7 Of The Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies

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If you are an experienced Husky owner, then you will appreciate the need for Husky grooming tools that actually work. You will most likely already have your favorite products.

However, if you are a newbie to the world of Huskies, you may need some guidance about the best tools that are out there on the market. This includes deshedders and dog brushes for your Husky.

Huskies are a double-coated breed, so they need to have their undercoats manually removed. This is especially important during shedding season when they need to be groomed once a day.

Huskies shed at least twice a year, perhaps more if they live in a hot climate. Therefore it is really important that Husky owners have the correct tools on hand when it is that time of year when their beloved pet blows their coat.

Read on to discover our top picks to help you choose the best deshedding tools for Huskies. Each of the seven entries below are rated 4.5 stars on Amazon and have over 100 reviews. Some come with money-back guarantees, and free bonus pet grooming products.

Feel free to click on the links for more information on each product, so that you can make a fully informed decision about what tool/s may be the best for your particular circumstances.

1. The Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool For Dogs:

The Furminator is one of the most popular Husky grooming tools on the market today.

This product is made of stainless steel, and it is designed to reach through the hairs of the top coat to get to the loose undercoat hairs. It has an ejector button that easily releases hair, and the ergonomic hand-grip makes it comfortable to use.

This product comes in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect tool to suit your dog.

2. Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush: 

The Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush is a great dog brush for Huskies. 

Technically speaking it is more of a deshedder, but no matter what you call it, this product will reduce shedding by up to 95 percent, AND it only takes 10 minutes to use this brush on your Husky! 

This product is made to last, with durable stainless steel teeth. The Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush promises pet owners a professional finish after using this brush.

3. Sleek EZ Deshedding Grooming Tool:

The Sleek EZ Deshedding Grooming Tool makes a great dog brush for Huskies because it only has short teeth, therefore will not ‘grab’ at your dog’s delicate skin, or pull their hair.

This grooming tool is not just designed for dogs, but for cats and horses too (so if you have multiple types of pets then this is a real money-saving option for you).

When considering how to choose the best deshedding tool for Huskies, give this product consideration – Amazon reviewers who own Huskies swear by it.

4. DakPets Pet Grooming Brush:

The DakPets Pet Grooming Brush makes a great Husky grooming tool. 

When it comes to choosing the best grooming tools for your Husky, you want something that comes endorsed by professionals.

This tool was actually developed by pet grooming experts, and it promises to be safe, effective, and comfortable to use. You can’t ask for more than that!

5. MIU Color Pet Grooming Brush:

The MIU Color Pet Grooming Brush is designed for use on pets with all hair lengths – short, medium, and long. 

Therefore this tool is a great choice for Husky owners who also have other pets in their home, with varying fur lengths. 

This self-cleaning grooming brush promises to give your pet a comfortable grooming experience, or your money back. So you can rest assured that if this tool does not suit your Husky, then you have not wasted a cent.

6. EquiGroomer Deshedding Brush:

This undercoat deshedding tool is a good choice for Husky owners because it features a pet-safe blade that removes fur, dirt, and hair, all while massaging your furry friend!

The EquiGroomer Deshedding Brush has a slip-resistant handle, and it comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

This tool will give you instant results that you can see after the first use and will reduce shedding by up to 95 percent.

7. Ruff ‘n’ Rufus Deshedding Brush:

The Ruff ‘n’ Rufus Deshedding Brush promises to reduce shedding by up to 95 percent. 

This grooming tool features a non-slip grip design with a detachable head function for easy cleaning. 

One happy Husky owner gave this product a 5-star rating and said that they had owned Huskies for 25 years and this was the best tool that they have ever used because of the huge amount of undercoat that it pulled out.

Other reviewers stated that this tool did not irritate their dog’s skin at all, which is super important.

To Summarize:

Having the best tools for grooming your precious Husky is vital for keeping your dog looking its best, and for keeping you sane! 

There are literally hundreds of deshedding tools and brushes available on the market today that are suitable for grooming your Husky.

We are lucky in this day and age to have so many reviews at our fingertips, to guide us to make the right choice. 

But sometimes this can be overwhelming, so hopefully, this list has given you some direction as to what tools to try. All the items on this list come highly rated, with multiple reviews, so take the time to click on the links in this article to find out more about each individual product.

Like all things in life, sometimes finding the right deshedding tool or brush for your Husky is simply a matter of trial and error. What works for someone else may not necessarily be right for you and your dog. 

We hope you found this list helpful. If you did, please share! 

Which deshedding tool products get your top vote for Husky use? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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