How To Stop A Husky From Chewing Everything!

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Dogs chew for a number of reasons. Some breeds are more prone to chewing than others. Another factor that can influence how much a dog chew is its age. Puppies are more prone to chewing than adult dogs. It is a perfectly normal canine behavior.

But sometimes, this chewing can get out of hand, particularly when your dog chews up something that is off-limits.

If you need to know how to stop a husky from chewing everything in its path, then keep reading!

Top Reasons For Why A Husky Is Always Chewing

Reason 1: They Are Still A Puppy

It is perfectly natural for a husky puppy to chew. Not only is this an outlet for their energy during a growth spurt, but it also helps them to deal with the discomfort that they experience with teething. Puppies lose their milk teeth and get their adult teeth from 3 to 6 months of age.

If you suspect that teething is the reason why your husky pup is chewing, then help them get some relief by providing them with a chew toy that can be frozen.

These are durable, non-toxic, and will give your pup some much-needed relief.

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) also suggests giving a teething puppy some ice cubes to chew on to help with sore gums or frozen wet washcloths.

Why Is My 1-year-old Dog Still Chewing?

If your husky is well past the puppy teething stage, and they are still chewing, then there are a few reasons for this, and some solutions too.

Reason 2: They Are Bored

Does your husky get enough stimulation? Are they getting adequate exercise? Are you paying them enough attention?

A bored husky equals a destructive husky.

The remedy for this is easy. Take them for a long, vigorous daily walk or run, plus give them some playtime one-on-one with you each day.

Huskies really need to be with their people, plus they are pack animals so they would benefit from another doggie friend in the household too if they are currently a solo pup. 

Huskies are pack animals so they would benefit from another doggie friend

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 Reason 3: They Are Anxious

If you have a lone husky and work long hours, they may be suffering from separation anxiety. Do consider adding another dog to your family, so that they can play, hang out, and do zoomies together.

At the very least, leave a personal item of clothing with your dog whilst you are away from the home, such as a T-shirt, so that they can take comfort and reassurance from your scent.

Vets can prescribe medication to help alleviate anxiety in dogs, but this would be the last resort after lifestyle factors have been modified to help overcome it.

Tips To Stop A Husky From Chewing Everything

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say.

  • Close your bedroom door – no more of mom or dad’s shoes!
  • Do not leave shoes lying around, on the topic of shoes.
  • Shut cupboard doors properly, to avoid temptation and nosey snouts.
  • Buy an indestructible dog bed – see read more on this here.
  • Above all, be patient and try not to get too mad at your dog!
  • When you catch your dog ‘in the act’, remove the item that they are not meant to be chewing and replace it with something that they are allowed to chew on. Praise the dog vigorously for making the right choice. And avoid confusing the dog by giving them items like old shoes – they cannot make the distinction between your ratty old sneakers and your expensive new high heels!
  • Provide plenty of fun and safe alternatives – which we will discuss in the next section.

Toys And Treats That A Husky Cannot Destroy

Stock up on these items and you will not have to worry about your husky chewing up all of your (and their) stuff ever again!


When it comes to indestructible chew toys, the Kong is King. Kongs come in various shapes and sizes, for added interest.

For example, the cone-shaped Kong has small holes in it that you can stuff some dog treats into. So not only can your husky wreck this durable toy, they will be kept busy and engaged trying to prise out the goodies inside.

Kong makes a huge variety of indestructible chew toys, such as bones, balls, stretchy toys, and tires!


If you have a husky that cannot stop chewing, then take a trip to your local butcher. Ask them to split a RAW beef marrowbone lengthways. Your dog will love to take their time prying the marrow out with their tongues (which is an excellent source of nutrients for your dog, and very tasty to them), and they will also enjoy gnawing on the bone’s knuckles, which are the big knobby bits of cartilage on the ends on the bone.

At the very least, your dog will be kept busy burying it for later, and then digging it up!

The Takeaway On The Husky That Won’t Stop Chewing

At the end of the day, a dog that chews is a normal thing. All dogs chew. It is normal and natural behavior – dogs are descended from wolves, and wolves are known to chew on sticks during their puppyhood. So relax!

You can stop a husky from chewing by addressing the root cause of the behavior, i.e. is it due to puppy teething, boredom and a lack of stimulation, or anxiety due to separation from you?

Once you have ascertained the cause of your husky’s chewing then you can start to provide some safe alternatives and focus on retraining them out of this behavior.

And one final note of real importance – it is essential that you keep an eye on your dog and their surroundings when they are going through a chewing phase, to prevent them from chewing anything that may cause them harm (i.e. objects that can cause blockage in their digestive systems, or poison – both of which need immediate veterinary treatments.)

Beyond that, remain calm, keep your precious items locked away, and good luck! Take heart, your dog will grow out of this phase – eventually!

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