Male Husky Names and Meanings

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If you are considering getting a new pup, there are many decisions that will need to be made.

First of all, you will make a choice about which breed you want – do you want a purebred dog or are you happy with a ‘mutt’? (And there is a lot to be said for a good mutt, they can make great pets!)

Secondly, there is the decision to be made, would you prefer a male or a female pup? Or doesn’t gender matter?

Finally, you will need to select the perfect name for your new dog. Would you like an exotic name for your husky? 

If you are reading this article then it means that you have chosen a male Husky. Read on for our list of top male husky names and their meanings. Happy choosing!

General Ideas On Names For Huskies

Many people like to choose a name for their Husky that reflects the dogs’ heritage, so something that may be a Chukchi word, for example. These names sound exotic and they really suit the breed. 

Huskies are known for their wolf-like looks, so a wolf-type of name may be a good choice too. Huskies are not a frilly little lap-dog, no sirree. With a husky boy, you have a cool-looking strong dog that needs a name to suit!

As a general rule of thumb, dog trainers advise that you do not give your dog a name that is longer than two syllables, as it makes it easier for you to call them and for them to respond to you.

Strong / Cool Husky Boy Names


This is an old Anglo-Saxon name that means ‘rock hill.’ Husky boys are rock-solid, so this strong name would suit a husky boy very nicely.


This is a name from the Old Testament, and it means “spear”. This would suit a husky boy because this breed is known for its long and straight body, plus they are fast just like a spear! 


Any Game of Thrones fans reading this will remember that Jon Snow had a direwolf called Ghost. It was the perfect name for the white pup, and would also be a cool name for an all-white husky boy.


This Latin name means “light”. Hopefully, your new pup will be the light of your life! And at the very least, this may suit a husky boy that has lots of white color in its markings.


Another Latin name, Magnus means “great”. So perhaps your dog has a larger-than-life personality? Or they are going to grow up to be a big boy. Either way, we think that this is a strong and cool-sounding name for a male husky.


This name needs no explanation and we think that it is perfect for a dog that not only is descended from wolves but also still has a very wolf-like appearance and retains a strong pack instinct.

This name needs no explanation

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Exotic Husky Boy Names


This is a lovely Native American name for a male, and it means “actor”. Is your husky boy showing signs of being an actor, or perhaps a singer? Everyone knows huskies love to talk and sing, making this the perfect name for a male husky.


Beowulf was the titular character in an Old English poem about a Germanic legend. In this legend, Beowulf was famous for killing a monster that was killing people in a village, then going on to kill the monster’s mother and then finally a dragon. This is a name best suited to a brave dog indeed. 


This is a Native American name that comes to us from the Sioux people. It means “first-born son”. Is your boy husky pup the firstborn son in his mom and dad’s litter? Or perhaps he is going to be your fur kid, and therefore maybe your first-born son. Either way, we love this name for a male husky.


Loki was the cunning Norse god of mischief. He was also known as ‘the trickster’ because he was able to change his appearance at will. This name is very well-known today thanks to the Marvel character, who is based on this myth. Would this name suit your husky pup, who will most likely be a cunning escape artist and a mischievous trickster to boot?


Thor was the god of thunder in Norse mythology. Today, this character is very well known thanks to the Marvel movie franchise! We think that this name would suit a husky due to their northern heritage, and the fact that when this dog runs in a pack, you can imagine hearing the thunder of their paws!


Zeus was the ultimate god in Greek mythology. He sat on the top of Mount Olympus and essentially bossed all of the other gods around! Huskies are well known for their strong personalities, so a name like Zeus would be ideal for a male husky pup.

Boy Names For Fast Huskies


Huskies are known for their strong prey drive, and they love to chase smaller animals. Now not that we would want that, but the name chase, which means to run after in pursuit, may suit a male husky.


To dash means to go quickly from one place to the next. We think that this name sums up the boundless energy of the husky breed really well.


Zip has a similar meaning to dash, and a husky puppy is guaranteed to zip and zoom all over your backyard once they figure out how to use those legs! Blink and you might miss them!

Boy Names For Fast Huskies

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In Conclusion…

We hope that you have found this list of potential names for a male husky enjoyable, and hopefully useful too.

Do not worry if you have not got a name for your pup when you get them home. The name will fall into place. Often it is best to give it a few days after bringing the dog home and let their personality shine through as they settle into their new family. Often, their name will reveal itself to you this way.

Good luck naming your new husky boy!

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