What Is A Good Dog Food For Huskies?

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As the owner or potential owner of a beautiful Husky, you will want to give them the best start in life nutrition-wise.

This means providing them with the best food for their breed type and their age. For example, a senior dog does not expend as much energy as a younger dog, therefore needing less dog food.

What is good dog food for Huskies? Keep reading to discover what to feed your best buddy to keep him or her in optimal health!

The Best Dog Food for Huskies

Huskies do not need any special or fancy food unless they have medical conditions that require a special diet. If this is the case, your veterinarian will advise you accordingly.

This is a breed of dog that can ‘run on the whiff of an oily rag’. This means that the dog has been bred for endurance. The Husky can run and pull a sled without a lunch break! And unlike a Labrador, the Husky will usually stop eating once it is full.

Generally, there are two main categories of commercial dog food you can feed your Husky: dry food and wet food. 

Both types can be purchased at supermarkets, veterinary clinics, pet stores, and farm supply outlets (where you can buy dog food in bulk.)

best dog food for huskies

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Dry Dog Food for Huskies

A trip to the supermarket will show you that there are many brands to choose from. Some are quite basic, whereas others have flavor combinations to include vegetables, rice, and pasta, along with the meat, which is usually chicken, beef, or lamb.

Provided that they are nutritionally adequate, which one you choose will come down to what your Husky prefers. Try several brands until you find one that your Husky likes.

Always ensure that you stick to the feeding guidelines on the packaging. This will tell you how much dog food you should feed your Husky by their weight.

It is better that you feed a smaller amount so that your Husky does not overeat. As a general rule, try anywhere from half to one cup of dry food in the morning. 

Your Husky should never have too much dry dog food left out for it during the day, as this may encourage the dog to overeat and therefore gain excess weight.

Dogs are like people when it comes to calories – input versus output. Therefore, the more active your dog, the more it will need to eat.

The same goes for pregnant or lactating bitches. They will need more calories. Consult your vet if this is the case.

Wet Dog Food for Huskies

In order to give your Husky a balanced diet, it is a good choice to feed them good quality wet food in the evenings. This way your Husky will not get bored with just dry food.

Once again, look for wet food that includes grains and vegetables along with meat, to provide a balanced diet.

Always follow the guidelines on the packaging to ensure that you are feeding your Husky the right amount of food for its weight. In case you are really unsure, then try half a can (if it is a large can – for example, 1.3 kilograms), or more if the can is smaller (i.e. 700 grams.) You will soon know if this is enough food or not. Your Husky will be looking for more if he or she is still hungry!

What About Fluids?

Your Husky should have access to plentiful amounts of fresh and clean water at all times. 

Other than water, Huskies do not require any other type of fluid in their diet once they have been weaned off their mother’s milk.

A Note About Feeding Times

Do not feed your Husky before or after exercise. This can cause gastric torsion, where the dog’s stomach twists and turns on itself. This is an emergency and can result in death.

What Other Foods Can I Feed My Husky?

If you would like to change things up for your Husky in the diet department, any combination of raw meat is fine, such as chopped chicken breast or minced steak. If you have time to cook these up with vegetables and rice or pasta, then your Husky will love you for it!

Commercial dog treats are permissible in small quantities but do not overfeed your Husky with these. They are high in calories and sometimes high in salt and preservatives.

Commercial dog loaf that you can buy at the supermarket and at pet stores is also a good option for Husky owners wanting to give their dog a tasty and healthy dinner. These usually come in flavors like chicken and rice, or beef and vegetable. They come in a cylinder shape with the weight in grams marked in increments, so you do not have to weigh the portions as you cut them up.

The really large bones that a butcher can split lengthways is the ultimate OCCASIONAL treat for your Husky – it is large enough that they won’t choke, unlike small bones. NEVER give your Husky small bones because these can become impacted in their bowels. Ensure you remove any bone shards after your Husky has had a good chew. They will love to dig out the nutritious and tasty marrow and gnaw on the cartilage on the ends of the bone.

The Best Food for A Husky Puppy

The same rules for Husky dogs apply to Husky puppies when it comes to feeding. Any quality commercial dry and wet food is fine, but ensure you buy one that has ‘puppy’ on the label. Many companies make wet and dry food specifically formulated for puppies, and these have the right balance of nutrients for a growing dog. 

They are also softer so that your Husky puppy can manage it with their puppy teeth! 

How Much Dog Food Should I Feed My Husky Puppy?

This will depend on their age and weight – your vet and/or the breeder you purchased the dog from can advise you on this.

What NOT to Feed Your Husky Dogs and Puppies:

Here is a list of banned foods for all breeds of dog, including the Husky;

  • Chocolate – but you can buy special dog chocolate in the dog food aisle at your local supermarket at Easter time!
  • Cooked bones
  • Onions or garlic
  • Herbs or spices
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Avocado
  • Fatty foods such as pastry, biscuits, cakes, etc.
  • Dairy foods, i.e cheese, and milk
  • Anything really salty
  • Human beverages i.e. alcohol and coffee

In Summary:

Your Husky will thrive on two smaller meals a day of quality commercial wet and dry food, or any meat, vegetable, and grain combination you cook yourself. The only liquid they need is abundant fresh, clean water. Check food labels or ask your vet if unsure about how much dog food to give your Husky or Husky puppy. Keep treats to a minimum and avoid the banned foods list altogether and you will have a well-fed and healthy Husky!

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