What Is A Dalmatian Husky Mix Like?

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Husky mixes seem to be gaining in popularity these days, and one notable mix is the Dalmatian Husky mix.

Given that both breeds have high energy levels, have an independent streak, and are both medium-sized dogs, this mix makes a lot of sense.

Yet given that both breeds are prone to various genetic health problems, Dalmatian Husky mix puppies are also prone to double the number of illnesses and disorders.

What Will The Husky Dalmatian Mix Look Like?

One really interesting thing about a Husky and Dalmatian mix is their coats. Huskies have thick, wolf-like coats, whereas Dalmatians, as we all know, have a fine coat with lots of glorious spots. So their progeny could end up with quite a few variations. 

The one thing that both the Husky and the Dalmatian share are black and white fur colorings (mind you, Dalmatians come in liver-spotted markings too, so you may end up with brown markings in the coat if the Dalmatian parent was liver-spotted.)

husky dalmatian mix puppy

How Will The Dalmatian Husky Mix Behave?

What do you get when you cross the super-energetic, headstrong Husky with the mad-cap, wanderer that is the Dalmatian?

The answer to this is a high-energy, zany dog that will need loads of training and reward its owner with a loyal friend for life. Whether or not this mix is the right dog for you depends on your commitment to exercise, training and grooming.

Dalmatian History

Dalmatians were bred in a place called Dalmatia, which is now modern-day Croatia. They were used as working dogs. 

These spotty champs ended up in 18th century England, where their job was to run alongside the coaches of the wealthy. This was due to the high prevalence of highway robbery in England at the time; the Dally had the stamina to keep up with the horses pulling the carriage, and they would alert their masters to any potential threat. 

Clever doggos indeed. And they do like a run!

They are also scent hounds, in that, if they catch a whiff of anything, they will follow it. So be warned – if you choose a Dalmatian Husky mix then you will have 1) an escape artist (the Husky side of the mix), and 2) a wanderer (this is the Dalmatian genes kicking in).

If you do decide to go down the Husky Dalmatian mix road, then there are a few things you can anticipate, and a few things that you need to plan for.

Husky Dalmatian Mix Personality

Huskies are independent and headstrong, whereas Dalmatians are aloof and wary of strangers. So if you are looking for a happy-go-lucky, easy-going, and affable dog, this is not the mix for you.

You will need to ensure you have a well-fenced yard because both breeds will jump a fence if they are bored. If you do not have a high fence, then this may cause issues.

Training is the key to keeping this mix happy, healthy, and focused on you, their master. Spend time building that one-on-one relationship by going to puppy school together, and then taking all that you have learned home to continue your training there. Be consistent!

Husky Dalmatian Mix Exercise

This mix will need lots of exercise. It is important that you give them a vigorous daily run (in a safe area) so that they can burn off some steam. Try to avoid letting them off the leash in unfenced places; unless they are superbly trained then you could be calling and calling and the dog will not come back. This is due to the strong prey-drive of the Husky, and the ‘follow-your-nose’ attitude of the Dally.

What Health Problems Could Dalmatian Husky Mixes Have?

Dalmatians have a genetic predisposition to deafness, and urinary issues (expressed as stones in the bladder, particularly in males).

Huskies are genetically prone to eye conditions, thyroid conditions, and skin conditions.

Any cross-bred can throw strongly to one parent or the other – this is unpredictable and you simply cannot know until Husky Dalmatian puppies are born how they will turn out.

Your best option is to talk to the owners of both parent dogs to discuss any potential health issues.

More About the Husky Dalmatian Coat

Both dogs shed A LOT. 

Huskies have a major molt at least twice a year and need daily grooming with a rake to remove the dead hairs of the undercoat in these periods.

Dalmatians, whilst having a short coat, will drop white hairs pretty much constantly.

So if you are not inclined to groom your dog, or regularly vacuum up hairs from your house and car, reconsider this mix!

This mix may have the long coat of the Husky, but with the adorable spots of the Dalmatian. So they certainly can be unusual and striking-looking dogs.

Takeaway Advice About Husky The Dalmation Mix

  • Dalmatians were used to run alongside horse-drawn carriages and keep an eye out for robbers, so they are both good runners and good at alerting humans to danger;
  • Both the Husky and the Dalmatian are medium-sized dogs;
  • Both breeds are highly energetic and this needs LOTS of exercise;
  • Dalmatians and Huskies are both headstrong and independent, therefore will need a firm hand when it comes to training. Untrained working dogs become bored and therefore destructive, so this is not a dog you can just leave to its own devices for extended periods of time;
  • They both like to escape and wander, so you will need a very good (read, HIGH) fence;
  • Dalmatians are prone to certain genetic health issues such as deafness and bladder stone/urinary problems;
  • Huskies are prone to problems with their eyes, skin, and thyroid;
  • Individual Husky Dalmatian mix puppies may throw strongly to one parent or the other, and it is impossible to know which until they are born;
  • Whilst Huskies have thick, long double coats and Dalmatians have finer, short coats, both breeds shed a great deal so potential owners need to be prepared to do lots of grooming and cleaning.

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