The Siberian Husky English Bulldog Mix

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In this article, we are going to be discussing yet another husky hybrid – the Siberian husky English bulldog mix.

The progeny of a husky and a bulldog make very suitable family pets because both breeds adore children and thrive in a family environment.

Sometimes, people prefer a hybrid dog, like the bulldog husky mix, because they may find certain aspects of a purebred dog undesirable, so by mixing two breeds, some of these undesirable traits are minimized.

What Is An English Bulldog-Like?

This little dynamo of the dog world was first bred in England back in the 1500s, where it was used in the sport of bull-baiting. Thank goodness those days are over. 

Today, the bulldog is a happy little family dog who is calm, brave, and friendly. (Read – calm: this may be a good antidote to the husky ‘crazies’!) Bulldogs are dignified and tenacious.

English bulldogs come in a wide range of colors, including fawn, brindle, red, white, cream, or a combination of these colors. Their coat is short and smooth (which may appeal to husky lovers due to hybrids potentially having less hair to deal with).

This breed grows 14 to 15 inches as an adult and weighs in at 40 pounds for females and 50 pounds for males. 

Bulldogs live from 8 to 10 years, which is less than a husky.

Their pushed-in faces mean that they drool a lot. Their short noses also make breathing harder than it is for dogs with longer muzzles. But this does not stop them from loving a good, brisk daily walk.

You can discover more about this breed on the American Kennel Club website official English Bulldog page.

 bulldog and husky

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Why Mix A Bulldog With A Husky?

Huskies are beautiful dogs, but some people who like the breed simply do not want to have to deal with the copious amounts of hair that these dogs drop.

Similarly, some people may find it a worry that the bulldog has his pushed-in little nose, which makes it hard for him to breath.

So perhaps by mixing the two, it may be possible to produce a dog that does not shed as much but has a longer snout.

This is just an example. Hybrid dogs have been around forever, and each person will have their own unique reasons for wanting to cross two particular breeds.

And it must be said a hybrid crossing will result in puppies that are unique too, even from their own littermates.

 bulldog mixed with husky

What Are Bulldog Husky Mix Puppies Like?

These puppies may throw more strongly to one parent or the other, so you may end with a dog that looks pretty much like a husky, but perhaps a little stockier in the body.

You can check out a photo of one here. This pup, as you can see, looks more like a husky than a bulldog, but she has a shorter snout, a wider head, and a shorter coat. 

This puppy is also a mix of Siberian husky and English bulldog. This gorgeous wee one has one blue eye and one brown eye (which is a husky thing as well as a hybrid thing), plus she also has a shorter coat. Her ear shape tends more towards her bulldog genes, given that they are folded BUT they may stand up like husky ears when she is grown up.

That is the thing about a hybrid dog – how they will turn out is anyone’s guess!

Siberian Husky English Bulldog Temperament

This hybrid will be friendly and affectionate, and a wonderful family dog. They will be good watchdogs, courtesy of the bulldog genes, and will bark if someone is hanging around. They will be patient and relaxed with their family members.

Both breeds can be stubborn, so bear this in mind if you are considering owning one!

Siberian Husky English Bulldog Health Problems

This mix can suffer from all of the usual husky health issues – with eyes, skin, thyroid, and hips. 

But it can also suffer from problems that are associated with the English bulldog too. These include: 

  • “Cherry eye” – where the third eyelid (also called the nictitating membrane) prolapses and bulges out of the eye socket.
  • “Dry eye” – this is when the eye does not produce enough tears, and thus causes irritation.
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome – the dog finds it difficult to breath because its airways are obstructed; this becomes worse in hot and humid weather.

You can read more about these conditions here.

Siberian Husky English Bulldog Care

This dog loves its family and should not be left alone for long periods of time. They can be prone to separation anxiety.

This dog should be walked each day for optimal health.

Be careful not to let this dog gain too much weight via overfeeding because the bulldog has a propensity for obesity.

This dog will still need regular grooming, but not so much as a purebred husky.

Their lifespan is hard to predict and could be anywhere from 8 to 14 years.

Siberian Husky English Bulldog Training

Generally, both breeds are good around other dogs. Huskies are not good around cats, but bulldogs can be. So this all depends on the dog.

To that end, early training and socialization is necessary. Puppy school and continued obedience work at home will make for a happy dog and therefore a happy household.

Bulldogs and huskies are similar in that they are both stubborn and neither breed feels the need to please their master. So if you are going to take on this mix, you are going to need to be patient with them.

A Final Word On Hybrid Puppies

Please do your homework and find out all you can about both the Siberian husky and the English bulldog before you commit to getting one as a pet.

Make sure you establish a relationship with the breeders beforehand and get to know all about them, their dogs (to be informed about their health and temperaments), and how they run their kennels. This is vital so that backyard breeders and puppy mills, which are inhumane and unethical, do not get your business!

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