Help – My Husky Doesn’t Want To Get Up!

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Do you have a husky that doesn’t want to get out of bed? This is not an uncommon phenomenon!

There may be some behavioral reasons why your husky doesn’t want to get up. There may also be a medical reason.

We will explore both of these possibilities as to why your husky is always sleeping in this article.

The Sleeping Husky

When it comes to snoozing, dogs are the best around (after cats). Dogs love to nap during the day, as well as putting in some solid hours of snoozing overnight.

Huskies are an unusual breed in that they have a huge amount of zest for life and they love to run and burn off energy, yet they can have trouble getting out of bed in the mornings too, just like us humans.

Where do your dogs sleep? In a crate inside, outside in a kennel, or on your very own bed? 

Dogs that sleep outside may be excited to get up because it means that they are going to get to see their human family. Similarly, dogs that sleep in a crate may like to get up for a stretch when the sun comes up.

But huskies that snooze in the bed with their humans, well, they seem to love a sleep-in. And who could blame them? They are warm and comfortable, plus they are with their favorite people in the entire world.

Huskies and Their Oddball (and Sometimes Clever) Sleeping Habits

Husky owners can attest to the very wide and sometimes strange variety of sleeping positions that a husky can sleep in. Some huskies even love to have a lie down in the bathtub! The husky in the video is called Zeus, and he does not want to get up (not even for a walk!) because he wants his mom to turn the tap on so he can play with the water.

When the British Antarctic Expedition first landed on the icy continent back in 1898, there was a huge blizzard and the whole team of people and sled dogs had to bunker down for the night. 

Guess where those huskies slept? Right on top of their human masters. Clever doggos indeed, they knew that by huddling together this would increase the warmth factor for both parties.

My Husky Doesn’t Want To Get Out Of Bed!

This might be for a number of reasons. Perhaps your husky is just a sleepy head and prefers to stay in bed – like this husky – In this adorable video, every time Zeus’ owner tries to get him to get up, he just howls mournfully! Perhaps this dog knows it is cold outside. Clearly there is nothing wrong with this dog, he is just having a tantrum.

 husky doesn t want to get out of bed

Is It An Obedience Thing?

Huskies rate low on obedience because they are not motivated to please their owners. So it is no wonder some of them will simply not budge when they are told it is time to get up!

Whether this bothers you or not is a personal matter. Some people just find it amusing. Other owners may find it becomes an issue if the dog does not respect them, in which case some obedience training may be in order to reassert the owner as the leader of the pack. If a dog ever snaps, snarls, and/or bares its teeth at you when you try to get it off the bed, you have a problem on your hands.

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Is It An Old Age Thing?

Another reason is that perhaps your husky is creeping towards old age? By the time a dog reaches 9 or 10 years old, you really notice it. They walk slower, they take longer to get going, it takes ages to walk around the block – just like us humans. Sometimes we forget that our dogs are getting older, and they simply cannot do what they used to do.

Consider the old rule of thumb about a dog’s age in human years, by multiplying their age by 7. Your 10-year-old dog is actually 70! So can you blame them for not wanting to spring out of bed? They may need you to assist them to get up (or down, if they are on your bed).

Is It A Pain Reaction?

Perhaps your husky has arthritis in their hips. Older dogs do get stiff and sore in their joints. If this is the case with your husky then your vet can give them injections to help with this. You can also give your dog a supplement to help keep their joints in good condition, like these Osteocare Joint Health Chews. These chews contain ingredients that help to repair cartilage, which is the tissue that keeps bone off bone. The main ingredient is called glucosamine.

 Husky Pain Reaction

Huskies and Hip Dysplasia

Huskies are prone to hip dysplasia too. Perhaps your husky does not want to get up because they are in pain. Signs to look out for of hip dysplasia in dogs are:

  • Reduced activity
  • Difficulty or reluctance to rise, jump, run, climb
  • Decreased motion range
  • ‘Bunny hopping’ gait (where the dog picks up both of their hind feet at the same time)
  • Lameness in their hindquarters
  • Swaying 
  • Pain reactions like snapping when touched in the afflicted area
  • Loss of muscle mass in the back legs and increased muscle in the shoulders (due to overcompensation)
  • Stiffness and limping

In Summary:

Huskies are the clowns of the dog world, and this is never more true than when it comes to bedtime. 

Sometimes your husky simply will not feel like getting up because they are being stubborn and not getting their own way. This is generally cute and harmless behavior, provided that they do listen to you (eventually) and do as you ask.

At other times, there may be something deeper going on. Your husky may be getting older, so it is harder for them to get up. They may need some assistance getting out of bed (but make sure you watch your own posture, otherwise you will both be sore!)

Sometimes it may be arthritis or the dreaded hip dysplasia. Look out for pain reactions and take your husky to the vet if you think their sleeping-in habit has something to do with their health.

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