Husky Mixes That Don’t Shed

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Imagine this. You love Huskies but you are allergic to dogs. Is there such a thing as Huskies that don’t shed?

In this article, we will be exploring the topic of non-shedding Huskies.

Why Do People Get Allergies?

Allergists say that people who are allergic to pets are actually reacting to an enzyme in their saliva, which makes its way onto the animal’s fur when they groom themselves with their tongues.

Huskies just happen to be one of those dogs that make our allergies flare-up. Perhaps it has something to do with their dense double coat, which has an undercoat that regularly sheds heavily, and a guard coat. This dropped undercoat is called ‘dander’.

A Dog That Doesn’t Make Us Sneeze?

Back in the 1980s, a woman in Hawaii contacted a Labrador breeder in Australia asking him to help create a hypoallergenic guide dog. She was visually impaired but her husband was allergic to Labradors so they could not have one in the home.

This breeder, whose name is Wally Conron, decided to combine the Labrador with the Poodle, because Poodles do not shed (their coats grow continuously), and this breed is known for having coats that do not cause people’s allergies to flare up. 

Thus, the Labradoodle was born.

Don’t Buy If You Can Adopt!

Since then, these hybrid dogs, also called “designer dogs” have been developed to keep the traits of one dog, paired with the non-allergic coat of the Poodle. Wally Conron does not condone this because the practice has given rise to backyard breeders and puppy mills, which is inhumane. 

So make sure you check out any breeders you may purchase a puppy from, and before you even buy a puppy check out the local shelters and rescues, because you may find a surrendered dog of a breed or breeds that suits your needs.

The Poodle: The Ultimate Breed For Hybrid Dogs

Poodles are used to create designer dogs of three different sizes – Standard, Miniature, and Toy – so that hybrids could be created with various sizes of dog. For example, a Toy Poodle was teamed with the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel to create the Cavapoo.

The Huskapoo – The Coat

Husky lovers with allergies may like to explore the option of a Husky mixed with a Standard Poodle – the Huskapoo. This hybrid dog is also called the Huskydoodle, or the Siberpoo!

This mix, like any Poodle mix, will not be as hypoallergenic as a purebred Poodle, but more so than a purebred Husky. Just how hypoallergenic these dogs are comes down to the individual dog, and this cannot be discerned until the pups are born.

Huskapoos may have the coat coloring of the Husky parent – black, white, gray, and silver, and possibly have blue eyes too. This potentially non-shedding Husky may inherit coat colors from the Poodle parent, which aren’t seen in Huskies, such as red, apricot, and fawn.

Their coats will be wavy and shaggy, due to the Poodle genes. They will still shed, and they will still need brushing – but not to the same extent as a purebred Husky. On the other hand, if the dog throws strongly to the Poodle side of its parentage then it will need to have its coat clipped.

Huskapoo Temperament and Behavior

Huskapoos will be generally easier to manage than full-blooded Huskies in terms of temperament because Poodles are highly intelligent, highly trainable, and much easier to handle than Huskies. But Huskapoos will also be full of energy, like their Husky parent!

This mix will still have prey drive due to their Husky genes, so be careful when having this hybrid dog around cats and smaller animals.

Poodles were originally bred as gun dogs, meaning that they would jump into the water to retrieve dead waterfowl that had been shot down by hunters. So the Huskapoo may enjoy a good swim, whereas the Husky likes a paddle but not full submergence in water.

Huskapoos will make superb family dogs, as both breeds are friendly, people-oriented, and good with children.

Huskapoo Statistics

  • Huskapoos will weigh around 40 to 60 pounds;
  • They will measure up to 25 inches at the shoulder;
  • They should live for 10 to 14 years if cared for properly.

It is hard to make more specific predictions about the size of this mix because there are two breeds involved, and therefore there is no breed standard to refer to.

 husky mixes that don't shed

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Other Non-Shedding Huskies

If allergies aren’t an issue for you but you still dream of a Husky that doesn’t shed, look for any hybrid dog that combines a Husky with a low-shedding dog that does not have a double coat, such as a Doberman Pinscher, or a Whippet. Both of these breeds have fine, short coats that do not drop much hair.

 husky mixes that don't shed

There is really no such thing as a shedless Husky, but a hybrid Husky mix may at least reduce the amount of hair that the dog sheds (without eliminating it altogether).

The Takeaway Message

There is no such thing as a non-shedding Husky. To love a Husky is to accept the fact that hair all over your furniture, car, and clothes is a fact of life.

If you genuinely need a dog that sheds minimally because you or someone in your household has allergies to dog dander and saliva, then a Husky mixed with the hypoallergenic Poodle may be an option for you, but this hybrid dog will not be entirely hypoallergenic. It certainly pays to meet the dog beforehand to see if it makes you sneeze! 

Due to over-breeding of so-called ‘designer dogs’, check out your local shelters and rescues before buying a dog. Your perfect pup may be waiting for their forever home!

And if you do not have an issue with allergies but do want to reduce shedding, a Husky mixed with a Doberman or a Whippet makes sense.

Huskies crossed with Poodles may not make you sneeze, but they will look less ‘Husky-like’ due to their Poodle curls!

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