The Correct Husky Size By Age 

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It is important to consider getting the correct husky size by age so you can have the right size for the age of the dog.

The height of a dog is measured in inches and refers to the distance between the ground and the point on the back where the tail is placed when the dog is standing with his legs slightly spread.  Huskies are among the tallest of all dogs.  Height and weight can be calculated together using the formula: Weight = Height X 0.45 (weight per inch).

The height of a husky varies by breed and it is not possible to give an exact age at which a dog should be considered too tall or too short.  Some breeds tend to grow taller than others, and some breeds may appear taller at a younger age than they do at a later age. Height is one of the factors that determine how the dog will move and how it will look when it walks.  The dog’s size should match its speed.

This is a general guideline, but the dog’s size will also be affected by the length of its legs.  If a dog has long legs, it may move more quickly than a shorter dog, even though the dog is smaller.  A small dog with short legs will move more slowly than a larger dog with longer legs. When deciding on the size of your dog, you should consider how your dog moves and the size of the house where you keep him.

What is the average size of a Siberian Husky?

Husky Age Chart – Husky Size By Age

The huskies can be identified by their age and size and weight.


  • A one-month-old husky puppy is about 14-18 pounds
  • A two-month-old husky puppy is about 22-24 pounds
  • A three-month-old husky puppy is about 28-32 pounds
  • A six-month-old husky puppy is about 45-55 pounds
  • A nine-month-old husky puppy is about 55-65 pounds


The size of the husky is dependent on its age.

  • At birth, the new puppy measures 50 to 60 cm (20 to 24 in) in length and weighs about 15 to 20 kg (33 to 45 lbs).
  • After the first year of life, the husky’s height increases to about 65 to 80 cm (26 to 31 in), and its weight to about 30 to 40 kg (66 to 90 lbs).
  • A fully grown adult husky stands between 80 to 100 cm (31 to 39 in) tall at the withers and weighs about 50 to 70 kg (110 to 155 lbs).

Husky Size By Age – Husky Growth Chart

The husky growth rate is average compared to other dog breeds.

The average weight of a husky when fully grown is between 55 and 75 lbs (25–34 kg). Males usually weigh more than females. A husky can reach their full size in 3 to 4 years.

Height and weight:

The height of the husky at the withers is between males and females.

The height of a husky is usually between 16 and 21 inches. This means that a male husky may weigh around 55 to 75 pounds and have a height of between 16 and 21 inches.  A female husky will usually weigh between 45 and 65 pounds and have a height of between 15 and 19 inches.


A husky is a medium-sized dog breed. They are between 26 and 28 inches long. The size of a husky is measured at the withers. This is the point where the shoulders meet. The length of a husky is between 18 and 22 inches. Their growth is fast especially when fed with the right kind of food.

The Right Food For Huskies

Huskies like to eat healthy food that provides the right nutrients.  These include dry and wet dog food rich in proteins, fiber, and vitamins.

Take-home – Husky Size By Age

Husky size by age is the best way to tell if your husky is growing properly. You can get an online version of a husky weight chart by age that tells you how big your husky should be by age. You can use this to help you know when your husky is ready for his next growth spurt, and also when it’s time to begin feeding your husky extra calories. If you’re wondering if your husky needs more food, or if he is eating enough to grow, this is the best way to tell.

This chart tells you how big your husky should be by age, based on how much weight he weighs. The weights are based on how much weight each breed should weigh at different times of its growing season.

Keeping your own chart is an added advantage as you can tell how your dog is doing and in case of any sickness, you can present it to the vet for more information.  You also need to include the kind of food you use for your dog and any changes should be noted down to help you pick any signs or symptoms your dog develops from any change.

Keeping clear records for your dog includes all the information you have about your husky from the time you receive it from the breeders.  These records help you keep track of your dog’s growth journey and visits to the vet if necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average size of a Siberian Husky?

The average size of a Siberian Husky is between 20 and 25 pounds in weight and a height of about 16 to 18 inches at the withers. The weight depends on the breed and age of the dog.

What are the health problems of the Siberian Husky?

Siberian Huskies are usually healthy dogs with few health problems. They do require daily exercise, and they do need grooming care. Siberian Huskies are very active dogs that love to play. They have a short attention span and will play for a little bit and then lose interest.

What is the lifespan of a Siberian Husky?

The lifespan of a Siberian Husky is about 10 to 12 years if you feed them properly.