How To Raise A Husky Puppy In An Apartment? Discover The 5 Flat-Friendly Breeds and One Great Option To Fit A Siberian Into Your Small Living Space

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If you live in a small place like a flat or a condo but have always wanted to get a Siberian pal, you may be wondering: “How to raise a Husky puppy in an apartment?” And your concerns are actually pretty valid as our cool gentle giant will require something a little bit bigger than what you can offer. It is not recommended to get a Husky if you don’t have plenty of room in your place (a big living room is a must) as well as a private outside yard. The latter should preferably be fully fenced for our mischief not to get any ideas as Siberians are notorious for being escapists. 

We will answer the question “How to raise a Husky puppy in an apartment?” shortly. For now, let’s talk about some breeds that don’t require extra room, in case you are open to consider adopting a puppy of a smaller breed.

Breeds That Are Suitable For An Apartment

  • Chihuahua

Originated in Mexico, this tiny toy breed dog fits perfectly in a small living space like a flat. It became very popular in the 90s and early 2000s when Paris Hilton was spotted by paparazzi holding her “accessory” pooches. These pups never grow taller than 10 inches at the shoulder and are known for their unlimited loyalty to their owners. However, these Mexican fellas are notorious for being snappy with children and people they don’t accept for whatever reason. 

Breeds That Are Suitable For An Apartment

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  • Pug

This popular toy mutt happened to have royal blood in its veins. Many Asian royal houses had Pugs as their devoted companions, therefore the vast majority of modern-day Puggos have blue-blooded canine ancestors. These pooches are mellow and extremely loving, whose idea of a good time is to snuggle up to you on a couch. They are not very active and won’t require more than 15-20 min of walking a day (short potty walks are fine). They won’t get any taller than 16 inches, therefore will be a fantastic lap condo dog. 

  • Shi-Tzu

Very similar to Pugs in their clownish demeanor, this Asian breed also has some aristocratic bloodline in its DNA, being the favorite companion to the ancient Tang dynasty family. They are perfect apartment pets as they never get taller than 10 inches in adulthood. The only major problem that an owner may encounter is the fact that they tend to be barkers when they don’t like something or get bored.  

  • Dachshund

This lively Germany-originated “hot dog” is another great small place candidate who will never be taller than 8-9 inches. However, this pooch will require a sufficient amount of time to exercise so be prepared to play some fetch game or take it for a long stroll around the neighborhood. It does get stubborn from time to time, therefore not the easiest to train. 

  • Yorkshire Terrier

A Yorkie is one of the most popular toy breed dogs of all time (especially with the ladies)! They make perfect lap doggos who are very adaptable to their environment and are very loyal to their masters. On average, this small witty creature will reach 8 inches in height and weigh no more than 7 pounds. Women owners love to carry them around while shopping and they fit perfectly into any living arrangement. Just make sure you establish clear rules right from the start as Yorkies tend to develop a Napoleonic complex where they feel like a lion in a mouse’s body. 

Not a fan of the above-mentioned breeds and still thinking about adopting a Siberian pal? Then stay tuned to get an answer to the question “How to raise a Husky puppy in an apartment?” 

 “How To Raise A Husky Puppy In An Apartment?”

It is not recommended to get a Husky pup if you don’t have spacious living arrangements. The reason being that they need a lot of extra room to roam around and play since it is one of the most active breeds in the canine zodiac.

Besides, these Russian beauties have somewhat of a problem with howling. That’s their wolf DNA talking right there. Unless you have very mellow neighbors who don’t mind being suddenly woken up at 3 am, then by all means get this “vocalist.”

Yet, if you don’t think that your place can be suitable for a Husky’s size, you have an option not to sacrifice your passion for the breed and get a Klee Kai or a miniature Husky. Yes, these species actually do exist and are perfect for all those Siberian giants enthusiasts who can’t adopt a regular-sized mutt. You won’t be able to see the difference between the two Husky types in any other way besides the size. Mini Siberians are the same sweet, active, loyal and intelligent doggos just a little “shrunken,” that’s all.


How to raise a Husky puppy in an apartment?” Unless you are living in a house, it is better not to get this dog breed. Of course, if you try really hard, you can make it work: long walks, cool neighbors, mental stimulation games, these are all great tools to keep your Alaskan bud satisfied. However, it will eventually get irritated and start feeling cramped in a place that doesn’t suit his size. That’s when it will be acting out like a grounded teen by howling up a storm.

So my advice to you will be either get a mini Alaskan pal or any of those aforementioned toy breeds that are perfect for apartment living. In the end, you should have your dog’s best interest in mind to develop a strong, healthy, long-lasting bond.

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Are Huskies good for apartments?

Taking a Husky’s size into consideration (its height can reach 30 inches and it can weigh up to 100 lbs), it is not recommended to keep this breed in anything smaller than a house. This gentle giant needs his roaming around space since it is a very active kind of dog and will get frustrated in a tiny little place.

However, if you do love the breed, you don’t have to give up on your idea to adopt one. You can get a mini-Husky or a Klee Kai pooch which are miniature versions of a regular-sized Siberian mutt and can fit perfectly in a cramped space. Remember, they will need their daily physical activity anyway, so prepare to get active.

Why aren’t Huskies allowed in apartments?

It is not that they are not allowed in a small living space (unless you are renting, then it is a different story), but the fact that they are too big for a condo. They are going to get super annoyed if they are forced to live in unsuitable for their breed living conditions. They are best suited for a private house with a large yard (fenced preferably as they are notorious for escaping) where they can run free, burning all that extra Husky energy.

How much space does a Husky need?

Huskies are the happiest in a big, roomy mansion with a lot of play space. Since the breed’s size is pretty impressive, they need to feel like they can move about freely, happily chasing that rubber ball, and having fun scratching their back while rolling around on a floor’s wooden surface. Huskies would feel too cramped in a tiny flat, bumping into walls as well as furniture. A dog owner would feel the pressure too as he/she would have to very often step over their furry giant to get to the other side of the room.

There’s an option available for all those city-loving, condo-owning people: they can look into getting a mini-Husky breed that does, in fact, exist, and is much smaller than its big fluffy relative.