Pure Black Husky With Blue Eyes: 5 Main Characteristics and Some Interesting Facts About The Husky Species

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Lustrous grey (or black) coat mixed in with some white, perky ears, strong composure, and those irresistible piercing baby blues. This is the adorable Husky breed. One of its rarest colors is the pure black Husky with blue eyes or an all-white pal with those same striking sky-blue peepers. They are considered a very popular family breed in America, as they are very sociable, loyal, and cuddly ( it is hard to resist not hugging these fur balls). They are not necessarily great at hunting or guarding, but it will be hard to find a more loyal, intelligent, and social dog who will, in fact, stand up for itself or its owner if the circumstances called for it.

There are two main varieties of Huskies: The Siberian one and the Alaskan one. Let’s take a look at each kind separately.

Siberian Husky vs Alaskan Malamute

Siberian Husky 

This Husky variation is recognized by the AKC as the purebred Husky. It is not a great guard dog, since it loves both humans and its canine counterparts alike, so don’t get this breed if you want to rely on your pooch to be a “house security alarm,” so to speak. It will most likely greet intruders with a big smile and a wagging tail, going 100 miles an hour. Looking for a great family pooch? Then Siberian pal might be your call unless you have a small living space and are not ready to devote much time to your canine companion. Huskies need a lot of room to roam around and a lot of attention, including training time. 

As far as its size: it is not necessarily a big pooch, more on the medium-size level. It weighs about 50-60 pounds and is about 22-24 inches in height at the shoulder. 

It originated from Siberia as the name suggests, and the native Siberia region Chukchi tribes were actively using their canine helpers as sled dogs. Some of their roles were to get through very dense forests to transport goods, hunted animal carcasses, and sick tribe members who needed to get to the doctor for treatment. 

Siberian Huskies come in a variety of color combinations: white, black/white, grey, red/white, sable white, and others. Their eyes are usually blue, brown, or even bi-colored! 

Interesting fact: some Husky pups can talk! Just look at this adorable fluffy pal who is the star of Youtube currently. 

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute can be considered a Siberian Husky’s distant cousin and all Alaskan Huskies have a Malamute mixed in with other Arctic dog breeds. It is also a really good family hound who is highly devoted and intelligent. It tends to be a little larger than its Siberian counterpart: up to 100 pounds (or sometimes more) in weight and up to 30 inches in height. Malamutes are a recognized AKC breed and their coat, as well as eye colors, are pretty limited. Fur shades can range from solid white to white/grey, black/white, and sable/white. The eyes’ color is always brown. 

Malamutes were believed to be brought to Alaska from Siberia a few thousand years ago and they share that genetic ancestry with the original Huskies, looking and acting a lot like their predecessors. Just like the Siberian mutts, the Alaskan buds were used to be sled dogs and helped ingenious Alaskan tribes to get through the dense woods as well as participate in racing competitions.

Now, coming back to our Siberian furry friend, let’s talk about a quite rare combination: pure black Husky with blue eyes. Are they common? What are their main characteristics? Are they good with kids? 

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Pure Black Husky With Blue Eyes: Is It Common?

Pure black Husky with blue eyes is a rare combo since all-black Huskies are considered unique, just like the all-white pals are. A pooch can be classified as all-black if he’s at least 80% black with some random white spots.

Pure Black Husky With Blue Eyes Is It Common

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Those patches have to be on its paws, chest, or the tip of the tail. The rest of the coat should be noir. And if you see a Husky with a black coat, you should know that it is a purebred Siberian kind, not the Alaskan Malamute descendant. 

Let’s take a look at the pure black Husky with blue eyes a little deeper, including its main features. 

Pure Black Husky With Blue Eyes: Characteristics

  • Height

 Up to 25 inches (males are taller)

  • Weight

Up to 60 lbs (females are usually smaller than males)

  • Color

Black with some possible small white spots on the paws, the tip of the tail, and chest.

  • Temperament

Very friendly, outgoing, spontaneous, and adventurous. Tends to be pretty stubborn, therefore needs an owner who will be pretty assertive with commands.

  • Physical Needs

Has to be active every day, long walks, runs, canine socialization, puzzle games. The household type should be very spacious with plenty of roaming-around room and preferably a large yard.

Pure Black Husky With Blue Eyes Characteristics


Do you dream of getting a pure black Husky with blue eyes? Then this article should serve as a guide to help you learn about the Husky breed in general, its characteristics, and needs. This is a great family mutt, especially if you have children. Your big fur baby will be happily enjoying their company and keeping them occupied while you are taking care of some house chores. Just remember: Husky is a working breed dog, therefore needs a lot of activities throughout the day. Make sure you find time in your busy schedule to devote to this lovely giant. It will happily return the favor.


Do purebred Huskies have blue eyes?

All Huskies, no matter the coat color, are born with those irresistible piercing blue eyes. Sometimes the eye color changes over time as your fluffy baby matures. Now, there’s a difference between a Siberian and Alaskan Huskies: the former will have a variety of coat and peeper colors while an Alaskan Husky will only have brown eyes primarily. And only the Siberian canines are recognized by the AKC, while the Alaskan buds are not considered purebred.

How much is a Husky with blue eyes worth?

The standard price for a Husky pup is between $500 and $1500 in case you want to get a purebred pal. If you are a professional hunter/ranger and want to purchase some sleigh dogs, then a price tag will go up for a puppy who will be raised as a working pooch. This breed is one of the most popular in the world, so many people don’t mind shelling big bucks to get a pal like that.

It is recommended to stay away from “back door” breeders and pet stores as you not only may not get a purebred furry creature but also one with a ton of behavioral problems. Therefore, it is best to pay more and be confident that you got a high-quality puppy.

Is it rare for Huskies to have blue eyes?

No, not at all. In fact, all Husky babies are born with striking bright blue eyes and keep the color until they are about 2 months old. After that, an owner might start noticing that his/her pup is slowly changing colors from blue to brown, mixed blue/brown, or even bi-colored eyes! Yes, that’s pretty common for Huskies to have what’s called heterochromia: a condition where Huskies are born with different color peepers (for example, the right eye might be blue while the left one brown).

What is the rarest Husky eye color?

The rarest eye color for Huskies is actually green. The most common colors are blue, brown, and parti- or bi-colored.