog rakes on the market, and this makes it hard to make the right choice. Luckily, online product reviews can take the guesswork out of buying an undercoat rake for your Husky. 

Husky owners want rakes that do not make the grooming experience uncomfortable or painful for their dog, and they want a rake that will effectively remove the undercoat without stripping the outer guard coat.

When buying a Husky undercoat brush, look for one that is larger in size to suit a medium to large breed of dog and one that has a comfortable non-slip handle for the user.

Finish off the grooming session after raking with a brush, to smooth down the outer guard coat and remove any remaining stray hairs. Having a good-quality dog brush is an important element of your Husky grooming regimen.

Your Husky will look and feel like a million dollars afterward! Plus you will have less hair to clean up from your clothes, your house, your furniture, and your car.

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What rakes and brushes do you suggest are the best products for grooming a Husky? 

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