Is A Husky Right For Me?

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Huskies rank in the Top 20 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the USA, year after year (they came in at number 16 in 2020.) There are several reasons why this is such a popular breed, which we will look at throughout this article.

But before we get into that, if you are reading this then you may be on the verge of buying a puppy, with the Siberian Husky ranking highly on your list.

If you are not 100 percent sure “is a Husky right for me?” then hopefully this list of pros and cons of Husky ownership can help you move towards making the right decision.

6 Pros Of Owning A Husky 

  1. They need exercise so will encourage you to get off the couch. If you are looking for a running partner, or want to get into dog sled racing then look no further than the Husky, who has the energy to burn.
  2. Huskies do well in cold climates. In fact, they are sensational in cold climates, because they were bred by people who lived in Siberia! Having said that, please do not get a Husky and then leave them outside in the cold day and night. They don’t like this. Huskies can manage quite well in the heat too, provided that they are kept cool indoors.
  3. They are very social and love their families. So if you want a dog that is a part of the family, and you have lots of time to give them your attention, then a Husky could be your perfect dog. They are good with older kids (but they are a little too boisterous for small children.)
  4. Huskies are very talkative, which is a delight to listen to. You can even teach them to ‘speak’ on command using hand gestures.
  5. There is no doubt that the Husky is one of the most beautiful-looking dog breeds out there. So if this is important to you, then a Husky will certainly attract plenty of admiring glances. If you love wolves, you’ll love a Husky! But do not get one based on their looks alone, otherwise, both you and the dog could end up disappointed in each other.
  6. They are super friendly to everyone. This is great if you are a socially active person, who goes visiting often (take them with you, of course), and if you have regular visitors in your home.

6 Cons Of Owning A Husky

  1. They are stubborn and headstrong. This can make them difficult to train, especially for novice dog owners. The Husky needs a firm and consistent approach to obedience training from a young age.
  2. Huskies are escape artists. So unless you are home all day and/or have very high and secure fencing, you may come home one day to an empty yard, no dog, and all of the stress and worry that this brings.
  3. They have a strong prey drive. Therefore, if you have other pets in your home that are smaller, such as a cat, this can be dangerous – unless they are trained (refer back to number 1 on this list of cons!)
  4. They drop lots of hair and need daily brushing. This takes time. This can also trigger allergies in people with allergies and asthma. You will also be constantly cleaning up hair off your carpets, furniture, and car. You are going to need good grooming and cleaning tools if you choose this dog for your companion.
  5. This breed (like many others in the working dog class) will get bored if not adequately mentally stimulated. And a bored dog equals a destructive dog, one that barks, chews, and digs.
  6. They are super friendly to everyone. So if you want a watchdog to bark, or a guard dog to chase, in the case of an intruder, then this is not the right dog for your needs. 

Are Huskies Friendly?

The short answer to this question is a resounding YES! Huskies are one of the friendliest dog breeds out there. In fact, some Husky owners may say that they are a little bit too friendly. So once again, we repeat – if you are looking for a guard dog, keep looking – this is not the right dog for you!

Are Huskies Friendly

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Should I Get A Husky? 

Here are some very good reasons why a Husky may suit your lifestyle You:

  • Want a medium to large dog
  • Desire a vigorous exercise companion
  • Don’t need a guard dog
  • Are prepared to undertake regular and consistent training
  • Don’t mind fluff taking over your home and car
  • Have time to commit to a pet

Then yes! The Husky may well be the ideal dog for you!

Owning A Husky

Owning a Husky means a few things. 

To repeat, possibly the most important thing you need to remember is that this dog needs a HEAP of exercise. They have the energy to burn; it is just the way they are hard-wired. They have been bred to pull people and cargo on ice and snow over long distances. So a ten-minute walk around the block is simply not enough for this pooch.

The next thing you need to know is (and again, to repeat) that this breed drops a TON of hair. You will be continually grooming this dog, and cleaning up their hair.

If you think that you can handle this, then it may well be time to start checking out Husky breeders in your local area.

The Takeaway On Husky Ownership

Getting a puppy of any breed is a major commitment. Puppies take up a lot of time, energy, and money. But in return, you will have a loyal and faithful friend for life. So take time and choose wisely. Speak to Husky breeders and owners and ask if you can spend time with their dogs, to get a feel for this breed and if they are a good fit for your lifestyle.

If you do proceed with Husky ownership, consider checking out your local shelters and rescues before buying from a breeder. Huskies are one of the most commonly surrendered breeds because of a combination of a high-needs dog with an owner who did not do their research. And never get a Husky just because they look ‘cool’. This is a recipe for disaster.

So, if after reading all of this you are still keen on the Husky, then all the best in finding your new buddy!

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