Do Huskies Get Along With Other Dogs?

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Anyone who owns a dog, regardless of breed, understands how important it is that they get along not only with people but with other dogs.

Most of us enjoy taking our dogs to places, like the dog park. This is super important so that you can take your dog out and enjoy each other’s company, without it turning into a major drama. 

You and your dog need to be safe, and so does everyone else.

So as a new Husky owner, or as someone considering purchasing a Husky to keep as a pet, you will need to know, do Huskies get along with other dogs?

Are Huskies Good With Other Dogs?

Huskies are bred to work in a pack, so therefore theoretically yes. They do get along with other dogs.

However, this depends on the breed of the other dogs.

Huskies have a strong prey drive. This means that their brains are hard-wired to chase anything small and furry that runs away from it.

If a Husky sees a small, furry animal, they will chase it. And if they catch it, then the consequences could be devastating.

If you were out in the wild, and you were hunting, then this would not be such an issue.

But if you are at the dog park, and the small, furry thing that your Husky chases happens to be someone else’s dog, then this could result in heartbreak for both you, the other dog owner, and for both dogs involved.

Some General Advice About Huskies and Other Dogs

Having said that, Huskies generally tend to do well with medium to larger breeds of dog that are comparable in size to them. Huskies are good with other dogs, sometimes.

If you want a companion for your own Husky if, in doubt, any of the larger breeds will do. But this also comes with conditions – two unneutered dogs of the same sex will likely fight, so it is best to get a male and a female if you are getting two dogs.

As a rule, getting two puppies at the same time is best, so that they can grow up and learn together. Similarly, if you are bringing a new dog into the home where you have an existing adult dog, then a puppy is best. This way, the older dog can establish the pecking order.

 puppy husky

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If you introduce an adult dog to another adult dog, this can lead to friction and possible aggression.

Therefore if you are considering getting an adult dog to keep your existing adult dog company, then several ‘meet and greets are essential, to see if they get along.

This way you can ensure that your Husky will get on with other dogs.

Are Huskies Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?

As previously discussed, they can be very aggressive towards other dogs if that dog is small and fluffy. Huskies have been known to kill smaller animals.

Therefore, like with any breed, to stop your Husky from being aggressive towards other dogs, you MUST socialize him or her from a young age. As soon as you bring a Husky puppy home, this process should start. Consider enrolling your Husky in puppy school. This is especially helpful if you do not have friends and family with dogs themselves, that your Husky can socialize with.

Signs Of Aggression In Dogs

Signs of aggression include growling, snapping, snarling, lunging, and a raised tail. You will know immediately when your Husky is showing aggression towards other dogs, as their meaning is clear, and their behavior is far from playful.

When you are out walking your Husky, you must always have them restrained via a collar or harness with a leash. Unfortunately for everyone’s safety, some dogs need to be walked with a muzzle, because sometimes even the best-trained dogs get triggered by things we cannot always anticipate.

Aggression in dogs can be related to fear – your Husky may be feeling anxious about the other dog’s presence. Aggression can also be used to assert dominance – your Husky may be trying to tell the other dogs that he or she is the boss of the dog park!

If your Husky shows even the smallest sign of aggression towards another dog, you must put a stop to this immediately. Verbally tell the dog off, and use your own size to intimidate them. Do this in a controlled manner, and never when you have lost your own temper. Make them ‘sit’, and do not allow them to continue the walk until you are good and ready. This shows them that you are the boss, and aggression towards other dogs is not ok. 

Never smack or hit your dog. This is unnecessarily cruel. Using firm voice commands and clear body language is enough – your Husky is smart and they will understand.

Dogs That Get Along With Huskies

Which breeds of dog get along with Huskies?

Well, other Huskies for a start!


Huskies were bred to work in teams pulling cargo-laden sleds across the ice. They have a unique temperament, and the same energy high energy levels therefore a Husky will do well living with another Husky. Just make sure that they are not the same gender, and unless you want puppies, they are both neutered.


You can’t beat a good old Labrador when it comes to doggy play pals. The Labrador can be just as boisterous and energetic as the Husky can, yet it has a somewhat more chilled-out nature, which may be just what the bossy Husky needs in a friend! Someone has to be the boss, right?

Another added bonus of the Labrador/Husky team is that because they are a similar size, no one will get hurt. A rough and playful large dog can hurt a smaller dog without meaning to, or stress them by continually trying to engage them in a game of chase.

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is the big cousin of the Husky. Given that they were bred for similar purposes, they have similar mentalities and personalities. They will both need lots of exercise though, and both being larger, strong dogs, will need a firm hand to raise them properly. Both breeds can be stubborn. 

So make sure you have the time, experience, and courage before you decide to take on this duo!

Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds are around the same size as Huskies, and they also love a lot of exercise and play. This high-energy pairing will happily chase each other around the yard all day long. 

Both breeds are working dogs too, which can work nicely. Just be prepared for lots of exercise!

Other Dogs That Get Along With Huskies

You can also pair your Husky with the congenial Golden Labrador, the playful German Shepherd, and the mad-cap Dalmatian, to name a few.

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