Names For White Husky Males and Females

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Are you considering adding a white husky to your clan, but you’re stuck on a name?  Then check out our list of perfect names for a white husky male or females. Many of them have a ‘nature’ vibe, which we think suits this breed due to their wolf-like good looks. We have added some detail about these names’ origins and meanings too.

Plus we have thrown in some bonus white dog names from popular culture, and some dog names that have a historical flavor!

White Female Husky Names and Meanings

White Female Husky Names and Meanings

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  • Cloud

If you love to watch the clouds in the sky float by on a nice day, this name may appeal to you. It would suit a fluffy white husky girl because once you get her home, you will both be on Cloud 9!

  • Daisy

This Old English name means “the eye of the day”. We love this cute and summery name for a white husky girl. Just like the cute little flower, we imagine a white husky girl would be sweet and innocent.

  • Lacey 

Lace is one of the most intricate fabrics, and it is traditionally white. This is a beautiful female name that would suit a delicate and dainty white husky girl who is on the smaller side.

  • Pearl

Pearls are lustrous treasures found inside oyster shells, from the sea bed. We bet that your white husky girl will be a valuable treasure too, who won’t need much encouragement to come out of her shell!

  • Star

This name could refer to the lights in the night sky or famous celebrities. Twinkle, twinkle, little star…anyone white husky girl with this name is sure to shine, and to stand out in a crowd!

White Male Husky Names and Meanings

  • Comet

This name would suit a fast husky boy who can streak along just as a comet does in the night sky. An alternative to this name could be ‘Haley’, in honor of Haley’s Comet that last passed through the skies in 1986.

  • Frost 

Like the white ice that covers the grass in the winter, a male husky called ‘Frost’ would be beautiful to see. But that would be where the similarities end because huskies could never be described as having frosty personalities!

  • Ghost 

This name reminds us of Jon Snow’s dire wolf in Game of Thrones. Plus if you love anything spooky, then this is the perfect name for a white male husky. You could even take him out Trick or Treating at Halloween!

  • Lightning

Crash, boom, bang! Your white husky boy may be full of life when you first get him home. So just like the bolts of electricity in a stormy sky, the word lightning may be ideal to describe your new puppy.

  • Snow

White powdery snow is just a beauty to behold. And so too will be your white husky boy. If you live somewhere where it snows, you can rest assured your new buddy will love to spend lots of time frolicking in the snow!

White Husky Names from Books, Movies, and Television

  • Bolt

Bolt is the name of a dog who acts in an action TV show, but he thinks it is real. Bolt is a white dog, so this name would suit a white husky. Bolt has a ‘super bark’ – and so too does this talkative dog breed!

  • Brian

Brian is the name of the family dog in the cartoon, Family Guy. Brian is a wise-cracking, martini-drinking dog that talks and walks on his hind legs. Not that we would want your white husky puppy to be like Brian exactly, but this name may appeal to fans of the show.

  • Snoopy

Snoopy is the name of the beagle in Charles Schultz’s long-running and much-beloved cartoon, Charlie Brown. Snoopy spends most of his time snoozing on top of his dog kennel (which we would not expect a husky to do!), talking to his best friend Woodstock (a little yellow bird), and giving his human Charlie Brown some good advice. 

So if you want a dog that can be your confidante, then call them Snoopy. Plus it is just a seriously cute name!

  • White Fang

White Fang is the name of the dog in Jack London’s eponymous short novel about a wolf-dog who is taken from the wild and forced into domestication to work in the Klondike Gold Rush. Any owner of a white husky would be lucky to have such a brave companion.

  • Zero 

Fans of Tim Burton’s animation film Nightmare Before Christmas will recognize this name. Zero is the ghostly apparition of a dog who belongs to the film’s main character, Jack Skellington. Zero floats along and sleeps in his kennel grave. His nose is a miniature Halloween pumpkin! 

This is a super cute and catchy dog name for a white husky.

White Husky Names from History

  • Knight

We have all heard of the ‘White Knight’ that is a part of medieval folklore. The term white knight is synonymous with a brave warrior with superb morals who comes to help and rescue those in need. Could your white husky be your very own savior?

  • Mermaid

The Mermaid was the name of one of the ships in the White Star line, hence why we think it would suit a white husky. Plus, huskies are known for their love of paddling in the water, so you could have your very own little mermaid in the form of a white husky!

  • Pax

This word is Latin for ‘peace’. And because the symbol for peace in times of war is a white flag, then we think it makes sense to call a white husky Pax. Plus it is the name of one of Angelina Jolie’s adopted sons, and your white husky will no doubt be your adopted child too.

  • York

Way back in England in the 15th century, there was a fight between two royal houses. This was called “The Wars of the Roses”. The red rose symbolized the House of Lancaster. The white rose was the symbol of the House of York. The Yorks won the war, so ‘York’ would be a winning name for a white husky!

A Summary on Names for White Huskies

Did you enjoy our list of names for white husky boys and girls? We hope you found something here that you liked. 

It is important to give your dog the perfect name because it will be with you both for life!

Feel free to leave a comment about what names you think are perfect for white husky males and females, and share this article if you know someone who needs some inspiration for a white husky name!

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