Border Collie Husky Mix Temperament 

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The border collie husky mix temperament is highly inherited from the mix of both the parents – the husky and Border collie that make up this hybrid breed.

Border Collies and Huskies are the two main breeds used to create this breed, they have similar temperaments and both are a little bit stubborn and hard to train. The dogs that are bred together can be considered a cross between a border collie and a husky, they have the same temperaments as a border collie with the ability to be more stubborn than a husky.

Border collies and huskies are very intelligent and have a strong desire to please their owners. They are good with children and other animals.  Before we get into the details of the border collie husky mix temperament let’s look at the characteristics of the parents.

Border Collie Breed

Border collie breed origin is found in Great Britain back in the 43 A.D.  It is believed to be a mix of the Roman herding dogs and the Icelandic sheepdog.  This breed is agile and intelligent to herd flock on the rocky terrain of Scotland and Wales.

The Border Collie is a working dog, that was used for herding and tracking livestock.  This breed has an excellent work ethic and trainability, which makes them a good family pet.  The Border Collie is also an active breed that needs lots of exercise.

They are loyal, affectionate, and are very protective of their families.  The Border Collie is a hardy breed, so they need to be given plenty of exercise and protection from the weather.

Border collies are very gentle with children and other animals.  Border collies are naturally protective of their family, and if you ever have to separate the dog from the family for any reason you will be shocked at how attached they can become.

The Husky Breed

The husky is one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and their ability to become devoted companions. The Labrador Retriever is a part of the working group of dogs, alongside the German Shepherd, Great Dane, and Bull Terrier. In fact, the Labrador Retriever has been used for thousands of years to work as a search and rescue dog.

Huskies are a lot like border collies in temperament.  Huskies are extremely protective of their family and will also guard their territory if given the chance.  Huskies are very good with children but can be aloof with strangers.

How do you train a Border Collie Husky?

The Border Collie Husky Mix Temperament

Border collie husky mix temperament is a mixed one coming from both parents. Most of these dogs are known for their stubbornness, which makes the border collie husky mix stubborn too. If this breed is not socialized and trained early as puppies, they can grow to be very stubborn.

These dogs are very loyal and love to please their owners. They are extremely devoted to their families and will protect them at all costs. They are very smart and they do not have many fears.


They have outgoing personalities and are easy to train. They are very social animals and love to be around people. Border collie husky mix is very obedient, they know what you want them to do and they will go out of their way to please their owners. They are very protective of their family members and will guard them at all times. They will fight for their family if needed.

These dogs are very courageous and fearless, they will go out of their way to save a person in need. They love to play with children and will protect them if needed. They love to have a job to do and they will work until it is completed.

They are very intelligent and they will be able to learn anything that is taught to them. They are very loyal to their owners and they will not leave their family no matter what.


They have a lot of furs, they are big and they are muscular. They can grow up to be about 75 to 100 pounds. Their coat can be black, brown, red, or yellow. Their head is big and they have a long muzzle. Their eyes are usually black, but can also be blue.


The border collie husky breed mix is very healthy. They are known for their high intelligence and their strong character. They are a very loyal and protective dog that has a great sense of humor. They are also very smart and obedient.


Border collie husky breed mix is a very friendly and outgoing dog. They are also very intelligent. They can learn tricks very easily. They are very protective and they don’t like to be left alone.

Border collies love to play and they are very energetic. They are also very playful and they love to fetch balls and throw them. They are great with children and other animals. They are very smart and they are very loyal.

In Conclusion

The border collie husky mix temperament is one of a kind breed.  These dogs are very energetic and playful, but not aggressive. This breed needs plenty of exercise and attention. They are generally happy to be with their family members, but they also need time alone to just rest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Border Collie Husky a good mix?

Yes! Border Collies and Huskies mix is the most popular mixed breed. They can be great with children of all ages, but they do best with older children who have learned how to control their dog and have an understanding of the breeds' different behaviors.

How do you train a Border Collie Husky?

Border Collie and Husky mix is a very intelligent breed that learns quickly. The most important thing to remember is that they are not like other breeds. They can be stubborn dogs too and need plenty of space to exercise, play, and socialize. It takes patience and consistency to train them and they are very eager to please.

Are Border Collie Husky mix good dogs?

Border Collie Husky mix is a very smart and loving dog. They are a great companion for people of all ages. They are highly active and love to run and play. They can be stubborn but will learn what is expected of them when trained correctly.  The Border Collie Husky mix is a very smart, loving, and gentle dog that has many benefits. They make great pets for children who have mastered how to handle the breed. They also make great guard dogs and are great with older children who understand the breed's different behaviors.

Can Border Collies be protection dogs?

The border collie is a large, powerful, and protective dog. They are excellent with children who are just learning to walk, but they are also an excellent family dog for older kids. They are intelligent, loyal, and will do anything for their owners. They are great watchdogs for their families because of their intelligence and willingness to protect their owners. Border Collies can be great guard dogs. They have the desire to protect their families, so they will protect them.