How Often To Bathe A Husky?

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When it comes to Siberian Husky care, the best way to go regarding keeping them clean is ‘brush often, bathe occasionally’, but exactly how often to bathe a husky?

You should only give your Siberian Husky a bath every three to four months.

You should use a vet-endorsed dog shampoo because it has the right PH for your dog’s skin. If you get stuck, you can use baby shampoo.

Never use adult human shampoo on dogs. It is too harsh and will irritate your dog’s delicate skin.

Husky Bath Options

To bathe your Husky, you can do it indoors if you have a bathtub, and do not mind having to clean out the hairs and disinfect your bath afterward. You will need dog shampoo, a bucket or plastic container, and lots of old towels.

You can also bathe your Husky outdoors if the weather is warm. Also, you will need dog shampoo, your dog’s leash, buckets, old towels, a well-drained area, and access to a tap.

How To Bathe A Husky

Bathing A Husky In The Bath

Fill your bath about a third of the way full of warm water.

Help lift your dog into the bath. Unless your dog is very well-behaved, have someone hold the dog still for you. You should leave the dog’s collar on for this purpose.

Use a bucket or plastic container to thoroughly wet your dog’s fur. Avoid the head.

Once your dog is wet, squeeze some dog shampoo into your palm and rub your hands together to get a good lather. 

Do not squirt shampoo directly onto the fur, as it will take forever to rinse out!

Give your dog’s body a good wash, paying special attention to the underside and around the tail. DO NOT PUT SHAMPOO ON THE DOG’S HEAD.

Once you have given your Husky a good wash, use your bucket or container to dip into the bathwater, and rinse your dogs thoroughly.

You may want to drain the bath and refill it while your dog is still in it, to have clean rinse water. Make sure it is not hot, since it will be going directly onto your dog’s feet! Pour water over your dog’s body, until the water runs clear (i.e. is free from shampoo). 

Once your dog is rinsed, drain the bath and use lots of old towels to thoroughly dry your dog while they are still standing in the bath.

Expect the dog to shake off excess water, so be ready to wipe down your bathroom!

There will be lots of loose hairs in the plughole, so make sure you remove this hair to avoid clogging up your drains.

Leave your dog inside until they are dried all the way through, especially if it is cold outside.

Finish off with a grooming session.

Be prepared for lots of hair. Wet dog hair is hard to clean up, so wait until everything is dry and then vacuum it up instead.

Bathing A Husky Outdoors

Tie your dog up securely on their leash, and affix it to something sturdy and safe. Otherwise, have someone hold the dog still for you. You will need to leave their leave collar on.

Have lots of buckets of warm water ready and some old towels.

Wet your dog thoroughly, then squirt some dog shampoo into your palms, and rub into a good lather. Do not pour dog shampoo directly onto your dog’s fur, otherwise, it will take forever to rinse out.

Wash your dog thoroughly, and pay special attention to your dog’s underside and around the tail.


 how to bathe a husky

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Use lots of buckets of warm water to rinse your dog until the water runs clear (i.e. no soap runs out with the water). 

If the weather is hot, you might use your garden hose to rinse your dog. Just make sure that the water pressure is gentle. Never squirt water in your dog’s face.

Once you have rinsed your dog, thoroughly towel-dried them. 

Tie them up for a while so that they cannot get into the dirt or grass in your yard. They will want to roll in this in order to remove excess water. This is normal dog behavior, but it defeats the purpose of bathing your Husky!  Make sure they are tied up somewhere safe and sheltered and give them access to a dog bed and some water.

Once your Husky is dry, follow up with a grooming session. 


NEVER use shampoo on your dog’s face – you can hurt them if the shampoo gets in their eyes, nose, mouth, and/or ears. 

Do not pour water on your dog’s head, most dogs hate this. Your dog may then associate bath time with feelings of discomfort and distress and therefore make future bath-time painful for you both.

Avoid squirting your dog in the face with a hose, for the reason stated above (unless they enjoy this as play – some dogs do!)

How To Wash Your Husky’s Face

Use an old (but clean) face cloth that has been dipped in warm water and wrung out, and gently wipe your dog’s head over this way.

You do not need to clean INSIDE their ears. Their ears self-clean via wax production. 

If your dog has discharge coming from their eyes, nose, or ears, then you need to take them to your veterinarian.

To Summarize:

  • Only bathe your Husky every 3-4 months;
  • Brushing and grooming should be done regularly, to keep your dog clean;
  • You can bathe a Husky in your own bath (make sure to disinfect afterward), or outdoors;
  • It pays to have another person to help you when you bathe your Husky so that they can hold the dog still for you while you wash and rinse them;
  • You will need dog shampoo, warm water, buckets, and lots of old towels;
  • Expect lots of hair! Dry dog hair is easier to vacuum or sweep up than wet dog hair;
  • Let your dog dry off fully indoors if it is cold out;
  • Safely restrain them if they are drying outdoors in warm weather, otherwise, they will roll in the dirt;
  • Follow up with a grooming session;
  • Never use shampoo on your dog’s head, or get water in their ears. Wipe their face with a damp cloth instead.

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