Raising A Husky In Hot Weather

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When we picture a Husky we generally tend to imagine them running through the snows of the Arctic. After all, this is what they were bred to do.

But some of us who love this beautiful breed do not necessarily live in a cold climate.

This raises the question, can a Husky puppy be raised in hot weather?

The short answer to the question is “yes”. Husky puppies can be raised in hot weather because this is quite an adaptable breed of dog. But you need to make sure you help them to keep cool.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about owning a Husky in a hot climate, and keeping them cool when the temperature soars.

Huskies In Hot Weather

Despite being bred specifically for colder climates, Huskies are extremely adaptable and they do well in warmer climates. 

As discussed in previous posts, the one thing that new Husky owners need to be aware of is that if you own a Husky and you live in, say, Florida, then expect major molting for much of the year.

Huskies usually ‘blow their coat’ twice a year. This means that they shed their undercoat in preparation for warmer weather.

If you are raising a Husky in a hot place like, say, Florida, then they will blow their coat more often in order for them to be comfortable in the heat.

How Can A Husky Thrive In Hot Places (Like Florida)?

Huskies can live quite happily in hot places.

The key to keeping these dogs comfortable is to offer shade, lots of water, and let them come inside to lie under air-conditioning or a ceiling fan during the hottest part of the day.

These dogs will constantly drop big tufts of hair, which is to be expected if they live in a hot climate – they are naturally adapting to their environment by losing their undercoat.

Siberian Husky Temperature Tolerance

Once upon a time, Huskies only lived in the cold, where they had been bred as sled dogs by the Chukchi people of Eastern Siberia.

Today, Huskies can be found all over the world. They have been brought to many different countries by enthusiasts of the breed, where they have been bred and then sold as both working dogs and pets. 

The first Huskies were brought to America in 1908 when they were used in Alaska as sled dogs. The breed was taken further south over the years that followed.

 can huskies live in florida

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So it is no surprise that today a furry Husky can be found somewhere hot like Florida!

Huskies and Water

Huskies are not swimmers, unlike some other dog breeds that will jump right into a lake if you let them. But they do enjoy water play, and a paddle will help them beat the heat.

If you live somewhere that is hot and humid, hopefully, you will have access to a safe body of water such as a lake or a beach, where your Husky can paddle. When we say safe, we mean somewhere where there are no wild animals that might attack your dog. Just be vigilant and use your common sense. 

If you do not have access to a safe natural body of water, you can try putting a doggy paddling pool in your backyard in the shade, and filling it with cool water. Your Husky may like to dip their feet in this to help them cool down. A plastic clamshell makes the perfect doggy paddling pool, even if you do not have much space in your yard.

Raising A Husky Puppy In Hot Weather

Puppies are extra susceptible to heatstroke, so it is essential that you keep your Husky puppy cool. Helping your Husky puppy keep cool may mean minimizing play and exertion during the hotter times of the day. Try and keep them indoors in a cool place with access to clean drinking water.

You may also like to give your Husky puppy some ice chips to crunch on. Just make sure they are chips and not blocks though, as an ice block may be a choking hazard to a puppy.

Other Tips For Keeping Your Husky Cool In Hot Weather

Do not exercise your Husky during the day when it is hot. It is better to exercise your adult Husky very early in the morning, or in the evening when the weather is cooler.

If you have a tiled area in your home, then let your Husky have access to it. This will be a much cooler surface for your dog to lie on than carpet or wood.

You can buy gel pads for pets. These gel pads come in various sizes. Some need to be placed in the refrigerator to cool the gel inside. Others do not. Simply lay the pad on the floor for your Husky to lie on. Just make sure that when you purchase one, the product has ‘non-toxic’ written on it, just in case your dog is a chewer.

To Summarize:

  • Although Huskies were bred in cold climates, they are very adaptable and they can live in hot places like Florida;
  • Huskies that live in hot places will blow their coat more often, which helps keep them cool;
  • You can help keep your dog cool by taking them somewhere safe to paddle, or providing them with a doggy paddling pool at home;
  • Let them come indoors and lie under a fan or the air-conditioning when it is hot;
  • Allow them access to a tiled area inside, or get them a non-toxic dog gel pad to rest on;
  • Do not exercise your Husky in the hottest part of the day – wait for the evening or do it in the early morning;
  • Husky puppies are extra susceptible to heat, so keep an eye on them, and provide ice chips (not blocks) for them to chew on;
  • All dogs need access to clean drinking water and shade, especially on hot days.

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