10 Of The Best Toys For Huskies (and Husky Puppies)

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Are you bringing a new puppy home? Or perhaps you have an adult dog who needs some new enrichment? No matter what breed they are, you are going to have to arm yourself with lots of fun and safe toys. Huskies are known to be a particularly playful breed.

Husky puppies will lose their baby teeth to make way for their adult teeth, so just like a human baby when they are teething they need safe toys to chew on. Puppies need to safely ‘mouth’ as a part of the growing-up process.

Having plenty of toys for your husky puppy also means that it will stop them from destroying your personal belongings, like your best pair of shoes!

You can rest assured that all of the toys for huskies on our list get at least four stars on Amazon, and these products have thousands of reviews.

So please enjoy our list of ten of the best toys for huskies, including husky puppy toys, and toys for husky adults too, who like to chew!

A Note On Safety

Do not give your dog rope toys. There have been reports in the media in recent years about dogs that have died after ingesting rope toys. The same goes for plush toys (ones made of fabric with stuffing.) The best toys for huskies (and all dogs, for that matter) are sturdy rubber chew toys. 

Rubber Chew Toys For Huskies and Husky Puppies

All of the toys on this list for husky puppies and adults are rubber. Not only are these safer for your dog, but they are also easy for you to rinse off after a good chew session, to remove slobber, food debris, and dirt!

  1. Abtor Dog Chew Toy 

These make great toys for huskies. They are made in a ring shape out of durable and flexible rubber, so your dog will find it satisfying to chew on. It is also a good shape for a game of tug with your husky. This product is great for teething puppies too.

  1. Benebone Durable Bacon Chew Toy 

Dogs love the taste of bacon – period. The chew toy is impregnated with the flavor of bacon, to take toy time to the next level. It has a three-pronged design, which means that it will last longer since there are three ends for your dog to munch on! This cool dog chew is made in the USA.

  1. Pet Qwerks Mint-Flavored Bone Stick

Not only is this stick-shaped dog chew toy designed for aggressive chewers, it is also mint-flavored and contains sodium copper chlorophyll, to keep your husky’s mouth healthy, and their breath nice and fresh. This bone stick is suitable for medium-sized dogs and it is made in the USA.

  1. Petstages Chew Toy Stick 

Dogs like to chew sticks but this can lead to problems. This toy is a safer alternative. We love this husky chew toy because it is made in the shape of an actual stick! This makes it perfect for a good old game of fetch with your husky, before leaving them to chew on it to their little doggy heart’s content. It even floats in water, just like the real thing!

  1. Kong Puppy Toy 

This Kong Puppy Toy is one of the best chew toys for husky puppies around. They are made of durable but soft rubber for tiny teeth. Their hollow cone shape has the added bonus of letting you put some kibble inside, which will keep boredom at bay as they try to fish out their treats. This design also makes this chew toy bounces in unpredictable directions, further adding to the fun.

  1. Vanfine Squeaky Dog Toy 

Does your dog go crazy for a toy that squeaks? This three-dimensional star-shaped dog toy prides itself on being “almost indestructible”, and it squeaks too. This dog chew toy is made of non-toxic natural rubber, so it is very safe for puppies and adult dogs. Another thing we love about this toy is that it is flavored with real beef, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  1. Kong Puppy Chew Toy Bone 

This is another one of the best chew toys for husky puppies. It has all the benefits of the classic Kong chew toy, made from soft rubber to help teething puppies, it is a cute bone shape that your dog will love. Plus it has small holes in the ends so that you can pop some tasty little treats in there for your husky pup.

  1. Pamlulu Toothbrush Stick and Tough Toy

Another fun toy for huskies is this toy that doubles as a toothbrush. It is made in the shape of a cactus, with three spiky ‘branches’, which provide lots of stimulation for a mouthy puppy or dog, plus cleans their teeth as they chew. The best part of this toy for aggressive chewers is that it squeaks – and what dog doesn’t love a good squeaky toy?!

  1. Bzonzoon Indestructible Dog Toy

This realistic-looking bone-shaped dog toy is another product made especially for aggressive chewers. It is made of non-toxic nylon and it is listed as suitable for huskies. This durable chew toy can help young dogs through the painful teething stage, plus it tastes delicious thanks to 100 percent real beef flavor.

  1. Nubbies Dental Chew Toy

The Nubbies Dental Chew Toy comes in an ‘arm and hammer’-shaped design. It is covered with little grooves and nubs, which helps to prevent plaque and tartar from building up on your husky’s teeth. This dog chew toy is infused with baking soda, making it perfectly safe for your little husky and your big husky alike.

The Takeaway

The perfect chew toy for your husky puppy or husky adult is just a click away. There are loads to choose from, and the ones on this list come highly-rated by Amazon shoppers. By having a variety of safe rubber chew toys on hand for your husky, you can help them with teething pain, keep their teeth and gums clean, provide enrichment, and give them a treat, all at the same time!

We hope you enjoyed this list, and feel free to comment and share!

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