Long-Haired Agouti Husky: Learn About Their 4 Important Characteristics To See If It Is Right For You

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Cute Husky pooches usually come in these main color combos: white/grey, back/white, red/white, solid black/white. Yet, there is one interesting shade Huskies can be born with also-Agouti. Now, what exactly is Agouti, and what does a long-haired Agouti Husky look like? We will answer these questions here shortly, therefore if you’ve always wanted an Agouti-colored pooch, stay tuned! This color is very rare indeed and a dog owner should consider himself/herself very lucky if a pup of this shade comes across one day. Let’s discuss what Agouti coloring is all about.

What Is Agouti Color On A Dog?

Agouti refers to the special type of hair pigmentation where two shades of tan and black are mixed together to create this unique, bi-colored appearance. Your long-haired Agouti Husky may appear “dirty” since it will be very dark in some spots, where grey, black and beige colors are mixed. Some perspective Husky owners may be turned off by this coat color and won’t adopt an Agouti Husky pup, choosing a more traditional grey/white or black/white pal. Another reason for turning down a long-haired Agouti Husky is because it closely resembles a wild wolf, so might look intimidating to some people. 

If you recognize yourself in this description, don’t be scared off by the way an Agouti mutt looks! It doesn’t mean that it will be more aggressive or less obedient compared to its traditionally-colored Siberian (or Alaskan) counterparts. Temperament and trainability have nothing to do with the looks for sure! Speaking of, let’s did deeper into the main characteristics of our adorable long-haired Agouti Husky.  

What Is Agouti Color On A Dog

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Long-Haired Agouti Husky: Characteristics

  • Appearance

Your wild-looking Agouti Husky is very rare to find, together with an all-white Siberian pal. This specific shade may look sable or even fawn in some spots with a very dark face, nose, and back while the rest of the body may be a little lighter, ranging from light beige to darker brown. The almost-black muzzle might look very frightening to some people, but fear not! It is still the same old goofy, gentle, and intelligent Husky loved by so many dog owners around the world!

Its eye color will most likely be brown, but it is possible to see a blue-eyed long-haired Agouti Husky as well, depending on the gene combination it gets. 

  • Temperament

An Agouti Husky’s temperament is no different from that of its traditionally-colored giant relatives: it is still the kind, friendly, a little mischievous, and loyal companion who won the hearts of so many dog owners across the globe. Again, as was stated above, the wolf looks have nothing to do with a predator temperament, just keep that in mind when searching for that perfect Husky pup. 

  • Trainability

Overall, Siberian working dogs are notorious for not being too obedient. That’s the wolf ancestor in them, the untamed creature who wants to roam free in the wilderness. Yes, they are loyal but tend to be a little stubborn. A prospective pet parent has to think very carefully before getting an Agouti Husky: this pal needs a lot of exercise throughout the day! If you have a nice, wide yard, a big, roomy house, and some time to devote to your fluffy friend every day, then Husky maybe your call! Especially if you tend to be outdoorsy, and play sports. 

  • Health

All Huskies are predisposed to getting hip dysplasia at some point in their life. It happens when a hip joint doesn’t attach correctly to the pelvic bone, leading to a major joint problem, including arthritis down the road. 

Besides hip dysplasia disorder, those beautiful baby blues (or browns, or greens for that matter) get cataracts, which can lead to blindness later in a canine’s life. It is imperative to get their eyes checked every year to make sure there are no vision issues present that can interfere with healthy eyesight. 

As far as weight problems-you don’t have to worry about that. Husky mutts know exactly how much food they need and they tend not to overeat like some other breeds (Pugs, for instance). They can survive on very little food and travel long distances (they won’t be sled working dogs if they couldn’t), and certain Husky variations (Alaskan Malamute as an example) tend to semi-hibernate in the winter, eating only a few times a week. Pretty fascinating, isn’t it? 


In case you are thinking about getting a long-haired Agouti Husky pup, use this article as a guide to help you learn about some of its characteristics and suitability for your particular lifestyle. Overall, they are not much different compared to other Husky variations when it comes to their character, trainability, or physical exercise needs. Those are very active dogs and a pet parent should give his/her Siberian pal plenty of opportunities to work out to stay at the top of its game for years to come.

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Are Agouti Siberian Huskies rare?

Yes, they are very rare! This is one of the rarest colors in the Husky family besides solid white. You won’t typically find one at a breeder or a pet store, these beauties are hard to fish out. If you happened to get one at a reputable breeder, consider yourself very lucky! However, try not to choose a Husky pup solely based on its coat shade! You will be missing out on all those cute white/grey, black/white, or pure black pups, which are a lot more common than the aforementioned “wolf sable” color (that’s what the Agouti coloring is often compared to).

How expensive are Agouti Huskies?

The price range for a cute Agouti hound ranges from $900 to $1500! The cost depends on several factors: great bloodline, champion parents, puppy’s location as well as a breeder’s expertise. The more experienced and reputable a breeder is, the higher the price tag will be.

How do I know if my Husky is Agouti?

An owner can see a distinctive coloring on his/her pup: Agouti is a type of shade where each dog’s individual hair is “striped,” or banded, alternating between black and tan colors, giving a pooch a typical wild dog appearance. Other mammals besides dogs might have an Agouti coloring: rabbits, mice, and even horses! This type of unique coloring gives a pooch an overall dark grey mixed in with light brown (and in some instances even yellow) shade.

What does Agouti mean in dogs?

It is a type of coloring, where each canine individual hair strand is streaked or pigmented in a certain way: brown/tan shades are intertwined with the dark grey/black ones. It is a very rare color combo and makes a mutt look like a true creature of the wilderness. Hence, the “wolf sable” color is not only characteristic of canines: other mammals like bunnies, horses, and even some felines can be born Agouti!