Why Is My Dog Chewing On Wood – 3 Surprising Reasons

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Puppies are renowned for chewing on things – it’s the way they explore the world, after all. But, pet parents often find themselves scratching their heads when their furry pal digs its teeth into anything wooden it can find. 

If you’re on the lookout for answers to your canine’s sudden fascination with wooden products, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Our doggy-centric article brings you three of the most common reasons behind the question – why is my dog chewing on wood. 

Reasons Why Dogs Chew On Wood

It’s unreasonable to expect your canines to give up chewing on things when it comes naturally to them. Additionally, chewing can contribute to optimal oral hygiene and health. However, if you’ve noticed your dog chewing woodwork only, here’s what might be at play.

Separation Anxiety

Animal behaviorists and pet experts the world over recommend not leaving your canine on its own for more than six hours. Dogs are social animals and thrive in company. 

That means leaving Fido alone for too long can give way to distress which manifests in various destructive behaviors like chewing. If you’re wondering how that ties into your puppy chewing wood only, that has to do with scents. 

More often than dogs will chew on wooden table legs because the furniture you use often carries your smell, and it’s your pupper’s way of getting close to you.

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We’ve had more than a dozen complaints from dog parents about their canines’ sudden fascination with chewing on chair legs or baseboards. And, the first thing we ask them is if their pets are getting enough exercise and mental stimulation. 

Canines require not only physical exertion but also mental exercise to remain healthy and well-behaved. 

Overlooking their needs in any way can lead to boredom, and when that happens, your pet will find ways to keep itself occupied. And, we’ve already established chewing is one of the top canine pastimes. 

dog with boredom


It’s hard even to imagine one’s pet developing a medical condition. But, one viable reason behind dogs eating non-edible items like wood can be Pica

As a disorder, Pica can affect adolescent and adult canines, and it generally manifests as the ingestion of non-food items, such as wood, plastic, cloth, etc. 

The tricky part about diagnosing Pica is that it can be brought by a behavioral/psychological cause or an underlying medical reason (i.e., nutritional deficiency). Symptoms of the condition may include lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. 

If your pet exhibits any of the listed symptoms along with compulsive ingestion of wood – it’s best to have your canine checked out by the vet. 


Your dog eating or chewing wood doesn’t always have to mean it’s experiencing separation anxiety, boredom, or has Pica. Nonetheless, if Fido develops a sudden liking for the woodwork objects in your house – there’s a reason behind it. 

Boredom and separation anxiety can be dealt with by showing your pet extra TLC (to settle its nerves) or via positive reinforcement. On the other hand, if you suspect your furbaby has Pica, make an appointment with the vet to ensure your furry best friend gets the help it deserves. 

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