How Often Do Huskies Need To Be Groomed? Discover 4 Important Husky Hygiene Steps For A Happy and Healthy Pooch

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A beautiful blue-eyed, statuesque giant creature who just happened to be extremely fluffy. We are talking about very intelligent, loyal Husky pals. A few potential pet parents might be turned off by the breed just because they may consider Huskies a hard-to-groom pooch. Is it true? And if so, how often do Huskies need to be groomed

These Siberian cuties’ coats are very thick, leading to assumptions that they need to be brushed out/bathed almost every day. However, it is not exactly true, and we will get into the recommended Husky grooming steps shortly. What is accurate is the fact that those pups shed a lot, especially during the spring and fall. In the former season, they get rid of the old winter hair that helped them stay nice and cozy when the temperatures dropped below freezing. And in the latter season, they shed to give way to new warm, fuzzy coats, shielding their skin from harsh winter winds. Taking that shedding factor into consideration, how often do Huskies need to be groomed? 

How Often Do Huskies Need to Be Groomed?

First, we need to understand what the term “grooming” implies exactly. In short, these are all the steps you take when it comes to the physical appearance of your pooch: bathing, haircuts, nail clippings, coat conditioning, and combing. 

Speaking of Huskies, you don’t need to bathe them very often and never clip their hair. This is not the breed that you have to shave once summer comes. It is actually dangerous to do this as it can lead to sunburns and heatstrokes in the Siberian beauties since their derma is going to be exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.  

As far as brushing out, this needs to be done regularly to help your Husky speed up the process of discarding the undercoat and help grow the brand-new one. Combing assists in the accurate hair regrowth: direction it should grow in and the right thickness.  

Now, let’s take a look at the desired Husky-grooming steps.

How Often Do Huskies Need To Be Groomed? Steps To Take For A Perfectly Put-Together Pooch

  • Brushing

This is the most important step when it comes to grooming a Husky puppy. Since they tend to shed twice a year and completely lose their undercoat once a year, it is imperative to make sure this process is as smooth as possible, while also being a pain- and mat-free. A Husky owner can purchase some great grooming tools like detangling combs, undercoat rakes, or paddle brushes. They come in different styles, depending on your pooch’s breed size. 

How Often Do Huskies Need to Be Groomed Steps to Take for a Perfectly Put-Together Pooch

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  • Bathing

Huskies don’t need to be washed often, despite contrary beliefs. Yes, an owner might assume that since these Siberian pups are very furry, they will need frequent baths, but it is not the case. A Husky’s coat is self-cleaning and needs to be washed only when it starts smelling foul and tangling easily. Use mild pet shampoo and don’t forget to rinse off thoroughly, all through the undercoat to get rid of the remaining soapy residue. If you leave some behind, it can irritate our gentle giant’s sensitive skin. 

  • Nail Clippings

The least favorite canine ritual that most dogs dread. You can either do it yourself or ask for professional help from a groomer/animal caregiver. In case you decide to attempt to perform clippings yourself, be sure to only cut off the very tip of the nail, don’t go too deep. If you get to the nail nerve by accident, this will cause a pet to be in excruciating pain and avoid future clippings like a plaque. 

Try to train a stubborn pooch to like this procedure: favorite treats will go a long way when rewarded for complying with the necessary grooming techniques.    

  • Coat Conditioning

A Husky owner can apply a conditioning spray to his/her hound’s mane if it starts feeling dull as well as dry to the touch. Try to look for one with natural ingredients like oatmeal, aloe vera, avocado, and some canine-friendly oils like olive or coconut. These special conditioners are great to keep a canine’s coat in tip-top shape all year round!


Hope this article answered your question “How Often Do Huskies Need to Be Groomed?” as well as educate you on all the right steps a Husky owner should take to make sure his/her furry pal is well taken care of. Be consistent with the regular brushings, nail trimmings, and coat conditioning to keep your fluffy baby healthy and happy. If you are not sure about something-ask your local groomer and/or veterinary specialist to give you advice on how to go about Husky grooming the right way.

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How often should Huskies be groomed?

Surprisingly, Huskies are not a hard-to-groom breed at all, even though their extreme fluffiness may look intimidating. Husky grooming steps include regular brushing (aim for once a day to avoid crazy matting), bathing once in a few months, nails clippings as needed, and conditioning the fur when necessary (if a Husky’s coat seems dry).

Are Huskies hard to groom?

No, not at all! You don’t have to bring them to a groomer for a haircut, even though they are very fluffy and their fur easily tangles. Husky’s got two fur layers: the undercoat and the upper coat. The former tends to change every spring whereas the latter usually stays the same. It is important to help your fluffy companion get rid of the undercoat once warmer weather comes for it not to get overheated in the sun.

One way to do it is to invest in some high-quality dog brushes, including the ones that aid in detangling those annoying hair knots. Try to look on Amazon for some great, affordable choices that will work wonders for your pet. Regular brushings will give way to the new undercoat layer and it will grow right if there’s enough room without all those old strands lingering around.

All you have to do when it comes to Husky grooming is regular brushing, coat conditioning, nail trimmings (yourself or a professional groomer/vet), and bathing only when your bundle of joy starts to stink as well as its hair would easily mat.

What months do Huskies shed in?

Husky pups usually shed twice a year. This process is called “blowing the coat” and occurs naturally in March (to get rid of the old winter undercoat while preparing for summer) and in the fall, around September (to make way for a stronger, and thicker cold-weather coat). A Husky will lose its entire undercoat once a year.