Can Dogs Have Green Eyes?

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Can dogs have green eyes? Whilst it is not all that common, yes, dogs can have green eyes.

In this article, we will check out all of the dog breeds that are known to have green eyes, and what makes a dog have green eyes.

Why Do Some Dogs Have Green Eyes?

A pigment called ‘eumelanin’ creates green eyes in dogs. Eumelanin is the pigment that makes human hair black or brown in color.

Husky With Green Eyes

Huskies are more often seen with brown or blue eyes, two different-colored eyes, or particolored eyes.

Huskies are more often seen with brown or blue eyes

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Puppies With Green Eyes

Many puppies have green-ish eyes when they are little, but most will go darker by the time the pup is a few months old.

Dogs With Green Eyes

Here is a list of dogs that can potentially have green eyes:

Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie is a smart working dog that has tireless amounts of energy. They need it too because they were developed in Australia from Scottish herding dogs to round up sheep and cattle on stations that are sometimes thousands of miles in size. Kelpies are medium to small-sized dogs with a long and lean body, a short but thick coat that is often red, and sometimes black and tan. The red kelpies often have green eyes, making for a striking-looking dog. Fun fact – a kelpie is also a mischievous water spirit in Scottish folklore!

American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier, sometimes simply known as a pit bull or Pitty, is a strong, solid, muscular dog that is used as a guard dog. It is a restricted breed in some countries. They are medium height, with a big square head. Pittys have short smooth coats in any color. Sadly, these dogs are sometimes used in illegal dog-fighting. They are strong, courageous, and exuberant. And sometimes they have green eyes! They are one of the most commonly green-eyed breeds, in fact.

Border Collie

Another Scottish hero of the sheep-herding world, the Border Collie is another long and lean midsize dog with a long coat. They are most often black and white with brown eyes, but the chocolate brown and white Border Collie often has eyes that are hazel or green in color. This sheepdog can run many many miles in one day. They are super smart and they excel in dog trial events.


This little Mexican dynamo is the original ‘teacup pup’ because they are such tiny dogs. This toy breed, which comes in many colors, can have big green eyes – usually, the individuals that have tan and or red markings. The Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés actually ate them. Can you believe that? 


This little German hound, also known affectionately as the sausage dog, comes in black and tan or chocolate markings. Once again, these brown cuties can have green eyes. The dachshund was originally bred to go into small burrows to flush out small game and vermin, which is why they have short legs and long bodies. Today, they are a very popular dog breed for companionship.


The gloriously zany spotty ‘Dally’ is most commonly found with black spots, black noses, and brown eyes. But the liver-spotted dalmatian has paler eyes, in a shade of hazel-green. This sporty dog was originally bred in Yugoslavia to run aside the horse-drawn carriages of their rich owners, and run on ahead to make sure there was no danger ahead. Very clever indeed!

English Springer Spaniel

This cheerful medium-sized dog was bred as a gun dog. They are affectionate yet excitable. English Springer Spaniel dogs have a long wavy coat that is usually white with another color, such as black, tan, red, or chocolate brown. They get their name from their action of ‘springing’ or flushing birds into the air. Once again, it is usually the chocolate brown dogs that sport green or hazel eyes.

German Pointer

This large dog, originally bred to stop and point at ducks and other waterfowl with their noses, to alert their master, can have green or hazel eyes. German Pointers are a large dogs; some have a wire coat, others a smooth coat. Both have white and chocolate brown markings. They make loving, loyal, and zany pets.

Great Dane

This dog is the biggest dog breed in the world. Danes are gentle giants. They were once bred to hunt, but today they make excellent pets and couch potatoes! Danes, who hail from Germany, not Denmark, come in a wide range of coat colors, and their eyes can be brown, blue, hazel, or green. 

Labrador Retriever

The ‘Lab’ is a hugely popular pet dog. It is medium to large, with a coat that is short and thick. Labbies come in four colors – golden, cream, brown, and chocolate. And yes, you guessed right – the chocolate lab can have pale eyes in shades of green. Originally bred as a water-going dog, whose job it was to fetch waterfowl from lakes and ponds, today this lovely, friendly dog is a firm favorite amongst families. And they sure do love to swim!


This dog is also called the ‘Silver Spirit’, thanks to its beautiful glossy short coat that comes in some beautiful colors such as pale grey and silver. Weimaraners are another gun-dog of German origin. They are strong and energetic dogs, who bond closely with their owner and can suffer from separation anxiety if they can’t be with them most of the time.

This dog is also called the ‘Silver Spirit’

The Takeaway…

Green eyes in dogs are not common, yet it is more likely in some breeds than others, due to pigmentation called eumelanin. 

Most dogs that have green or hazel eyes will be breeds that can come in chocolate brown. These dogs usually have brown noses too, instead of the usual black that most dogs have.

Often, a puppy’s eye color will change as it ages, reaching its final color by a few months of age. So if you have a green-eyed puppy, enjoy those pretty green peepers while you can in case they do change (and take plenty of photos!)

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