Siberian Husky Facts and Info: Learn About The 5 Interesting Husky Characteristics To Make Them Stand Out

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Intelligent, friendly, fluffy, and extremely independent. This is all true about the Siberian Husky beauty, which is one of the most popular canines to adopt by many wannabe pet parents. However, this breed is not that easy to raise, therefore you will need to know all the Siberian Husky facts and info that you can before you make this move. Their destiny was to become great, reliable working sled dogs who could transport heavy cargo, and hunters to the desired destination.  

There is one interesting historical fact: a few Husky heroes helped save the lives of many people inhabiting the Alaskan town of Nome in 1925 when the diphtheria epidemic struck and practically wiped out the majority of the city’s population. The trained sled Husky dogs carried the essential healing serum through unbearable weather conditions (a very heavy snowstorm) to help stop the disease. By the time the serum was delivered, it got semi-frozen but was used almost immediately and the pandemic was stopped. 

This fact was widely covered in numerous newspapers and the two Husky canine representatives got the “hero” status: Togo and Balto.

Now, let’s talk about the main Siberian Husky facts and info to help you make up your mind and see if this kind of pooch is suitable for you. 

Siberian Husky Facts and Info 

  • Appearance

Strong, hulky body, aqua blue, irresistible eyes, cute button snout, funny perky ears, and a lot of fur! Yes, be prepared to brush out your Siberian pal often to help change an old coat for a new one. Usually, it loses its entire undercoat coat once a year and sheds heavily once in the spring as well as in winter. 

  • Temperament

Huskies are big teddys who are always happy to see you, just kind and gentle giants who are so irresistibly fuzzy. They are perfect companions for children, however, it is best to introduce a Husky to a family with teenage kids instead of toddlers as the latter could easily be injured if a Siberian sibling knocks them down accidentally. 

Another important fact to mention is their howling tendencies. Oh yes, your neighbors better prepare for an unexpected singing class once Siberian Huskies are left by themselves for a while. 

If a pet owner wants to introduce a Siberian beauty as a new family member, he/she better realize that this breed will require a ton of exercise, daily walks, and running around in the yard. Therefore, Huskies are better suited for people who are active themselves and can devote some time to this gorgeous fluffy creature.

Siberian Husky Facts and Info 

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  • Trainability

Siberian beauties’ independent spirit plays a trick on them when it comes to basic obedience. They still have that wild spirit of a wolf ancestor who wants to run free, not restricted by any boundaries. Hence, think very carefully before getting a gorgeous doggo like Husky as you will need all your time and patience to devote to this mischievous creature. 

  • Intelligence

Huskies are champions in this department. They are known to have the smarts and good character to be excellent working dogs, who are ready for any adventure life throws at them. They used to assist tribal hunters in the Siberia region of Russia, showing them the best way through the dense woods and during snowstorms. 

  • Health

Overall, these magnificent pooches have good health, with the exception of joint as well as peeper problems. Not only they are predisposed to hip dysplasia (a hereditary joint condition) and arthritis, but they also develop cataracts, pannus, and glaucoma, therefore need to visit the vet every six months.   


I hope this article helped guide you through all the Siberian Husky facts and info to make the right decision about whether or not to adopt a pup of this breed. Remember, you need to have an ample amount of time to devote to this highly-energetic mutt. It will need its exercise non-stop! In case you are sporty, outdoorsy, as well as full of stamina, the Siberian Husky is your call!

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What do Siberian Huskies like to do?

First of all, any prospective dog owner should know that a Husky pet is not the one who can sit at home for hours on end and patiently wait for its owner/s to come home. It is one of the working breed dogs, alongside Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Samoyeds, and Dobermans, which means it is a very active, inquisitive as well as independent dog, who needs to explore its surroundings while learning new things every day.

Secondly, besides being active, the second most favorite thing to do for any Husky pal is to howl. Yes, you heard it right! So you better prepare yourself and talk to the neighbors before you bring home this cute, but very talkative canine. Howling is in all Husky varieties’ DNA, be it a Siberian, an Alaskan Malamute, or an Alaskan Husky. They like to be very verbal and expressive, but this is a good sign of intelligence (and this breed is one of the smartest in the canine zodiac).

Thirdly, Huskies love to…escape! Not only do they look like wolves, but they still have that free spirit deeply embedded in their essence, inherited from fearsome grey predators. Hence, any future Husky owner should have a nice fenced yard, tall and sturdy enough for the furry mischief not to jump over. And you better hold this Siberian independent bud tight when you are outside, walking in the park, or chatting with a neighbor by your house.

What is so special about Siberian Huskies?

Oh, a lot of things! They are intelligent, very friendly, good with children, and not clingy at all (some breeds like to always be with their parents, follow their every step and this may be annoying to some owners). And how can we forget about those piercing baby blues! Huskies are one of the few breeds that have the most beautiful eyes in the canine world, many people choose this species solely because of those amazing peepers.

Are Siberian Huskies part wolf?

Nope, this assumption would be completely wrong! Even though Huskies have wolf ancestry, to think that they are part wolf is wrong. They originated from the ancient Siberian wolf species, but they are completely separate kind.

There’s such a thing as a wolfdog, but you won’t come across this species very often, the crossbreeding happens more by accident than deliberately.