The Siberian Husky Coyote Mix

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Coyotes are members of the canine family native to North America; their scientific name is Canis Latrans. These wild animals are of medium size, and they have the kind of temperament that makes them highly successful and adaptable in urban environments.

Coyotes are capable of successfully breeding with domestic dogs, and their offspring are also fertile. These hybrid animals are referred to as “coyote dogs”.

The Siberian Husky Coyote Mix is one of these hybrid coyote dogs. Let’s take a look.

All About Coyotes

Coyotes are smaller than wolves, yet have a similar body and head shape, and coat. Males weigh anywhere from 18 to 44 pounds, while female coyotes weigh 15 to 40 pounds. They have light gray, red, or tawny coats. 

Coyotes are fairly flexible in terms of social structure; they can live in groups or more independently. Coyotes eat mainly meat, but they have been known to eat fruits and vegetables. In Native American folklore, the coyote is known as the trickster.

Unfortunately, coyote gets a bad rap in America from farmers due to the threat that they pose to livestock. Coyotes will kill sheep if they get the chance.

All About Coyotes

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Coyote Dog Mix

The coyote dog mix is commonly referred to as the “Coydog”. The offspring of this pairing is fertile enough to keep breeding for four generations. The coyote dog mix has been purposely bred by humans for thousands of years by the indigenous peoples of the Americas, initially as a hunting companion.

Native Americans incorporated coyote and wolf bloodlines into their sled dogs to produce hardier animals. First-generation coyote dog mix puppies are generally harder to train and more mischievous than dogs, and they retain much of their coyote looks. The further down the generations, the more dog-like and less coyote-like these animals are.

The Coyote Husky Mix

If you wanted to pair a coyote with a domestic dog, then the Siberian Husky would be the obvious choice. The fact that Native American people were doing it right up until the early 20th century to make their sled dogs better can attest to this. 

Huskies and coyotes are similar in height and build, and they have similar head shapes and coat types (thick double coats) and similar markings (white, gray, black, brown combinations.) 

So the coyote husky mix is an obvious pairing in terms of appearance at least. The coyote husky mix is a stunning-looking animal. But what are their personalities like? Well, they are not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure. Coyote husky mixes, like all coyote dog mixes, retain their untamed spirits. These dogs make for highly energetic, mischievous, and willful pets. Coyote husky mixes can be real clowns!

Another thing for potential owners to be aware of with the coyote dog mix is that they do need a firm pack leader, otherwise their allegiance may shift. This is due to their opportunistic nature, and their free spirit.

If you are a really active person who wants a running partner or a dog to teach flyball to, then this hybrid might be the right pet for you. Their athletic builds make them ideal for this type of thing.

The Coyote Husky Mix

Coyote Husky Mix Puppies

Training coyote husky mix puppies is not a walk in the park. Coyote husky mix puppies can be difficult to toilet train because their wild coyote desire to mark their territory is strong. 

Coyote husky mix puppies should be socialized with humans and other animals early on. Otherwise, they may be wary of or aggressive towards strangers and want to chase down other pets. Ultimately, coyote dog mixes are better off being the only pet in the house. So if you already have other animals in your home, you may wish to reconsider getting a coyote husky puppy.

The average size litter for this hybrid animal is 4 to 6 puppies, but litter sizes of up to 10 are not unheard of with coyote husky mixes.

Coyote Husky Mix Health

Because this is a hybrid dog, the coyote dog mix is generally pretty hardy. There may be some problems with hip and elbows (dysplasia and arthritis) due to their husky blood, or a propensity to fungal infections of the skin (from the coyote side of things) but other than this they are generally healthy.

Coyote Husky Mix Home Life

Expect these animals to have a bit of wanderlust in their semi-wild hearts. They don’t do well in small homes or yards because they need room to run. At the very least a well-fenced and large backyard will be required to accommodate this coyote dog mix, and ideally, they would live in a rural home (provided that they could not chase and hunt livestock.)

If you do get a coyote husky mix then if well cared for they can live for 12 to 14 years. If you see one in a shelter and choose to adopt one as an adult rather than raise a puppy, just make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you commit.

The Takeaway On Coyote Dog Mixes and Coyote Husky Mixes…

The coyote is a wild animal. It behaves in ways that are different to that of a domestic dog. Sadly, they are considered pests by some farmers due to the threat that they present to livestock. Any coyote dog mix, including the coyote husky mix, is likely to have some wild elements to its nature. Therefore if you really want one as a pet it is best practice to get them as a puppy so you can train and socialize them.

In terms of health, this hybrid dog is pretty hardy and you should get some good years together if you care for them properly. Coyotes are primarily carnivores, whilst dogs are omnivores. A raw food diet may be a good option for the coyote husky mix. 

Coyote husky mixes do best in homes where they are the only pet, where they have firm leadership from their owner, and where they can use their natural intelligence and energy in pursuits such as flyball.

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