The Best Vacuum For Husky Hair In 2022

Last Updated on February 15, 2022 by Marco

The search for the best vacuum for husky hair does not ever end because every day these dogs shed some hair on our carpets, seats, etc. This guide reviews the best vacuums for husky hair in 2022.

Every dog owner knows how annoying it is to try to remove dog hair on your furniture and carpet.  It can be very time-consuming and may even damage your floors. To find the best vacuum for pet hair it’s important to understand the features that you need to look for.

Features To Look For In The Best Vacuum For Husky Hair

  • Pick a vacuum that has a large capacity.   A large capacity will help you remove the most hair from your carpet. If you don’t have enough space in your home to store all the dust and hair that your dog sheds, you’ll have to vacuum it more than once.
  • Look for a vacuum with a good filtration system.   The best vacuum for heavy shedding dogs is those that use HEPA filters to capture the dust that is vacuumed up. HEPA filters are some of the most effective filtration systems in the world. They can filter out up to 3.97% of the dust and debris that comes from the vacuum.
  • Consider the power level.   You should be able to find a vacuum that has a motor powerful enough to handle your dog’s hair. A powerful motor will allow you to get the job done quickly and efficiently almost like the best robot vacuum for husky hair.
  • Check for an anti-static function.   Anti-static technology makes it possible to vacuum carpeting without getting a shock. This is a great feature if you have sensitive skin, or if you have pets that have a tendency to lick their fur.
  • Look for a vacuum with strong suction.   The best vacuums for husky hair will have a powerful suction. It is best if it has a quiet monitor that you can vacuum at any time of the day even when others are sleeping.
  • Look for a vacuum with a good brush system.   A good brush system will help you get your carpets looking brand new again. You’ll be able to vacuum more easily and more efficiently if your vacuum has a good brush system.
  • Look for a vacuum that is easy to clean.   If you’re looking for the best vacuum for husky hair, you want something that is easy to clean.

The Top Best Vacuum For Husky Hair In 2022

Shark NV752Upright Vacuum With HEPA Filter

The NV752 is a great choice for your home. This sleek and powerful vacuum is pet-friendly and ideal for cleaning up both human and pet hair.  It cleans up all your furry friend’s hairs on all surfaces with ease.

This bagless vacuum cleaner is lightweight and powerful, making it perfect for a variety of cleaning jobs. Its canister collects all of the dirt and is so simple to use, without needing any attachments.

This bagless vacuum is portable and can easily get to those tricky spots.  It is fast and powerful almost feeling like it’s self-propelled sweeping around surfaces with ease while avoiding obstacles.

It comes with 3 settings that you adjust your brush bar rotation and height to suit your surface best.


  • Has canisters with a large capacity
  • Easy to remove dust, dirt, and pet’s hair
  • Comes with a long cord of about 30 feet long
  • Has a spinning brush that is motorized
  • Light in weight and easily portable


  • Works best on carpets and furniture but not on a hardwood floor

Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Vacuum

The Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Vacuum Cleaner has a 25-inch retractable Negative Ion Cord to make cleanup easier. It also features a 4-level filtration system that traps particles and allergens, and a suction level indicator that helps you get the best suction possible.

This deep cleaner is a great choice for your home if you have carpeted floors, hard-to-reach tile or grout, or you have a dog that sheds.  It is a 5-floor pet brush with bristles that can clean your home of regular dust and grime as well as provide deep cleaning for hard-to-reach areas where your dog’s hair might get stuck.

The NEU202 is lightweight, easy to operate, and store.  It has a 2-liter storage bin that you don’t have to worry about cleaning every time you vacuum.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Has 5-floor cleaning ability
  • Quite affordable


  • Does not come with an allergen filtration

Bissell Handheld Vacuum

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum is just what you need to clean up your pet’s fur.

This handheld vacuum has a flexible rubber nozzle that can suck up hair from hard-to-reach areas. It’s so small so you can fit it in any space without worrying about fitting issues.

Whether you want to remove the tough stuff like husky hair or you just want to have a firm grip on the ground, the rubber teeth on the ground vac ensure you have a firm grip in order for them not only to pick up dirt

but also to remove all that tough stuff like husky hair.

This product is equipped with a HEPA filter and a multi-level filtration system. However, the advanced air purifier cannot be washed and must be dusted clean after every use for its best performance.

This vacuum is designed to get the dirt out without any hassle. It has a cordless battery-powered motor and a 16-foot power cable that never runs low on power while you are cleaning.

The trash container is easy to clean since it comes with an easy release button. Just push down on that button and then throw away your trash!


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with rubber teeth for reaching hidden areas and grabbing all the dirt.
  • So affordable compared to other vacuum machines
  • Comes with a filtration system
  • Its filters are easy to clean


  • You will have to remove the HEPA filter periodically to clean it
  • Not recommended for large surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best vacuum for husky hair?

The best vacuum for husky hair is a HEPA-filtered vacuum. These are much more efficient at removing dirt and debris than traditional bagless vacuums. They also tend to be quieter, which makes them great for people who live in apartments or condos.

Is it possible to vacuum my husky?

No. Dogs are not meant to be vacuumed. A vacuum will pull and drag on your dog’s coat. This will damage the coat and can even cause serious injury. If you must vacuum your dog, use a hand-held, brush-type vacuum instead of a cordless model.

Wrapping Up

Getting the best vacuum for husky hair will be easy if you first understand your needs, the features you require, and your budget.  With that laid down, you are able to go on and order your favorite vacuum and keep your home fur-free!